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  2. Most Annoying Moments of the Day

    when you Philoed 42 int on L.armor 135 but the craft is 50str -_-
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  4. Problem Check ID

    cek id marron5 tolong di bantu
  5. AR Question

    I'd like to ask what is the difference between elf ar and human ar. Personally I would prefer to play elf but do not want to missplay lol. Information abou path I should go would be appreciated. Also wondering about stats/skills. Is he 1v1 or aoe user and what stat build should I go.
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  7. Whats the advantage of axe user in destroyer?

    Well, I stand corrected. That's a good tidbit to know.
  8. Whats the advantage of axe user in destroyer?

    If I'm not wrong, the description of "Rage Burst" used to say "(only for swords)" when it always worked with all weapons. Nowadays It doesn't say something about weapon requeriments(it's fixed) and works with all weapons (as Orange showed). The only good thing about Sonic boom is that is one of the fastest sword skills and it's also long range. But even using any of the other skills that axes could also use, the swords users will have the advantage of the attack speed. A good alternative to replace this loss is the skill Earth Wave, which is also a range ability and gives even more damage than Sonic Boom. But you can't replace the attack speed factor. I think Axe Destro still could be good, it just depends on the player.
  9. Whats the advantage of axe user in destroyer?

    Rage Burst doesn't have a weapon requirement, nor does it say anywhere that it's weapon locked. Without Rage Burst with level 5 axe With Rage Burst with level 5 axe
  10. Whats the advantage of axe user in destroyer?

    There's a passive called "Rage burst "that only works with swords IIRC. It boosts crit damage. So even in crit damage, axe still loses to swords. Axe does have more crit rate, but losing out on sonic boom and rage burst is a deal-breaker. Basically, there's absolutely no merit to going axe destroyer over sword destroyer, at the time of writing this aside from some minor crit rate boost. That can easily be compensated for on other equips. Stick to sword destroyer.
  11. Whats the advantage of axe user in destroyer?

    Yes, if you use the Sword Passives you will cast the skills faster than Axe. Axe can be better in crit rate and damage than Sword.
  12. Whats the advantage of axe user in destroyer?

    ohh sword has more attacks speed in casting skills than axe?,, in crit rate axe is better than sword? is that it?
  13. Whats the advantage of axe user in destroyer?

    The advantages have always been Critical Damage and Critical Rate passives. The only 'disadvantage' I can think is for pvp vs swords users that have more attack speed and their chars also makes a great damage.
  14. Whats the advantage of axe user in destroyer now a days guys? and also the disadvantage? please answer need to know :3
  15. ❄ Legacy of God ❄

    how r you guys ?
  16. Eye's Color?

    Eye color was already a planned feature that will be added soon.
  17. Ask why you are banned here!

    please check my ID Windows and Windows100
  18. Eye's Color?

    is there any options to change character's Eye's Color? or maybe... how about make Item to change Eye's Color?
  19. Running on Linux

    Might be GPU scaling issue why not use windows 7. cl is an old game. it does not support linux to begin with and even with an emulator.
  20. Problem Check ID

    Tolong cek ID: forgggg thx :)
  21. Happy New Year 2019.

    Wish joys n happiness on this new year 2019.

    Lot of prosperity.

    Bravo CLO.

  22. Running on Linux

    Hello. I'm a Linux Ubuntu 18.04 user. I have played CL on my old PC and it was running just fine. but when i wanted to move it to linux , when i launch the patcher , it doesn't show anything. I know that linux require Wine for Windows apps to workon it. I have the latest Wine version installed but it still doesn't respond. Or to be more accurate, When i launch it,a separate dark desktop of wine appears for a second then disappears again. Could you help me with this ,please?
  23. Winter Tide 2018

    Good luck.
  24. Winter Tide 2018

    We hope you're having a great holiday! Winter Tide is here and Winter's Edge needs your help once again. Visit Emmy and Jackson in Alker Harbor and help them retrieve Crystallized Snowflakes and fight the Ice Queen's army in Nera Harbor. This year the Ice Queen and Winter's Edge come with new and unique items: (All crystallized snowflake costmes/wings are accont bound) Good luck!
  25. Selling

    Selling: +14 HCS 24dex/9str VDS 20p.a note aguinaldo
  26. Sword Storm Back

    I am also already suggesting Swords Storm back to Sword only again from long time ago... back there, when we playing Fighter Swordsman Two Handed Sword, on DD level 70 we has 3 AoE skills, Earthquake, Wheel Wind, Swords Storm to defeat the mobs... but now we can only use 2 AoE skills only...
  27. Hello...

    KamoteArc is me ^^
  28. Sword Storm Back

    Wheel wind is physical attack and does more damage than sword storm. (Lv20 Sword Storm 272% damage vs Lv20 Wheel Wind 287% damage) Blazing Body is a DoT not a damage skill, it applies burning damage over time.
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