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  1. Running on Linux

    Might be GPU scaling issue why not use windows 7. cl is an old game. it does not support linux to begin with and even with an emulator.
  2. Winter Tide 2018

    Good luck.
  3. suggestions for upcoming update

    even regular members can change too (co regular members), best is to alert in who changed a certain nick, good day :)
  4. --

    i hope you are not Kelly v.2 :D welcome
  5. Staff Appreciation

    arguing here will take nowhere sirs (all with balls female accts? TROLL) i hope this spammers top on me , will get to the top slots :) err i mean sluts irl imo :)
  6. Staff Appreciation

    are you stupid or just blind? , the thread is already been made. that's my point i don't really care about that appreciation day. ofcourse someones gonna be red in there reputation >:))
  7. Staff Appreciation

    -1 Learn to use the search button. your just making more threads. and ofcorz spamming.
  8. Releasing Event

    lol madam, its been 3 years i think since Reid said an update would come, no flaming. and i can see the outcome of it since 3k players are playing and now down to 800 people merely bots? i think. and overpowered PD users. makes the game more imbalance i think u should check on that too. good pm.
  9. Releasing Event

    -1 you should tell us when the updates gonna takes place, what time and what day. not all players have spare memo. in there harddrives.
  10. Pwetty new.

    so many plastic people :) ask for item they wont give you any :)
  11. Why Troy is so imba? -_-

    i remember him now he is 150 wtf? nice
  12. This.

    PS : if its already suggested then implement this xd to Moderators : lock this thread if it starts to flamed :P Why not have an event every weekends! so the server is not dead in weekdays by the looks of it, only GW runs the server alive and pvp room, but that is over a year and 2 years now i think. Event like . Defend this castle/item/player for 1 hour by a specific guild. which the guild will defend it for maybe 1 hour or 2 hours until the buzzer sounds LOL boom that guild wins! so share you're thoughts of this. sincerely.. <_<
  13. Sup

    bumping this