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  2. Problem Check ID

    tolong check ID: hasbioted makasih :)
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  4. About Fighter In The Wind

    Thank you so much @Antoni77
  5. About Fighter In The Wind

    that boss is spawned on 1 place only on Nera Knight Graveyard... go to the "Ground Keeper Quarter" on this Map Image... (press W in game to see the map) :)
  6. Apa khabar semua 😁😆

    Masih ada geng-2 malaysian's still playing ke? Terfikir nak re-download and play celestia luna again if theres any
  7. About Fighter In The Wind

    I want to ask : Fighter In The Wind is at Forgotten Knight Graveyard right? But the graveyard is so big can you help me? Oyeah and how long between respawn when he killed? Is he move from one place to another place like black gargoyle or stay at one place? Thank You So Much
  8. Problem Check ID

    Hello sir why my account cannot open? ID:yusuffaizal please recovery im want back to my account:( im flashback
  9. Hello Everybody

    Somewhat yes, Yuuki reminds me of myself a little, minus the blue hair of course and fresh faces are good, it keeps things from running stale. Thank you both for the welcomes.
  10. Hello Everybody

    Welcome! I see you are a fan of Persona. I, too, love Persona! It's good to have a fresh face in the house
  11. Hello Everybody

    Didn't notice the Discord, I'm on there now, up for voice chat or normal chat with anyone, not too bothered. Cheers.
  12. Hello Everybody

    Hi, welcome to the server! Join our discord if you want to chat with other players
  13. Hello Everybody

    Hello to guys, gals and everyone in-between. I won't beat around the bush, name's StrangeLemon, here to have some laughs, meet some good people and have a good time. I don't care for PvP and will avoid it where I can, just here to chill and have a little fun. See you guys in game.
  14. Just got here, welcome to my profile.  Exciting isn't it? :)

  15. Respawn de boss

    Cada boss es diferente, puede ser 20 minutos pero también puede ser 5 horas.
  16. i forgot password and mail

  17. Alguna Guild Latina?

    Buenas, estoy en busca de alguna guild latina, mi nombre en el juego es RitaVonHunty
  18. Respawn de boss

    Me podrían decir cual es mas o menos el tiempo de espera para que se respawneen los bosses?
  19. i forgot password and mail

    haii i old player actually but i have problem i forget imail and password Q: May i get know my ID Mail its okey just like this example :r123**** ID : Endz
  20. Tooltip Bugs, report them all!

    Buff Musket Reloading: incorrect: Increases movement speed and reduce magic casting time. (Bows Only) correction: Decreasing Cooldown of your Musket Skills and Increase your Physical Attack Speed (Musket Only) 'w' /
  21. drop item

    when you hunting on NH and get drop item like this... did everyone get drop items with So High Phillo like this??? hahahaha
  22. this time I am playing Panzer and with the Support of Rune Master... 'w' / my Panzer has 2 playstyle, he can play with Musket or with Two-Handed Sword... please click on CC to turn on the Substitles... if you have Question or want to give some suggestion, feel free to comment
  23. Login box wont pop

    oh ok sorry orange ill report to discord right away if anything happens again
  24. Login box wont pop

    Please use discord to report such things, it's faster that way. Anyway, there is a temporary service disruption and we're working on fixing it.
  25. Login box wont pop

    so we im not the only one xDDD
  26. Login box wont pop

    im too.. my login box cant pop
  27. Login box wont pop

    Why my login box wont pop. im not opening another client just suddenly when i use multi tabs and want to change ID and it goes like this. halp meh somebody i cant login
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