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  2. Pinoy Attendance

    pabuhay nga ! <3
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  4. Lunar New Year 2019

    Will the red envelope that are collected disappear from us after the event?
  5. buying eva

    Buy : -Vset eva 26++ -Bwl -Bache Patk Gemini Castor Clean/eva Comment for price
  6. Feeling nostalgic

    When a lot of people actually want to dd with other people and not themselves
  7. Feeling nostalgic

    Dual hand magnus nuff said.
  8. Can't Wear Gear Now?

    That's it! Thanks. It is a Cardinal and wearing light armor so I added a point to LAE and POOF! it works now. Now if I can remember the paths I took and skills I had on these guys I can reset their points. I'm exploring the guides section for ideas now, lol.
  9. Can't Wear Gear Now?

    If I'm not wrong, the skills were reseted like 5-6 years ago and there's not a change in the skill tree. I think the reset was just to fix the possibility of hacking the skills of the game, but I'm not sure about this. That message appears when you equip an armor that isn't for your class. I mean: Mage can equip: Robe Rogue can equip: Light armor, Robe Fighter can equip: All armors Mage can equip: Light armor (only if you have the passive light armor expertise learned and you have equipped 3 light armor parts) If you don't follow that scheme then you will have that message in your items. Here an example: (Rogue using heavy armor) Maybe you're mage and you lost the light armor passive with the reset and then you have that problem. You only can't equip items with level limit higher than your current level,
  10. Can't Wear Gear Now?

    I have an old account that I recently recovered. It has been a while since I played but I wanted to visit again and play some more. First thing I noticed was that all the characters skill points are reset. I haven't decided if that's cool yet or not, but I assume this means there was a big change in skills. So any information about this would be helpful. I also noticed that my higher level characters with "better" gear are still equipped with the gear but it is all red and it has the message that "This protector is not for your position. Defensive power is not currently applied". What's that about and how do I fix it?
  11. Lunar New Year 2019

    Bonus gems maybe? hehe
  12. Lunar New Year 2019

    Thanks u, i found them but my lvl is so low
  13. Lunar New Year 2019

    They're regular monsters.
  14. Lunar New Year 2019

    How figth with ancestral spirits? I was for the Dark Forest but i need something for that?? help :( I am new
  15. Lunar New Year 2019

    Good luck all!
  16. Lunar New Year 2019

    ~Lunar New Year~ Good luck and Happy Lunar New Year!
  17. WTB> Mage Items

    for real suuk? haha Medusa +14 30 int philo offer.
  18. WTB> Mage Items

    WTB Light Armors and weapons for mages.
    for admin, can you fix my id = pentuloe, because when logging in to alker farm it's always a black screen
  20. Eye's Color?

    woah, thanks Orange, I will wait for sure \ >w< /
  21. AR Question

    ELF path is the good one :) ELF Rogue> Voyager> Archer> Rune Walker> AR Archer, Rune Walker, Arc Ranger will get 4 Area skills, though you maybe only need 2 or 3 of them :) -Power Shot> Double Shot Level11/ Level 1 -Needle Arrow> Piercing Arrow Level11/ Level 1 -Piercing Shot Level 5 -Ice Raining Level 10 -Illusion Attack Level 10 -Fire Arrow Level 5 -Rapid Arrow Level 5 -Mystical Arrow (Magical Arrow) Level Max -Smoldering Shot Level Max -Zephyr Max -Detect Hole Max -Fatal Touch Max -Quick Movement Level 5 -Side Step Max -Whispering Wind Max -Whispering Fire Max -Whispering Stream Max -Bow Training Level 20 -Light Armor Expertise Level 20 (you maybe no need Learn this skill) -Light Armor Evasion Max -Eagle Eye Max -Blind Side Max -Death Sign Max -Long Shot Max -Enhanced MP Level 5 -Mana Contro Level 5
  22. Most Annoying Moments of the Day

    when you Philoed 42 int on L.armor 135 but the craft is 50str -_-
  23. Problem Check ID

    cek id marron5 tolong di bantu
  24. AR Question

    I'd like to ask what is the difference between elf ar and human ar. Personally I would prefer to play elf but do not want to missplay lol. Information abou path I should go would be appreciated. Also wondering about stats/skills. Is he 1v1 or aoe user and what stat build should I go.
  25. Whats the advantage of axe user in destroyer?

    Well, I stand corrected. That's a good tidbit to know.
  26. Whats the advantage of axe user in destroyer?

    If I'm not wrong, the description of "Rage Burst" used to say "(only for swords)" when it always worked with all weapons. Nowadays It doesn't say something about weapon requeriments(it's fixed) and works with all weapons (as Orange showed). The only good thing about Sonic boom is that is one of the fastest sword skills and it's also long range. But even using any of the other skills that axes could also use, the swords users will have the advantage of the attack speed. A good alternative to replace this loss is the skill Earth Wave, which is also a range ability and gives even more damage than Sonic Boom. But you can't replace the attack speed factor. I think Axe Destro still could be good, it just depends on the player.
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