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  1. Topic closed as Halloween has passed. (Indeed.)
  2. For your fighter, the best choice would be Fighter>Warrior>Infantryman>Phalanx>Magnus. (Path has more HP, PDef than a Paladin.) For your SA, the path is fine.
  3. PM me for advice, sorry I'm late.
  4. For those of you wanting invites, I've been on quite a little vacation, but I'm back now. PM me for an invite.
  5. If you're wondering where I've been, I've been getting my life together. 

  6. Yes we have slots available, we are in war though so be ready!
  7. Head Accessory: Jack'O Lantern/Pumpkin (similar to how a slime sits on your head, but instead a pumpkin.) Black Widow Spider (same as above, but instead a spider) Ghost Lizard (Pale white model of the lizard head accessory) Red Halo (Red version of the in-game halos) Bat (A bat that would simply float above your head) Face: Anonymous Mask (from the famed hacking group, anonymous, it just has a ominous spooky feel to it.) A Bat that covers your characters eyes (simply a bat that would lay over the character models face, spread out with the wings covering the eyes.) Back: Black/White Bat wings Fallen Angel Wings (Black versions of the already implemented Angel Wings.) Giant Lollipop (Similar to the Lollipop that is in-game, except as a back accessory.)
  8. 1. If you don't want to use a rogue for farming, the best classes to use would be a Cardinal or a Magnus, although any class can be used to farm. 2. Voting was removed to prevent people from multi-voting and exploiting the GP system. 3. People do sell Gems in game (the Item Mall currency). Do note that the prices do vary, some people sell them for 70m/gem and some for 85m/gem. 4. This game has a few people who like to scam and set HQ gem prices incorrectly, as if they were HC gems, if you do come across this, take a screenshot and report it. Also, if someone asks you to give them an item before they give you all the gold you're selling it for, it is most likely a scam. Be careful with your items. 5. Solo leveling is possible, you have to get a set of equips for it however, especially at level 125+, the monsters in Sahel and the future maps hit very hard. 6. Paladin: It's a class with very high survivability to the point in which it's the second most popular class in the game. It has the highest achievable block rate and can still dish out damage. SM Elf: Not recommended as Humans have much more damage and are more capable of taking down defensive opponents Magnus: The most popular class in this game, it has a skill that can protect the party for 3 seconds and has a 7 second cooldown (although this is subject to change.) It can achieve the highest physical defense/HP stat in the game and is the most versatile class. TM: Has a skill that makes it perfect for 1v1 situations, however the class has a lower dual wielding passive than the Blade Taker. It has very high critical damage and movement speed, it is mostly used as a hit and run class.
  9. Silence’s success rate is 80% across the board. I personally believe having anything above 60% for a skill that completely cancels someone’s ability to function for so long is crazy, but we’ll see what changes are made, if any.
  10. No, don't take a higher level of it. It does base on your magical attack but you're better off using MP pots as well.
  11. null and void

  12. You'll want to get mostly DEX if you're using a Destroyer, if you get your equips done right 350 strike should be easy for you to manage, most people don't have anything above 400 evasion, though there are a few who do.
  13. Your best bet for a Destroyer build is to get a mix of DEX and STR on your equips. Philos, reinforcements and all, and it's also nice to incorporate a little vit into the mix, and you always want to have a movement speed reinforcement on your boot. Many of the destroyers in game with balanced builds use lots of DEX mix STR philos.
  14. Well the problem with a build like this is the amount of damage it does compared to a destroyer. Most sword masters find it way more convenient to use a 1H weapon and shield as their secondary style because using a shield has benefits like block (Especially block), and physical defense. While it may be fun, 2H SM has much less potential than a destoyer/dual SM has, and ultimately defeats the purpose of going SM.
  15. Updated: Added two examples of "Silence-Trapping" during a war.