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  2. ooh my face is everywhere
  3. Is the bow sold?
  4. BUYING: Spell master channel m.a SELLING: A.K+12 philo 17 eva
  5. up
  6. That's a stuck ban reason, the account was automatically unbanned and has not been banned since.
  7. Try running the patcher as administrator and see if it helps.
  8. Does it still happen after you reload your game? (all open clients) just looks like your game was unable to load any other faces so it loaded the same one for all elf females.
  9. free salon?
  10. pilihan simpel A : wizard-sorcerer-inquirer-cardinal ( human ) B : wizard-monk-bishop-grand master ( human ) C : wizard-sorcerer-bishop-necromancer ( human ) D : wizard-sorcerer-bishop-soul arbiter ( elf )
  11. while in middle of fairy queen hunt , her eyes somehow turned into red and yet in UI on top-left corner still shows my character's real eyes it even affects my other female characters one with shorthair was yellow color while one with ponytail had pink with happy expression
  12. tolong cekin Nick (freedomm) dong , tolong bantuannya terimakasih
  13. ini nih gan! saya kan kemaren buat char mage,trus pengambilan job aku gini : Mage - Cleric - Priest - Warlock - (nah terus disini yang bagus apa ya?) saya bingung gan,karna setiap guide info yang saya lihat gada pengambilan job yang begituan.. Tolong masukan nya ya!
  14. Why? I did not do Mistakes? please explain, and whether it can be restored my id I kindly ask
  15. i have the same problem too. I already tried to delete the version and repatch it but the result is still the same. need help please, thank you :)
  16. <shoutbot> User tuak66 banned for reason 'Spot Claiming (freedomm) [Biohazard]'
  17. i cant play , can help me orange?
  18. Orange , Please Check ID: Tuak66
  19. Hi Orange , Please check ID: Tuak66 

    and why I can not get in? I started playing 2011 - 2015 .. please help so that I can play again like before. Thanks and sorry if it is not polite :)

  20. all Holy Attacks (Holy Swing, Holy Spike, Holy Uppercut) from job Monk are single target attacks, Monk has no AoE :) as for Fearful Blow, that skill is also single target attack :) they're just wrong description tooltip...
  21. Swordsmaster dual can get more Phy Atk, but need to get level 132 to have good Critical :)
  22. Rogue are usually using Living Body Necklace with Phillo Eva there is also Necklace from around level 70-85 (I forgot the name but is Red Rarity) that increase DEX or Critical use Gardener Sets is okay too :)
  23. Oh my bad, I thought they are new because I haven't heard any of them playing in the game. I was bored so I just came across this. Thanks!
  24. Yesterday
  25. A new fully patched installer was released!
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