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  2. Mages' Skill Cast Time

    You can get the Secret Formula Set via the CL website's itemshop or you can buy it from other players that are selling it. Robe of Light Drop: Cursed Lizardman Gloves of Light Drop: Rotting Mandragora Shoes of Light Drop: Striped Lizardman Robe of the Wit Drop: Giant Gloves of the Wit Drop: Orc Shaman Shoes of the Wit Drop: Blood Golem, Red Feathered Harpy (I'm assuming Mana Pool was supposed to be Mana Storm) Manastorm's Robe Drop: Magic Powered Giant Manastorm's Gloves Drop: Banished Giant Manastorm's Shoes Drop: Dark Zombie
  3. Mages' Skill Cast Time

    Where can I get these items?
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  5. Serene's Obscene GM (Grand Master) Guide

    No. Kynee no longer has that skill attached to it.
  6. Cardinal guide

    SA and necro can use shield as well.
  7. Serene's Obscene GM (Grand Master) Guide

    Is Kynee has stealth?
  8. Last week
  9. Jonah's Magical SA Guide

    Hi Jonah,, what build did you used on the vid?

    If you suck during duels now that just means you always sucked in duels.
  11. Ask why you are banned here!

    11:11:27 AM <shoutbot> User airbourne009900 is not banned 11:11:42 AM <shoutbot> User airbourne008800 is banned 11:12:02 AM <shoutbot> User airbourne007700 is banned 11:12:49 AM <shoutbot> User ciel09 is not banned 11:13:05 AM <shoutbot> User ciel08 is not banned If you’ve forgotten your ID, you’re going to have to submit a ticket to reclaim your account. Be sure to include as much information as you can about your accounts (characters, levels, any special items or equipment, etc). Follow the link to submit a ticket.

    As for your Matk, it wasn’t nerfed, the numbers were just off. That was changed during the last patch.

    guys well i use my mage after 8 month im not online, now why mage is very suck? and very noob? my mage m.attack just 8k x.x when im online now, and before i am vacuum my mage 15k+ m.attack x,x and when im duel with someone its very very noob lol.
  14. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    Lol, its just me wanting earthquake with muskets, sorru for the late reply.
  15. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    I always do that on description... thanks to menition it... '-' b
  16. Ask why you are banned here!

    Please check ID: ciel09 , ciel08 or something like ciel... I really forgot my user Id.
  17. Can they give back my item or nah?

    Oh ok thanks :) Its ok it was my fault tho
  18. Crafting bug

    There is a second list underneath the big list where you select which recipe to use to craft the item.
  19. Crafting bug

    There's a glitch with the crafting/construct when trying to make level 80s armor from the diamonds. When you drag the 2 karat or 3 karat diamond to the crafting menu, in both case the 1 karat diamond is listed as the ingredient instead. So only the 1 karat diamond is available for crafting which ever karat diamond you insert.
  20. Selling/Buying

  21. Pinoy Attendance

    20180813 1. lMiya
  22. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    i suggest you use youtube music under audio library in creator studio if not you may seek either Kevin MacLeod or NCS whatever you do, be sure to give them a credit on description
  23. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    video sniper part 2 is out now... check this out now with buffs from Rune Master and hmm... from Panzer? I saw buff Solid Weapon level 4 on my buffs...
  24. Selling/Buying

  25. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    as you see on the video, my sniper still have skills from TH, which means I am not do reset skills yet. I won't say Rune Knight> Panzer is bad, but I think Gladiator> Panzer still better. since the Swords Storm is not free weapon requirement anymore. you will only get 2 AoE from Panzer's Musket skills only. also Gladiator will give you High Buff STR and Warrior Form, which Rune Knight doesn't have it. and anyway, Musket is not Two-Handed Weapons, so it will be weird and it's not logic if we can use Two-Handed Skills on Musket. (example: we can use Burning Crash + Earth Quake on Musket, that's just weird)... Musket is weapon to do "Bullet Shot Attack", so it's just weird if we do Melee Attack with it. (just my opinion)...
  26. Selling/Buying

    Buying : -Bwwr -Blue scarf -Belt of Wisdom clean/dirty/ms 48+ -Dark shaman +7/12 [P]int 25+ -Akuma +12 [P]int -Ice Queen Staff clean/dirty -Hathor [P]int 24+ 1 pcs Selling : -Hegemonic Rainbow [P]29 str 4,9 vit -Howling Wyrm +12 [P]14,8 dex 10 str -T.Helm +12 [P]16 dex 4,5 str 3,8 wis -Fierce Dragon Slayer [P]19,8 patk -Kisper [P]20 str 10 dex 10 wis -L.cape [P]94 crit Pm me IGN Mabby/Frostify
  27. Unselling

    But before selling things, you're given a chance to abort. It doesn't hurt to have the buyback system, though. I like the idea.
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  29. Nera Harbor Panzer Test [1.7.1]

    Good video, keep it up!
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