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  1. No, don't take a higher level of it. It does base on your magical attack but you're better off using MP pots as well.
  2. null and void

  3. You'll want to get mostly DEX if you're using a Destroyer, if you get your equips done right 350 strike should be easy for you to manage, most people don't have anything above 400 evasion, though there are a few who do.
  4. Your best bet for a Destroyer build is to get a mix of DEX and STR on your equips. Philos, reinforcements and all, and it's also nice to incorporate a little vit into the mix, and you always want to have a movement speed reinforcement on your boot. Many of the destroyers in game with balanced builds use lots of DEX mix STR philos.
  5. Well the problem with a build like this is the amount of damage it does compared to a destroyer. Most sword masters find it way more convenient to use a 1H weapon and shield as their secondary style because using a shield has benefits like block (Especially block), and physical defense. While it may be fun, 2H SM has much less potential than a destoyer/dual SM has, and ultimately defeats the purpose of going SM.
  6. Updated: Added two examples of "Silence-Trapping" during a war.
  7. Please do not spam/double-post. We will see your replies and answer accordingly. Furthermore, if you have anything else to say, simply edit it into your post. If you need further assistance, send me a PM, I am willing to assist you further.
  8. Yes the game is still quite active, there's plenty of active players and room for plenty more.
  9. This error also may pop up due to your Anti-Aliasing settings. If your Anti-Aliasing is set to 2, 4 or 8 set it down to 0, then try to run the game. It should work.
  10. Ranking up..

  11. Ah I see. I didn't think of the boss hunting thing as I haven't really heard of people using silence to farm bosses and keep them from attacking. This post strictly had in mind the effect it has on war and shutting down mages.
  12. After multiple discussions with players in-game, I've decided to make a small suggestion regarding the time in which Rune Silence's effect lasts. The problem with this skill isn't so much the effect itself, it's the duration of the effect compared to the cooldown. Ordinarily, level 1 Rune Silence has a duration of 30 seconds, and a cool down of 8.2 seconds, and max level Rune Silence lasts for an entire 58 seconds while having a cooldown of only 8.2 seconds. This allows Rune Master's in-game to effectively follow a specific mage around the entire map during a war simply spamming him with silence and keeping him entirely out of the war. This literally allows for an entire class to be rendered useless, and considering the amount of rune masters and how easy it is to simply get one with high movement speed and have them lock a single target, you can completely shut out mages from a battle. Some will say to simply kill the Rune Master, but the issue with this is that they can simply use Holy Barrier to become invulnerable and hawk you down with no chance of evading this skill. What I was going to suggest is two methods of possibly countering this: Shorten the duration of the silence effect (8s-15s) on the target, and give the skill a higher cool down (50s-2m) OR Cause the effect of silence to wear off after taking damage, similar to how sleep works (That way if a target is attacked during this process, the effect will disappear and allow the target to fight back against his attackers, and also cause his opponents to think twice about attacking a silenced target, instead of using silence as a way to victimize and trap mages for easy killing.) I am aware that this skill has a minimal effect on Fighters and Rogues through disabling their ability to buff or use skills such as Rune Impact or Spirit Sword, however, this is nothing compared to the cancellation of all of your skills for an entire minute (with the exception of Necromancer's skill, The Spear.) Video Examples:
  13. As far as I know, this all depends on your base magical attack or the amount of INT you already have. However the common thought is that 1 m.a = 1.5 int for humans and 1.8 for elves. So based on that, for Humans that would be 23.95 INT. For Elves it would be 27.04
  14. Guild topic updated: Guild Level is now 8. New VPs added. New war enemies listed.