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  2. I needed to know if you had moved all your items out of the character, I had asked twice. Please don't triple post. Moving your character won't help, it will be fixed soon.
  3. You only get SP for each level once, if you de-level and re-level again you will not get stat or skill points for that same level again.
  4. up up still looking for that sexy sword
  5. Did not get SP when level up from 132 to 133.... Character name : SX101
  6. orange, can u transfer my char NIck : AkuHodeKakak , from nc to alker ?,
  7. ok no respond -_-
  8. I have removed your link @iLoonie . Linking third party software, legitimate or not, is a security risk for which we will not take responsibility. A skill calculator will be available after some more major job changes in future patches.
  9. A skill calculator exclusive for Celestia Luna is under the works, along with major patches and updates. We just have to be patient. For now, you can use this old Luna Online calculator. External links to others servers are not allowed. Sorry about that. But I have a link to download the offline version of the application. [Link Removed] You need Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers to use the link, and you need Microsoft Silverlight installed on your OS, just search it on Google for what proper version for your browser. Note: * There are various differences with data from this skill calculator to the game. Use it only for SP reference and allocation guide.
  10. Im looking for it too, so i can know how to make it.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Here are some SS about the buffs im using while in dd,i just noticed that this always happen but this time, its like 2 or 3 of 10 are are nit working Here in Haunted Mansion, Sorry can upload the 2 other photos coz there file size is too big Ooops wring char screenshot but i swear that i was fully buffed by Rm and whisp wind, fire and stream
  13. Title. Do we still have a working one? I can't seem to find one even with some googling D:
  14. im not dd, its char vending sir ^^^, just lvl 1. Im going to login to nc, and blackscreen Im login char again from relog, and blackscreen again, , but my other char can,, How Orange ?^^
  15. Present :) Kakabalik lang hehe. OT: San tambayan ng mga pinoy ngayon?
  16. Last week
  17. Jonah can I Enter this Guild?? My nick : XxXSAXxX please... I really want to enter this guild
  18. S> Kynee +12 (p) STR +29 S> AK +13 (p) STR +28 mix ms 3% note: Quela
  19. Sinyal jelek mungkin?
  20. make axis ga bisa login yaa kakak?
  21. I have asked this question and nobody replied.
  22. If you have tried all of the solutions on our help page and you are still having problems then you have some corrupt windows files. As I stated above our game works perfectly fine on fresh windows installations from windows XP to windows 10.
  23. Do you guys have slots left?
  24. no respond lol , please fix, menu, unstuck character
  25. no my problem , same with this orange ::
  26. Same problem here, since December 2016.
  27. buying CAS+13 high str mix dex max rein crit / p.a wm StunRiver or leave your price and ign below thanks you
  28. We have automatic recovery for which you only need the ID and the email. If your case is more complicated than that and you submitted a ticket then it will take longer.
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