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  3. how about fist and crossbow user just for 105 job class it's maybe can little stop unfairng to the other player
  4. Trading: 1. +12/13 HB vit30.5[n] vit30.4[g] = +12/13 strike25[n] strike25[g] (only philo stated) 2. +13 Kynee vit 25.5[p] = +12/13 Kynee strike25+ 3. Hathor x3 vit25.8[p] str26.3dex8.6[p] p.a19.9[p] = Hathor 2pcs strike27+[p] 4. Hege x2 p.a19.1[p] vit27.8[p] + eod p.a 19.9[p] = Hege x2 strike26+ 5. +13 lv115 heavy shoes vit27.1dex9.5[p] vit30[c] = +12/13 lv115 heavy shoes str30[c] strike30+[p] 6. H.armor+12 str23[c] str21.9dex9.6[p] + Kynee+12 str25.8dex5.9[p] = H.armor+12 Strike25+ Tradings can be negotiated, comment
  5. Have you tried solution #2A/B as shown in the thread below?
  6. On second thought, I think I missed some points there. Your reasoning has a point though, since spears are known for its quick thrust so if implemented, its set effect would be an increase to the attack speed and could we possibly throw them? That way would be cooler. You might be referring to the skill a fist-user class could learn. If the stopping ability comes from the fist equipment itself, it's unfair to others.
  7. i cant play game , when i click at connect button , nothing happen
  8. i would consider crossbows can be used for one-hand if it were available as for spears , this is advantages for real life : hit harder longer reach incredibly fast extremely effective on highly masses battle more effective at mounted combat and penetrating armor natural weakness aganist horse riders i'd say barefist capable hits very faster than even dagger and considering high level characters usually has super strength and with martial combats , they may temporarily stop foes attack using weapon ( forcing them go barehanded to attack or even use skills ) . the only mobs i know for capable martial arts is " Fighter of the wind "
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  10. Well, you should have posted these ideas in the suggestion. My thoughts: Crossbows are possible but I doubt it cuz there are already two ranged weapons, bow and musket. Yet the class who can use muskets (Panzer) are still bugged till now. Spears are not really necessary since it works like a 2-handed sword (you need to hold it with both hands) and we've got 4 types of melee weapons so far. Fists could be the worst of all equips cuz I would assume that you won't be able to use shield, you fight using both hands with little defense (kinda like Destroyer)
  11. How about new weapon like croossbow spear or fist?
  12. Hi hi!
  13. I think a tank would be more effective if you have STR mix VIT or VIT mix STR Items. Regarding the path, Phalanx-Magnus will have more physical defense compared to RuneKnight-Paladin. But RuneKnight-Paladin has higher block rate than Phalanx-Magnus.
  14. I don't think this game will have a dwarf race. They introduced Majin race in Luna+, not sure whether it will be introduced to CL as well.
  15. nice guide btw at least how many ma and pdef should i have?
  16. Yesterday
  17. Perhaps your PC can't run so many clients at once, you can also try disabling all effects and shadows and lower the view distance on your AFK clients.
  18. Skills: Crusaders Aura's were fixed server-side, they do work but you will not see them change your stats on the character info window until the next patch.
  19. I have install DirectX9 link above...but thinks like this or error always happened and if click ok late will cause dc.. help pls thanks in advance :)
  20. How in this game add new race a dwarf
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  22. I haven't received any messages from you on either IRC or the forums! The Admins and myself are on different timezones than you as well, so keep in mind if you try to catch us on IRC, we may be sleeping, at work, or doing something else that requires our attention outside of the world of the internet. As far as recovering an account, many tickets have gone through since the option became available, so it takes time to get through them all. If there is nothing we can do to help, or we are slow to respond, I apologize, but we are doing our best.
  23. hi,can i join?
  24. 1/22 No one here. . .
  25. forum is best, but yea account recovery and such goes to ticket
  26. Ah I see. Thanks :)
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  28. Risk Taker is always on, after you relog once you learn it you gain the p.a.
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