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  2. Here are some SS about the buffs im using while in dd,i just noticed that this always happen but this time, its like 2 or 3 of 10 are are nit working Here in Haunted Mansion, Sorry can upload the 2 other photos coz there file size is too big Ooops wring char screenshot but i swear that i was fully buffed by Rm and whisp wind, fire and stream
  3. Title. Do we still have a working one? I can't seem to find one even with some googling D:
  4. im not dd, its char vending sir ^^^, just lvl 1. Im going to login to nc, and blackscreen Im login char again from relog, and blackscreen again, , but my other char can,, How Orange ?^^
  5. Present :) Kakabalik lang hehe. OT: San tambayan ng mga pinoy ngayon?
  6. Yesterday
  7. Jonah can I Enter this Guild?? My nick : XxXSAXxX please... I really want to enter this guild
  8. S> Kynee +12 (p) STR +29 S> AK +13 (p) STR +28 mix ms 3% note: Quela
  9. Sinyal jelek mungkin?
  10. make axis ga bisa login yaa kakak?
  11. I have asked this question and nobody replied.
  12. If you have tried all of the solutions on our help page and you are still having problems then you have some corrupt windows files. As I stated above our game works perfectly fine on fresh windows installations from windows XP to windows 10.
  13. Do you guys have slots left?
  14. no respond lol , please fix, menu, unstuck character
  15. no my problem , same with this orange ::
  16. Same problem here, since December 2016.
  17. Last week
  18. buying CAS+13 high str mix dex max rein crit / p.a wm StunRiver or leave your price and ign below thanks you
  19. We have automatic recovery for which you only need the ID and the email. If your case is more complicated than that and you submitted a ticket then it will take longer.
  20. Title. I would like to recover the password for my account.
  21. my problem , same with this orange ::
  22. orange please fix, my char cant login
  23. sameee....
  24. I log in, up to the char selection stage and then I login to map, my savepoint now at nc, and black screen.
  25. can u transfer location, from nc to alker , my char cant login at nc
  26. I love Harvest Moon <3 My favourite games are HM DS, HM DS Cute, Island of Happiness, and Animal Parade! The music from them is so relaxing and nostalgic ^-^ I'm saving up to buy Story of Seasons right now!
  27. my suggestion if you would make this as your main character, you will need a secondary character that can help you level this RM.. or.. you have to be patient as a RM
  28. same suggestion here. Paladins are physical tanks, and the way you deal with them is with magic. Magic casting classes are become less favorite class because their lack abilities in PVP. Nerfed damage? ofc. they need to get like 20k+ of M.atk to get 10k+ critical damage on same level PVP using Cardinal's Turn Undead which is turns out to be the strongest spell in the game. while a 1 handed physical class can easily do 3k 3k sonic boom, and 2handed class can do twice of it. With amazingly fast casting animation, and attack speed, People play Cardinals as a tanking mage with DoT skill. That's why there's a lot of cardinals around. and also.. I'm waiting for the update that make DoT skill damage will be based on magical attack (I think I read it somewhere..)
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