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  1. It barely has an effect on me because I play mages. It's just that in war all you see is paladins dropping everyone that comes in sight because no one can damage them and most of them hit like trucks and have sonic boom. Paladin isn't played like a tank because they can deal damage from a distance. So you can't deal much damage to them at all unless you get close in the first place, and they just repel you with a single sonic boom. Also, for the most part rogues are useless vs Tanks because Tanks have the range that they do because of Sonic Boom. Rogues can barely even scratch them because of low physical attack. Even with the crazy critical damage we have, if your physical attack is low, versus a tank you'll be lucky if you crit 5 damage. As for crits getting through, the problem with this is that even with crits getting through it only happens once in a blue moon with paladins. You can literally die 20 times by a Paladin before you even strike a crit. I wasn't saying to completely get rid of block I was just suggesting to lower the utility of solid shield so they aren't walking around entire wars for hours on end taking only 45 damage the entire time. I do believe that there should at least be some sort of trade off in physical attack attributes if you take shield training, like you said. Paladin is one of those classes that doesn't necessarily have a good trade off unless it's critical rate, and even then there's easy ways to boost it and still maintain your damage and defense. Top this off with the fact that they're elves and they can get rune impact, Strike doesn't even really factor in for them. I'm just saying that this class is particularly dominant over all of the others because of its ridiculous block rate and high stat capabilities. Foil: The skill is being used now by TM's to: Foil enemies in war while maintaining stealth, so they just focus on foiling one person while hidden so that person can't move at all. This becomes a problem because they go undetected while stopping all movement from whatever target they choose as many times as they want until that person somehow gets beholder. Its also used by guilds in open wars of all nature to escape sleep, ice and silence. This is exploited by these guilds because they just war their own low level guild and put TM's in it to cancel the effects placed on them.
  2. Another way to help calm down this block insanity is to make a few changes to the Solid Shield buff. As it stands, Solid Shield at level 5 adds 40% block rate for 20 minutes. If you add this buff to a Paladin, they can block 93% of all incoming attacks. Top this off with a CB Set and the Iron Shied Buff, they can have a block rate upwards of 105%. The problem here is that once you add all this up, and throw in the fact that Paladins can also deal damage from range and have super high physical defense, it makes them damn near invincible and they also can dish out high damage. This problem is multiplied when you add edits into the mix, as these edited players are already taking barely over 1000 damage a hit, and top that off with 93% block rate, it's no wonder everyone is using Paladins or Phalanx>Magnus! A simple way to fix this is to make the buff Solid Shield wear off after X amount of hits, and have the cool down be increased. An Example: Paladin Uses Solid Shield ----> Paladin is hit 15 times by incoming skills -----> Solid Shield wears off because of said hits ------>Paladin has an opening until the Solid Shield buff cools down -----> After the cooldown has passed, the Paladin can once again use its Solid Shield buff to block a further 15 hits. I'm not saying the hit amount should be 15, however, going about it this way will make it so block must be used strategically and isn't a failsafe for all shield users. This will make things much more interesting during wars as Paladins and other tanks will have a window in which they are vulnerable, and aren't just walking around taking 0 damage from incoming attacks because they "blocked" it.
  3. Aw, thank you! Be sure to note me in-game if you need any tips. I'm always willing to help! If you followed the path correctly, fast heal should be unlocked at Bishop.
  4. Buying: Nawskin Belt +12 Night Redemption [c] str [p] eva/strike mix eva Note Polyxus or reply below
  5. Thank you!
  6. Will be editing soon to update the following: Armor for 135+ Weapon for 135+ Belts/Rings/Earrings and Necklaces will stay the same due to the overall utility of each ring.
  7. You can learn it or just use HP potions. It isn't very essential until beyond that point as when you're using bishop you'll most likely be supporting someone or leveling in DD's with someone. If you must have it learn level 1.
  8. I'll be sure to check on that when I get home. We look forward to inviting you to our ranks!
  9. We have slots open now! Leave me a message in-game for an invite. My IGN is Jonah.
  10. "Good leaders can make good decisions, but a great leader takes his companion's opinions before he makes his move." -Jonah (Leader/Founder) Base: Ruins of Draconian Ch. 1 Member Slots: Available Top Member: Coming Soon... Current Level: 3 Introduction Upon making Equality, I had one goal in mind: Connect the old generation of players with the new generation and provide a growing place for those looking to improve. Let's make each other stronger! That being said, any level is welcome as well as any nationality/race. Just bring your A-game! With this being said, I'd like to introduce the features of Equality with a strong introduction. So without further ado, welcome to the mighty Skyforge. Features: Random Events Scheduled Events Fixed Wars Open Wars Active Leaders VP Support Strong guidance Fun conversations Accepting environments And much more! Looking For: A VP that speaks Bahasa (Indonesian) A VP that speaks Tagalog (Phillipines) Current Union Skyforge Members Equality (Looking for a consistent/active ally. PM for details.) Rules (PLEASE READ!!!!) I know, I know, rules suck, but they're here for a reason. 1. Do not start drama with other members of our guild, we are a family. 2. At no point are you to make racist comments, even if it is to an enemy. Our goal is to destroy our opponents without using those cheap dirty tactics that others use. 3. Obey server rules at all times. We can't afford to have members getting banned for illegal activity. 4. Show up to wars when online and available. 5. No kicking members without consulting me or Jacob. Ranking Guild Master Jonah Vice Presidents Jacob Tsunade5 sorrynotsorry If you prove yourself through your activity both in-game and in relation to guild members, you can become a VP too! Conclusion To close this topic, I'd like to wish you all good luck! Hopefully we cross paths in-game or even in-guild. Forge on, Skyforge!
  11. Added a video of a 1v1 with anilaa to the second post.
  12. 12k m.a and 5k pdef is fine
  13. Risk Taker is always on, after you relog once you learn it you gain the p.a.
  14. My friend and I noticed a few problems concerning the strength of certain buffs compared to costumes, so we decided to take a few screenshots and test them side by side. After testing these skills, we decided that it would be best to make a topic where people can post similar issues that are found. If you find a buff that doesn't add the correct %, please post it here to add to our topic. An example of this issue is seen with Wizardry, as Wizardry at level 7 is supposed to add 18% magical attacking power, yet it adds less than the 10% of the Wizard's Robe, as we know, the robe adds 3279 magical attacking power, yet Wizardry only adds roughly 452 magical attacking power: Without Wizardry: With Wizardry: The last thing we tested was BWS Pdef 10% vs Mace Protection 10%: Without Mace Protection/BWS Pdef 10% (This SS has the tooltip information for Mace Protection shown, so you know it's 10%): With BWS Pdef: With Mace Protection: As you can see, BWS Pdef gives 2x more pdef than Mace Protection, even though they're both supposed to add 10%. As the pdef of the user gets higher, the difference between the two adds up, eventually making the gap even more noticeable. BWS Pdef adds: 438 pdef Mace Protection adds: 112 This makes Mace Protection look like a waste of SP. As I said before, there are many similar issues like this with many other buffs. If you find any similar to this, post it here so we can see it. Thank you, and have a great day! Other skills with this issue include: Armor Link Shield Bless Guard Nature's Shield Iron Shield - does nothing Warrior Form Solid Weapon Spell Craft Boost Spell
  15. Changes made to the "Versatile Warrior" build. Changed the attack skills you use to focus more on surviving and controlling the crowd. Added a higher heal, for spam healing. Added Holy Barrier Added Lightning Stun Added Nature's Mind Added Intensive Mana If you have any questions reply below and enjoy my builds!