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  1. Hello Celestian's

    ah okay. By the way Im Pink former celestia luna Player Year 2011 IGN: Pinkberry Level 145 Cardinal, Leader of Pinky's Army the first team PVP champion, i don't have a character yet but I'm planning to make a new one and be a good player.
  2. delet all edit item please

    OMG! this is really AWESOME! my name was there :P what the hell is your problem?! huh? :angry:
  3. New stuff in Item Mall

    Nowadays the demand of Private Donate weapons was so high, for example the Blade of the Sun. Many of player are looking for good quality stuffs like +14 - 15 enchant weapons. And one of the reason why we need to put this kind of stuff in the Item Mall, many of our players are using Mobile to donate a premium point, they don't have a Paypal account to make a Private donation. So, make this thing easy and affordable for the Celestia players. And i know many of players will donate for this kind of stuff. Item Mall example.
  4. Channel 2 PVP

    agree with this. Players making their own Rules in pvp 1. Sometimes it happens "No kill my friend" <_< or if you killed one of their members, omfg the whole guilds comes to kill you. Then if you say something not sounds good to them, they say "no friend to help you"? something like that... LOL :D haha,..Drama.
  5. Luna Meme submission thread

    IGN: PinkBerry Artwork:
  6. Valentine's Event Registration

    ~Happy Valentine's~ :wub: Character Name: :blink: 1. Shamcey 2. iMiggy Level: :D 1. 107 2. 107 Class: :) 1. Magnus 2. Paladin
  7. Ultimate Celestia Fighter - ( UCF )

    PinkBerry "Gold Stealer" Vs cheThe "CT" - January 7 7.30 pm (server time)- PinkBerry "Gold Stealer" has won Watch here the Video! Owning! :) the throne of the Mage class is mine :3
  8. Ultimate Celestia Fighter - ( UCF )

    It's your time to shine :P
  9. Cardinal vs SM?

    oh man, this topic is really hot, and now your surrendered the first word you leave in this thread? "i can beat cardinal with 1x SonicBoom and then cardinal die " ..don't you? time be sure what you are posting... ahahah, always open to accept duel's anytime anywhere, :D .. no QQing..... :D
  10. Cardinal vs SM?

    My previous PvP with LittleJovs, to challenge me, he do 13k 13k Sonic Boom to me with own self buff, while LittleJovs have outside buff's and wearing full STR set , and that was failed. :P .... I'm accepting challenge/PvP's..ehehe :wacko: , but not now,.. coz im still recovering my set, since someone stolen my set :( ...
  11. Cardinal vs SM?

    this one is correct, :D ......... the simple answer about "Cardinal vs SM?" can be answer "YES and NO" its all depend in the situation.......
  12. Cardinal vs SM?

    uhm Grace, i just proven that not all Cardinal he can beat in 1x sonic boom. yah. we already PvP.. :)
  13. Cardinal vs SM?

    this sentence is funny, LOL :D go, take your critical Sword Master and try to hit me,.