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  2. need help my id blade taker bug cant wear dual wield even after learn the skill ign : viserion
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  4. indeed seems i miscalculated something. panzer doens't have Increase HP i need re-think the job for now, and stick to my cardinal for while. the magic damage never miss afterall.
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  6. Hi. You can just re-install discord and sign -in. After that just return to the forums and click the 'Join Discord' link at the top of the page. It's a red button. I look forward to seeing you there.
  7. 1. re-install Discord 2. use website maybe
  8. I signed up for Discord shortly after I first registered with the forums. My PC was having issues, so I had to take it back to it's original state. Now that I no longer have the Discord App, I can't get back into Discord. What do I do from this point?
  9. For a sword class I recommend either Magnus, sword master or destroyer. They will be much more useful.
  10. Don't mess with ruby, sorry for the floating gun XD


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    2. Rheed


      you saw the floating gun? ahaha thanks

    3. LittleTnCo65


      Lol; yeah, still way awesome. Totally luv the smack at the end. :40:

    4. rinchannau


      Ruby became invisible 

  11. You will not have as good damage as other sword classes, you might gain higher level of solid weapon but you will not be able to get any sword skills past level 20 and skill damage is more important than your stats.
  12. I'm currently working on the rough draft for it. I'm not sure how to implement the rules yet. It will not be something too difficult I promise.
  13. hi, i will be fill some of Celestia luna wiki with some basic data, hope you don't mind, my wikia id is faustwither.

  14. I've experienced it on the other DD brackets as well. I don't think it's only 101-120.
  15. hail bio, when u gonna visit a game? i gonna play again because my pc broke

  16. thank you guys, i think i gonna create a panzer with sword since solid weapon lv 4 seems good and all benefint from armor bonus, my IGN will be Axeins
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  18. "Incompatible Client version bla bla bla" 1. saya sudah coba install ulang game nya 2. saya sudah coba ganti jaringan nya apakah ada solusi ? terima kasih
  19. hmm hmmm,, that must be me while trying to access it a while ago.. can u unban it? i've got an email with link to reset password, but "URL Requested not found" or something like that, im trying to access my old id 'cause i forgot the pass can u help me with it?
  20. <shoutbot> User knigt9 banned for reason 'Hacked [Orange]' Someone must have been accessing your account and to prevent unwanted things from happening, Admin @Orangebanned it instead. To reset you password, go to this link and enter your username and registered email address. In case you have forgotten your email address, you have to create a ticket through here Be aware that the ticket process may take a long time. To register another account, just go to this link and fill out the form. Once you have finished the registration, you are ready to play.
  21. I don't think they would increase the exp any further. The EXP base had increased 150% times the original. Doing solo will definitely give much higher EXP since you're the only one getting it. As long as the other person is still alive, the EXP is shared among the party.
  22. please check my other ID : knigt9 why this account blocked,,, and how to reset password, trying to get my old accounts so i can create new char without register again...
  23. You can find all of the patch notes listed here.
  24. I'm referring to the character outfit suggestions we can make in the forums I'm still trying to learn how to use the forums properly.
  25. thank you, knowing that it's only the latest addition to the DD brackets helps a lot, we will investigate further!
  26. Here is my suggestion. Can u guys increase the amount of exp we gain from dd while both of the player are still alive. There's a method to gain more exp in dd right now by solo dd right? How about u guys give some benefit to those that keep their partners alive by increasing the amount of exp u gain as a team compared to solo dd. This will make people want to dd with their friends more and its not just some boring solo dd for 10 times per day. Which is, when u are doing solo dd, u gain like 50% per char but when u do it as a team, u get like 70%ish or more per char. I'm kinda bored with solo dd
  27. U Can't use shield skills when u are dual wielding and u also can't use sword skills while using axe etc. All of the bugs(I think) have been fixed. Btw, welcome back to the blue land
  28. I've been experiencing this aswell. But it only occurred when im going for lvl 101-120.other than that, its all good. And it inly occured once per 10 dd
  29. hii i been wandering through forum i know the content still classic, but does there any fix on skill and i have big question about skill "damage over time" based, since i gonna create stun lock tanker. if you had, please insert the link bellow(because it might be burried somewhere)
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