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  2. dex and strength questions

    Thanks.I have a full vit paladin and while its capable of fighting its very slow especially vs stuns from pve but when it crits i figured its not bad and if i went dex and got 1500 rate it would be ok. Ill take your advice and forget it.
  3. Server down? Look here

    server down ? or i have pc prob ?
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  5. Formal Apology From Sparx

    Welcome back Sparx! Hope everything goes well and you enjoy getting reacquainted
  6. dex and strength questions

    1. DEX gives you crit chance n dmg 2. Fighter Heart, Zephyr gives doubled effect from their stat boost (i.e 10 STR from Fighter Heart = 20 STR from Stat Point) 3. on late game, DEX is about strike, eva n crit dmg, as you will have 1500 crit chance at full buffs, suits yourself 4. there is no point in dex paladin, low STR means low in p.atk, more over, as fighter has little to no crit dmg buffs, its a fail :(
  7. Need Guide and Guild kakak IGN : xLuckyMan Kalo ada kakak kakak yang pensi pengen ngasih warisan saya siap menerima juga kak
  8. Sorry to everyone for any drama  caused while my account was stolen

  9. So i have been informed my account was stolen and abused by a certain Someone named Cross i want to issue a formal apology for any abuse, rudeness, scamming, pk lvling, edit abuse, wars, insults, and anything else he might have done to wrong someone using my characters; Sparx and Arkadia. Anyone who wishes to have a personal apology just leave me a note on Sparx This was a very devastating thing for me as i have been retired for 2+ years and have come back to find all of this out i wish the best for everyone in the CL community and i will be online often to chat to anyone who wants to talk you can find me in Alker 1 most days by the warehouse. Also i have returned to the game full time i will not be warring or fighting anyone so please do not try to enter combat with me. Also i am NOT A GM i am retired but i can still answer any questions you have about old times, old content and general gameplay. Breakdown union is dead and will not be revived but i do have my own guild Dreamer if you'd like to join just find me or leave me a note. Cheers! Find me in alker ch 1 Heroes either Die a Legend or Live long enough to see themselves become the Villian..... Forever I will be Sparx........
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  11. Blurred screen

    Hi, do you have any magnification or font size settings enabled in the settings panel? or maybe some forced anti-aliasing option in your gfx card settings?
  12. Blurred screen

    Someone can help me how to find this error i just download today celestia and when ill open launcher and log in the screen turn blurred cant even see good wht im writing
  13. need help, how to up aspd?

    ouwh, to increase attack speed is must be from your Passive Skills, Sword Rapidity also, if you from Rune Knight, skill Rampage Aura also increase your physical speed attack some items are also have an effect to increase Attack Speed, example: Muramasa Dex and Strike are not increasing Attack Speed, unfortunately Strike is for Accuracy, and Accuracy is used for against Evasion :)
  14. need help, how to up aspd?

    My char SM. Up Aspd skill because DEX or STRIKE? so dizzy please replay need help :)
  15. Job Passives Preview

    sorry, but yeah, Scout is for ELF only... :)
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  17. Job Passives Preview

    just tried to make a new entrapper going pure path for the 40 evasion and the options available for lvl 40 human are archer and Chief on the above it states scout is for both as indicated by the (H) and (E) Arse.. guess i'll try again via elf
  18. cobalt ingot

    about 10m/slot
  19. cobalt ingot

    How much per bar does it sell for? I got 1000 for sale
  20. [Fighter] How to being a Crusader Full Guide

    I might be switching to go pure tank when I get higher level for wars. Nice guide mate!
  21. Di add monggo IGN : Juniee , ask anything welcome/, aktif setelah lama menghilang #makelunagreatagain ...
  22. Showers / Baths

    when i sniff my armpit and it smells like a meat and potato pie
  23. 1.Which stat does crit damage? come an 80 dex boost from entrapper gives 224 crit? 3.Some guides are saying dex for rogue is ok not for fighters then i read full dex destroyer is awesome which is better dex until 1500 crit with rm buffs 120 from weapon and crit slime or just pump strength? 4.will full dex paladin have fail damage?
  24. Ask why you are banned here!

    <shoutbot> User Majisajaaa banned for reason 'bad language'
  25. Ask why you are banned here!

    Please check ID : Majisajaaa
  26. Guilds Who Want Normal War Without Edit

    because i dont want any random member join into it. that's why i dont show the link and GM can post their ss in comment and i will send the link privately
  27. Guilds Who Want Normal War Without Edit

    sorry oot but that's one colorful rules ok back to the topic, maybe you can write the invitation to the discord server here (make it never expired first)
  28. Greeting from "DumbPeople" guild master ign "illDarklli" i'm wish to create a war without EDITS by doing so i need each of every guild master and players cooperation to make this become reality. This is a community which i call it "Anti-Edits War Community" So how about those edit user? Where should they join for war? Well very good question i never have the intention to offend Edit User. Whoever having edit just looking for Guilds Equality,MadWorld,SkyForge,CaemFamz and NoProblem They're the most famous Edit guilds you can unleash all your mighty edit in there. Why i came out this idea? From the day i started play since May 2017 what i had observed many change through guild war, many edit user sneak into war which is suppose not involve with any edit this causing unfairness, imbalance and worst part abusing edit item such as bully. i had encounter many players because of it bullied by edits and quit eventually. To be honest i love this game so i'm willing to stand up for it and make some changes What is "edits"? it's mean you can get additional stat bonus in every item through GameMaster by donation. For my opinion this causing a huge imbalance and bully in the server that's why i came out this idea to anti-edit in war. How to do it? I'll need every guild master and players follow the strict rules applies into their guild.(i'll list down rules later) and every guild master must join a discord server "Anti-edit war community" Rules of War -Each guild master must list down their member name participate war! -Once the war started no further changes allow until the war is over! -Strictly no EDITs or outsider allow! -Whoever not in the list force to join the war immediately kick out from guild! (Strictly) -Once spotted edit "Shout Edit Stop War" and immediately kick out from guild! (Strictly) -Any GuildMaster Disobey the Rules will BAN from war "through vote by GuildMasters"! -Player who Disobey rules shall Ban for join any guilds! -Whichever guild lost 5k GuildPoint shall surrender immediately!(Adjustable) -Player who been warn for 2nd time should kick out from any guild immediately!Ban for war. -Any item +15 Strictly not allow once spotted immediately kick out. how to list down players who participate war in discord? Example:- "DumbPeople" Participate list -iilDarklii -"Player Name" -"Player Name" -"Player Name" -"Player Name" -"Player Name" -"Player Name" -"Player Name" Send it through discord and monitor those players whoever not list down force to join would kick out from guild immediately! Menders got the right know their opponent Participate list. When come to Ban Guild for join any war cause disobey rules, the vote each guild only allow to vote once for example some guild may having few founder(GMs) their vote only equal to 1 Rules Of Member War Participation. -Inform GuildMaster before the war started whether join or not? -Members should follow Rules all time. That's all i want to say if any suggestion please massage me and i hope this community will become reality and do some changes for Celestia Luna future(Brighter future)
  29. S> CB / HB

    CB: +12 (gloves) 22vit / +7 (necklace) 22vit = 20b HB: +12 (gloves) 22str / +7 (necklace) 19.0pa = 20b
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