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  1. Asking

    BT gets more evasion in the end because of the dagger passive Shadow Instinct, I think max level adds 22.5 eva when using a dagger. Top that with BT buffs and passives BT can get more eva overall than AR
  2. axe and sword

    As of now, the skill sword storm and the skill sonic boom can't be used by any weapon aside from Sword. This is in consideration to be, and i believe it may be changed.
  3. enchanting fishing rod

    Enchanting fishing rods does not add any bonuses to catch rate.
  4. dual wield fishing

    This doesn't work Even if the effect was to apply once, the game is set to where the same passive can't be applied twice, so you wouldn't be able to get any bonuses anyways. Whaetver you may have seen, he may have been doing it just to troll.
  5. critical for arc ranger

    You pretty much got the advantages spot on, the only reason people usually go treasure hunter is to farm or to get bomb AoE's, but as an archer you don't really need the bombs so it's all about Extortion for Wonderers. The rune walker path has more critical damage, movement speed and has foil, making it a better PvP build than the Treasure hunter build.
  6. dex and strength questions

    Yes, but it’s okay to go over as most people actually can stack up to 1800 or more. It’s just up to you and whatever makes you happy
  7. Equality! (Skyforge Union)

    Updated: Added link to Discord server Updated Founder/VP list. Membership now available Love you all!
  8. Equality! (Skyforge Union)

    Yes. PM me in game at Goku.
  9. Equality! (Skyforge Union)

    Message me in game my character is Goku
  10. Jonah's Magical SA Guide

    Ignore my stats please, I only uploaded the videos to show you your skills and how to use them.
  11. hi jonah..i new in this game..other player told me that we can buy good item i mean private donate...can i get list for item n price?

  12. Forgotten Account Username

    Apologies for the delay in reply. You would just have to re-submit a ticket via the new email or join our discord so we can assist you there.
  13. Life is Cozy. 😎

  14. HELP enable to find client executable !

    Moved to Technical Support Please search our forums before posting about an issue. The solution is listed here:
  15. Failed to patch version 15!

    Your post was not deleted, but the solution to your problem can be found here.