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  2. Buying

    Buying: Hseoe 19Ma Bwwr Akuma+12 EDS 19Ma Flick 19Ma Comment Prices Thanks
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  4. Need some cover.


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  6. Forgot ID and Email

    i just remember Character Name 

    what should i do?

  7. bread

    just kidding....

  9. S>HB, CB , V SET

    how much for hb set 37str 18strike,can you post some SS?tnx
  10. Hei all players, GM and developers team. IGN : Shallu I have some trouble with my id, when I want reset password, the link reset password who has been send to my email ,its not valid, always redirected to homepage Are somebody know's how fix this problem, ive already tried twicely resend the reset link activation. but still same, cant be opened. sorry if bad grammar, I hope your all respon as fast as possible Warms Regards, Dhanz
  11. BUYING

  12. The one that I love about Celestia Luna Online r the costumes, fashionable, cool costumes n could be mix and match, luv CLO.

  13. New Game Rules? Terms of Service link very visible on our website and must be accepted to registered new accounts as well. Report players here anonymously here:
  14. New Game Rules?

    Also Is "kill stealing" not a bannable offense anymore? If it is , then how do i report? I thought a ticket was the way to go but there is no option like , "report a player", or anything. Those are my questions. Thank you for reading, have a great day please!
  15. さようなら

  16. New kind of fishie... LOL


    1. Orange


      Please report this kind of behavior. Walking into non-walkable zones is bug abusing and results in a ban.

  17. Trojan:Win32/Tilken.B!cl Ethereum mining Trojan!

    Hi, this is a false positive prompted by some recent windows defender virus db update, we haven't changed our client in a while and had no problems before January. In simple words false positives like these can trigger because our game client is protected. Just because the first google results were about ethereum doesn't mean anything, detections are named by behaviours not the programs related to it. We have a guide on the front page of our forums about solving this:
  18. Hi all, Win 10 just discovered this in CLuna's game directory, the Trojan is linked to ethereum mining and should be removed asap
  19. BUYING

  20. guess

    i guess... if possible, miss orange would give us everything we ask for... if really possible... so that we won't have a hard time here. but i think this is a test... a trial...
  21. bread

    someone said... if someone throws you stone, throw bread back. (>_<) but i guess... if it's your enemy who you really hated so much did that... that throwing of stone... throw bread to them... the bread of the unleavened type... hehe... hard!! (>_<)
  22. i lost my friends before...

    i hope, the new friends i'll meet here


  23. Earlier
  24. RIP pinoy

    purchase gem sa website.
  25. Ask why you are banned here!

    understood ma'am thanks a lot now i,ll wait
  26. Ask why you are banned here!

    How would you or why send a ticket with another case? How would that speed up the resolution of your first ticket? Don't send anymore tickets and simply wait.
  27. Ask why you are banned here!

    what should i do? send ticket with another case? or do something else
  28. Confirmed it's just a bug with activating the item without having warehouse slots. Moderators can close this/delete it/move it to accepted. Sorry for the stupid post -_-
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