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  2. Panzer and Sniper

    ohh, i see thank you for the explanation
  3. Cuenta baneada

    ¿Pero tenía que ser permanente? ¿no podría ser algo temporal?
  4. Last week
  5. Panzer and Sniper

    The only reason crusader got a free reskill was because of the heavy rework removing skills, soon it will be removed and any remaining crusaders with old skills will be reset by the server.
  6. 2h uses 1h skills

    some of One Handed Skills can be used too on Two Handed... but this is considered as bug... you can report these bug to "bug report" section also with proof screenshot and yes, don't get used to it... hahahaha
  7. Panzer and Sniper

    can we give a free reset skill to sniper and panzer too?, as crusader with its free reset skill. as we know, there is no gun or gun skill for leveling up to 105,so after reaching panzer or snipper we have much useless skill that cost much sp note:sorry for my bad english, i hope my suggestion will be accepted.
  8. Hotkey Menu ingame

    Thank you for your report, we will look into it.
  9. got kicked out and banned from the discord channel

    Yes the ban will be removed then
  10. got kicked out and banned from the discord channel

    ahh oke,4 days later i can join discor again right?
  11. Hotkey Menu ingame

    The in-game hotkey menu is missing. When I press H it is blank. I just recently reinstalled Luna and I am not sure what is causing the issue. EDIT: Happens with Grey Overlay
  12. got kicked out and banned from the discord channel

    It should say in the note why it was, it was for spamming about your HQ business on most channels when I told you you can only post such stuff in the market channel yet I found repeated spams on the language and social channels, the duration is 4 days now.
  13. May i know why i got kicked out and banned from the discord channel? can i rejoin the discord channel for the second time? this is my discord account Ronal#1148
  14. Asking about panzer

    for now, is it worth to be played? ahh, i wish they are fixed immadiately
  15. 2h uses 1h skills

    Yes they work but dont get used to it because it is not intended
  16. 2h uses 1h skills

    hmm i never use that skill before but from what i can see it can only be used by 1 hand sword user
  17. 2h uses 1h skills

    Is every 1h skills able to be used when using 2h or just some of it? I'm curious if cross slash works on 2h
  18. [Video] Antoni77 playing Magnus

    Part 2... now with full Buffs from Rune Master... special thanks to Ivy2002...
  19. to pro player

    to all pro player, i know that i'm still weak, slower in term of speed to gather a mob but that doesn't mean you can just login and killing everything on your sight ,circling around the area until to the point that i can't even lure them. there's no such thing as spot claiming in this server and i know about it, but it's rude to just appear and killing for the last 30 mint while ignoring me. you didn't even say sorry but instead adding more people on your party while i also got mine. if i can post my screenshot (no idea if i can post it here) i will but i won't because that would degrade your guild reputation mrs-xxx. don't bully us newbie - no harm done just please don't bully us
  20. Now Playing???

    Just kidding, this is actually too cheesy. :)
  21. Pinoy Attendance

    Checking in. Balik na tayo :)
  22. what i feel when this happening again

    i'll die if i didn't bring one i'm weak against magic attack.
  23. Earlier
  24. [Video] Antoni77 playing Magnus

    playing Magnus Semi Tanker with One-Handed Sword and Shield... really like that AoE Shield Punch, hahahaha... don't forget to click the CC (Subtitle) to see the text subtitle on this video, and enjoy...
  25. what i feel when this happening again

    next time please don't bring the pet when you want to DD...
  26. [Feature Preview] Summoner's Tomes

    The abuse players are afraid of is spawning on portals and safe zones, the tomes are already set to maps only of that range.
  27. Dual Wield Training

    that's just a wrong tooltip... it's still increasing your physical attack when we do dual wielding, so don't worry about it. (anyway this is wrong section, supposedly moved to Question or Bug Report)
  28. axe and sword

    I dont understand why you can say that as harsh road... making Fighter Semi Tanker/ Hybrid is fun actually...
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