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  1. Life is Cozy. 😎

  2. HELP enable to find client executable !

    Moved to Technical Support Please search our forums before posting about an issue. The solution is listed here:
  3. Failed to patch version 15!

    Your post was not deleted, but the solution to your problem can be found here.
  4. Best stat for BT/Blade takers for farming in sahel?

    No problem, if you have any further questions feel free to send me a PM.
  5. Failed to patch version 15!

    I’ve already replied to the topic you made. Do not spam/post on someone else’s topic if you already have your own.
  6. Best stat for BT/Blade takers for farming in sahel?

    In most cases as a rogue you already have enough critical damage %, but your physical attack suffers, making your damage lower against enemies with medium/high defense
  7. Please Help me

    Please search our forums before posting. Follow the link I left you. If you have further issues reply here to let me know.
  8. Best stat for BT/Blade takers for farming in sahel?

    If you want more damage, I would say full STR, with str mix dex philos.
  9. Forgotten Account Username

    You will have to submit a ticket at: Tickets will be taken care of whenever we get to them, posting questions about your ticket can result in it being pushed back. I hope all goes well for you, and enjoy Celestia Luna.
  10. Old account

    If you only forgot the password you can simply get a new one via the website: Otherwise, go to to submit a ticket
  11. Failed to patch version 15!

    Please search before you post. Try option 2F, let me know if it is successful.
  12. blank screen

    Characters are automatically unstuck after 5 minutes.
  13. stuck in date dungeon

    All characters get unstuck automatically after 5 minutes.
  14. Unable to find the client executable

    Please search before posting, here is a topic meant to help with these kind of issues.
  15. Hello..

    In terms of donating $100 for gems, that is enough to get gold to get items in game. Besides that, spending real money on gold or any other item in game is illegal and would result in a permanent ban.