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  2. Microsoft Visual/ In-game connecting error

    Moved it to Local disk (D:) still doesnt work and yes i've added exceptions in the new location
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  4. help login problem

    Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Security and Maintenance and see what it says under "Security / Virus Protection"
  5. help login problem

    im sorry but i've unins my mcafee and its still crash. i've downloaded and installed the correct redist 64bit btw
  6. Microsoft Visual/ In-game connecting error

    I assume you mean external hard drive? Like you downloaded/patched in another place and then moved it to your current computer? Are you running the game from said external hard drive? Try moving the game folder to a different location (add to exceptions in the new location as well), maybe it's having trouble accessing some files.
  7. Microsoft Visual/ In-game connecting error

    Here is the error
  8. Hi i don't usually post in forums in games but i would really appreciate some help and the soonest as possible so the problem is : After logging in the game and selecting my character, I encounter an error which seems to originate from Microsoft Visual C++ and if it would help, i am using a mcafee antivirus and i added the lunaclient.exe file in the exceptions and also after trying to install the vc redist in it would only say that there's a same or newer version already installed. P.S. I downloaded and installed the game to my hard drive because our internet sux
  9. help login problem

    Yes McAfee is an antivirus and you installed 32bit redistributable but you have a 64bit system, install the 64bit redist as well in case you don't have it. Here's a guide on how to add an exception on McAfee: When adding a file exclusion browse to your game folder and select LUNAClient.exe to be excluded.
  10. help login problem

    is McAfee security scan plus a kind of antivirus?
  11. help login problem

    cannot upload more than 510kb processor : 0 processors installed ram : 2 gb (1,98 usable ) system type : 64-bit operating system , x64 based processor windows edition 8.1 single language
  12. How to make color pigment and color dye

    Nice guide, good job Bones drop from all kinds of skeleton monsters, wood drops from all kinds of treant monsters.
  13. Manual: for making color pigment and color dye
  14. Manual: How to make color pigment and color dye


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  16. help login problem

    Can you show me a screenshot of the system window (also known as "About my PC")? It should say your operating system, processor, ram and system type information. That way I'll know a bit more about your PC.
  17. help login problem

    my drivers is up to date , installed correct VC version 32bit and user admin.
  18. help login problem

    Only an antivirus/antimalware program or missing VC redistributable could make the program crash, one blocks it from working and the other is necessary for it to work in the first place. Are your drivers up to date? Did you install the correct VC version? (32bit or 64bit) Nothing else could be causing this, try re-installing in a different folder, if it still crashes then there is something blocking the program. Is your windows user admin or guest? If it's a guest then there is an antivirus program running you just don't see it, admin users can disable what programs you can access.
  19. help login problem

    my windows defender is turned off by group policy '-'
  20. "Failed to patch version 17" error

    i try to reinstall in a different location and it's work
  21. Ask why you are banned here!

    is there any appeal for this , my mistakes :(. 6 months take too long for just a silly mistakes. Please make it a bit shorter orange :(. i wont do that again
  22. Ask why you are banned here!

    You weren't lagging, it's funny that you say you were lagging right away, lag doesn't look like that, you were speed hacking.
  23. Ask why you are banned here!

    checkid :ramabd1 ign : PanksPaladin Reallly ? banned again :(( lagging cause banned :((
  24. Ask why you are banned here!

    sir why happen with in id : ali , my id are borrowed my friend. i don't know anything with this...
  25. help login problem

    That's not possible, windows defender is always enabled if you don't install a different antivirus yourself. Try following these steps:
  26. Ask why you are banned here!

    RMT, related IDs: ampas003, ampas001, ampas003, berasehat
  27. Ask why you are banned here!

    check id : ali check id : ampas004 why get permanent banned?
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