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  1. Can't buy stuff from itemshop

    same for me. hmm
  2. Now Playing???

    utada hikaru - with or without you (U2 Cover)
  3. vending so watching shoutbox!

  4. Screenshot

    well you still can use printscreen. you just have to paste it in mspaint or something ^^
  5. Cruz's INT/VIT Necromancer Guide [Human Only]

    soul squeeze and corpse taker works ^^
  6. just ask !!!

    prolly legal
  7. how to enter pictures in posts?

    follow these steps: 1) upload image in an image host ex. (imageshack, postimage, photobucket) 2) copy the link of the image. 3) paste in forum (use img tag [img=<<paste link here>>] ) 4) and youre done! reminder: use the proper format in reporting
  8. is there a torrent file?

    i can host it if you like
  9. ..officially made img host account for reporting

    1. iShannet


      jennifer im not a gm. you should post this in the help forum

  10. ..officially made img host account for reporting

  11. This Item Legal? or illegal? this dupe?

    we were not sure. i didnt take it coz it was very suspicious. anyway this is offtopic noddy are you online in game? i cant find server.
  12. This Item Legal? or illegal? this dupe?

    oh i might need to wait for admin to tell for sure..i almost bought it. phew
  13. This Item Legal? or illegal? this dupe?

    also one was selling me a permanent of that.. fantastic magician hat?
  14. what is better? :P cant have everything without sacrificing something. its like you have 100% divide it with patk. pdef matk mdef. you cant have 100% to all. there is always a trade off. try considering: patk 100% pdef 0% matk 0% mdef 0% so you have to balance: patk 50% pdef 50% its just like that. in any mmo.
  15. Having Problem when loggin in?

    your antivirus deleted luna client.exe after that issue has happened. i reinstalled celestialunaalpha and now i cant get to the login screen only to the server selection screen. sigh.