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  1. Life is Cozy. 😎

  2. 13 hour work day.... I submit, you win. 

  3. Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018. :29:

  4. Love yourself, or nobody will. 

  5. It has begun, The Sniffles are upon us. :31:

  6. If you're wondering where I've been, I've been getting my life together. 

  7. Lucky number 7 

  8. Time spent on self-improvement is time well spent. 

  9. The only real revolution happens right inside of you. 💕

  10. So that's how it feels, huh?

  11. I been living without limits.

  12. I want kolaches :37:


  13. Oh, na na, look what you done started.

  14. new phone, who dis?

  15. You never know, it could happen to you.

  16. The good ones go, the good ones go.