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Announcement: Legal and Illegal Items

Posted by Celestia Games

Celestia Games
  • CG Staff
There has been few speculation about some legal and illegal stuff whisper throughout the game and the forum and well I'm now clearing off what are the legal and illegal stuff so read it :

Legal :

Every item in Item Mall
Every item from past / current event (such as Halloween, School time, etc)
Every item through Private donation
Every item obtained from in game (such as monster, quest, lucky box, etc)

Illegal :

Every type of candy. (except those obtained from Christmas event)

Costumes that are not in the Item mall. (unless through Private donation)

Buff potions other than in NPC Tasartia (except certain potions obtain from Nostrum or from event/Private donation)

Green name equip that have a name such as Bull, Crocodile, Lion, Titan, Kruz, Rabbit, Fox, Tiger, Harpy, Zephyr, Bear, Elephant, Whale, Giant, Panace, Parrot, Coyote, Monkey, High Elf, Bellerophon, Cat, Deer, Crow, Coronus, and Fiera. (unless these equip are obtained from monster, event, or Private donation)

High level equipment mold (120 and above)

Reinforce on items that can't be reinforced or items that are not allowed to be reinforced by certain gems (for example strike on accessories or reinforced costumes).

So if any of you have these kind of illegal stuff, well you know the drill and we surely ignore if you are banned permanently. Oh and don't bother to move or store the illegal items in warehouse, we can see everything.