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  2. I want to know how many Def require in dif mob especially taktak monster and dragons cos im using a entrap with 6.5k Def but they still hit hard. And hard to hit them back even tho im fully buffed
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  5. No, we've been removing all active skills on equipment and replacing them with useful stats related to the item or those skills instead. There might be some left over items with skills right now but eventually all of them will be replaced.
  6. Will blood oath ever get fixed?
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  8. Oh they hurt more than your standard skills? I guess I'll take one of them. Thanks for the help Antoni77, I remember receiving help from you also a long time ago when I was just starting to play haha (y).
  9. Please don't jump too fast to conclusion. Your way of describing "Effort" tells me that you've misjudged me. "Putting some effort to survive" in my previous post was meant for THOSE newcomers who aren't willing or capable to spend any money on games, which in my opinion, is NOT ridiculous at all. It's the player's choice whether to play the game the EASY way or the HARD way. So, you also have to look on the player's economical aspect. The in-game inflation is pretty much hard to believe but it apparently does exist and this term doesn't come from my own mouth, I've been asking a lot of times the reason of the price hike and guess what they told me: less seller nowadays, inflation, blah blah. I don't really know who came up with the rate an item should be priced at though and the staffs didn't really take this into consideration, I guess. Don't be a pushover. New players may have no/little knowledge about the harsh life in PvP because they're still focused exploring the land while leveling their characters and still need assistance on decent equipments for use. I'm seeing the HQ stones and Magical Flame businesses have been popular nowadays so donating is not the only thing to do for getting gold.
  10. The removal of the voting system was clearly explained in detail (as quoted above). Although it may seem like the game has turned towards a pay-to-win system, in reality it hasn't. For any game to survive, it heavily relies on the player base and their willingness to donate in order to keep this server running. You can't compare free-to-play and pay-to-win with pay-to-play. All three examples are completely different. The donation system allows players (who are willing to sacrifice real money) to advance easier in the game. If you don't have that kind of commitment then simply play the game long enough and you will achieve what you want and what you need in due time. It's not worth crying over the inability to access the item mall for free now and it was a fair move by the Moderators to change it, with all the right reasons. Yes you can say those who purchase gems have the advantage in terms of controlling the market but in all fairness and understanding the game has been running for several years now and it's safe to say most players have managed to earn billions of gold. For the newbies they have to experience that grind like all us veterans have gone through. It's not fair when players who have been on CL for years got it hard grinding for gold and today's newbies get just as much within a few months. Remember the market is they way it is today because of the past. The market is the way it is today because change will always happen. What cost 1b today may cost 2b within the next few weeks or months - or 1b may be 500m the next. Why? The longer people play the more gold and rare/good items are introduced into the game as people farm and progress through the game. The market for items obtained in game is affected by this! However, the market for gems should never change as it will ALWAYS be fixed unless item mall items increase or decrease in price. If you have money and want to advance quickly then by all means donate a little for some gems. If you don't want to donate - simply play the game long enough (daily/weekly) and you can earn billions within a few takes at least 2 days to get to 105 and make an only take 260/270 evasion to farm Nera Harbor...It takes only 10-15mins to get a full bag and can make 90m-130m per trip. note: there are plans to introduce daily/weekly rewards to those who are consistently logging into the game...we could see rewards like %exp scrolls or costumes (30days) etc etc etc.
  11. "Effort to survive?" JAJAJAJA is totally ridiculous, that "Effort" of which you speak, is simply giving money to a game to be able to tread the PVP. Being an F2P game?"Effort to survive?" JAJAJAJA is totally ridiculous, that "Effort" of which you speak, is simply giving money to a game to be able to tread the PVP. Being an F2P game? I'm not a new player, that's why I speak, because it's about the old prices. The in-game inflation of which you speak, is totally ridiculous, and totally controllable, this is not a country, this is a game. The only ones who earn something with donations, are those who manage the game (Of course, for the continuing need to donate, since prices are unreachable or totally crazy). The new players, can no longer subsist, the only thing left is to donate to be able to at least get items, or stand in the pvp. The only thing I have to say, is that this is totally ridiculous, and they should do something, the game is made for ALL players, not only for players who bring with real money. This is increasingly similar to the "RMT" that both ban, only that as the GM, they give the money in real life, and GM give you items, but of course, that is not banned;). Saludos.
  12. both of Fearful Massacre and Dual Blow are Hurts
  13. We don't set dates for patches because there might be delays due to bugs or other things.
  14. That means you are failing to fill in the captcha, if you don't see the captcha try using a different browser.
  15. i want to play lunas celestia so i download it. and when i want to register an account on the website, it didn't work. i've try so many times and it still don't work and says "invalid information" please help me admin.
  16. L.goves 48vit 500m L.gloves 49-50 dex 500m ea
  17. We used to have voting system allowing you to earn 4 gold points every 12 hours and can be exchanged for GP-purchasable items (like EXP-100%/Reskill/Restat scrolls) but because the voting abuse was still being done by some people, the staffs decided to remove the system and the gold points. New players might not agree to this but to be honest, there hasn't been any changes done to the 'retail price' of Gems (were known as Premium Points/PP) after the removal of voting system. Before it got removed, price of 1 PP is equivalent to 60-70m and 1 GP equals to 25m-30m. Items like Exp 100%, Skill Reset, Stat Reset and Blacksmith were priced at the GP rate, that's why those were cheaper back then. Items are now priced at the Gem/PP rate slightly higher, mainly because of that so-called "in-game inflation". IMO, the game is actually starting to head that way. Early players are more advantaged in the current situation whereas the newcomers have to put forth some effort in order to survive.
  18. I have a doubt. When will they implement the voting system (or another system to make it easier to access items)? Since the economy in the game is heavy, new players can not buy a "100% exp", and all cash items are worth three times what they were worth before. No offense to anyone, this looks like a P2W, only the edits are left standing in the PVP, and it is very difficult to get items. Greetings, and thank you very much for the attention.
  19. i like your suggestion ,, but it would take a while to be implemented.. they need to rebalance the server first and make new events and features to attract newbies in game.. in terms of castle siege it should be seperated from normal players and edited players to be fair
  20. Please unbanned my ID apip2 i got banned permanent about "multivoting"... but its 4 years ago... why today i cant play again ? :( iam so sad... forgive me please
  21. Hey guys, since one handed skills are usable when dual wielding now and shield skills are not, I decided to reskill my SM and now need help in deciding what skills to take. Between fearful massacre, cross slash (upgrades from wind slash I believe) and dual blow, which is the most useful? Or should I not take them at all? Because in comparison to other attacks like Double strike attack, which has poison, the sonic booms, which has range and the rune impact, which has a stun, these skills do not seem that useful. Thanks in advance.
  22. Only the Admin knows when would it be and in some cases they do that on Special Holidays and the event will run for a limited time
  23. You're welcome, and the staffs were making their way to fix those class and they will work fine on the next patch As of now Sniper is good to go.
  24. Cool! thank you so much :)
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