Staff List

Celestia Games

Staff List
Last Update: 15 July 2016
Anybody claiming to be a staff member who is not on this list is committing impersonation and is not part of the staff.

Brandon, Orange
Game Masters
Present, Seraphyre, Suzy(Laurel)
BigBrother(Reidhwan), RainbowDashEon


In-Game Names
BigBrother: Reidhwan
Eon: Exeter, Stasis
Orange: Orange, Excidium, Buttsie
Present: Present
RainbowDash: GaryMcNabb, GaryMcNipples, RainbowDash, RainbowDong
Seraphyre: Seraphyre, Demitryx
Suzy: Laurel, Suzy