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    Selling: +14 HCS 24dex/9str VDS 20p.a note aguinaldo
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  5. Sword Storm Back

    I am also already suggesting Swords Storm back to Sword only again from long time ago... back there, when we playing Fighter Swordsman Two Handed Sword, on DD level 70 we has 3 AoE skills, Earthquake, Wheel Wind, Swords Storm to defeat the mobs... but now we can only use 2 AoE skills only...
  6. Hello...

    KamoteArc is me ^^
  7. Sword Storm Back

    Wheel wind is physical attack and does more damage than sword storm. (Lv20 Sword Storm 272% damage vs Lv20 Wheel Wind 287% damage) Blazing Body is a DoT not a damage skill, it applies burning damage over time.
  8. Sword Storm Back

    Could Sword Storm back to can be used on 2hands sword users? The reason is 2 hands players only have earthquake as pure physical attack, others AOE like Wheel Wind and Blazing Body looks more like attacks infused with magical attack
  9. Hello...

    Hello i'm from malaysia too, from selangor chinese player haha
  10. Fishing

    Ight, thank you
  11. Hello...

    Berape Lagi Player My ynag active ni?
  12. Fishing

    Yes, that is okay. The only restriction is on not having more than 5 fishers.
  13. ❣ Alphabets ❣

    Hey guys! How are you?!
  14. Fishing

    Is it okay to use 5 fisher + 3 clients[for lvling, and vend] or will get banned?
  15. Entrapper's Traps Skills

    I was testing Entrapper recently and testing Fire Trap and Ice Trap to Monsters they did explodes when the Monsters come to the Traps, but nothing happened what I see is just a little Fire explosion and little Ice explosion and is very short moment... but yeah, is nothing happened... please fix these 2 Skills Traps... 'w' / and also the Ice Trap's name is wrong named "Fire Trap" too in the game. (I want making the video again, about Entrapper with the Trap Skills) (and anyway, I've found the video about how Fire Traps and Ice Traps works, but is from other servers, so I can't post it here)
  16. Buying..

    B>mousey 15+eva 10+str/dex(P) B>+12 Venom 15+eva 10+str/dex(P) B>M armor 20+eva 10+dex/str(P) B>WSH 90+crit
  17. SM question

    Thank you :)
  18. So strange to find this account... cringe. 

  19. SM question

    I think it's still from Human... Gladiator Rage Burst is level 4 so the Critical Damage of Sword is increased...
  20. Loots Filter

    guess i'll change it to yes. :>
  21. Loots Filter

    dat sux then :/
  22. Loots Filter

    The answer would be your forum nickname.
  23. Loots Filter

    Would be great to filter the items you automatically looted while farming/killing mobs. I.e, you only need the weapons from the pirates in NH, you won't get the ores/cloths/leathers nor potions. Crafting Items [ON] / [OFF] (includes all of the crafting and reinforcing items such as gems and magic powders, rough diamonds and the feather wings etc.) Armors [ON] / [OFF] (all armor pieces as well as shields and belts) Potions [ON] / [OFF] (potions/candies/foods) Weapons [ON] / [OFF] (all weapons) Accessories [ON] / [OFF] (all accessories, wings and trinkets) Miscellaneous [ON] / [OFF] (costumes, head accessories and glasses) Something like that.. if you wish to turn off the selected filter, you won't be able to loot any of the item included in that filter.
  24. SM question

    Now that job passives have released, did the path taken for sword master chamged? What is the best for human and elf ?
  25. A new version of the Enchanted Kingdom Gacha is here! ~Head Items~ ~Pets~ ~Wings~ ~Costumes~ Good luck and have fun!
  26. A new version of the Royal Mercenaries Gacha is here! ~Head Items~ ~Face Items~ ~Pets~ ~Wings~ ~Costumes~ Good luck and have fun!
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