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  1. If you're wondering where I've been, I've been getting my life together. 

  2. "Good leaders can make good decisions, but a great leader takes his companion's opinions before he makes his move." -Jonah (Leader/Founder) NEW!: Discord Server added, PM for an invite! We have active support and bots with a few utilities. Minecraft Realm for those who wish to play! Base: Alker Harbor 1 Member Slots: Available Top Member: Dices Current Level: 8 Introduction Upon making Equality, I had one goal in mind: Connect the old generation of players with the new generation and provide a growing place for those looking to improve. Let's make each other stronger! That being said, any level is welcome as well as any nationality/race. Just bring your A-game! With this being said, I'd like to introduce the features of Equality with a strong introduction. So without further ado, welcome to the mighty Skyforge. Features: Random Events Scheduled Events Fixed Wars Open Wars Active Leaders VP Support Strong guidance Fun conversations Accepting environments And much more! Current Union Skyforge Members Equality xXSaCReDXx Current War Enemies: CaemFamz MyTrueFriend Rules (PLEASE READ!!!!) I know, I know, rules suck, but they're here for a reason. 1. Do not start drama with other members of our guild, we are a family. 2. At no point are you to make racist comments, even if it is to an enemy. Our goal is to destroy our opponents without using those cheap dirty tactics that others use. 3. Obey server rules at all times. We can't afford to have members getting banned for illegal activity. 4. Show up to wars when online and available. 5. No kicking members without consulting me or Jacob. Ranking Guild Master Jonah Vice Presidents Jacob TheMackden SBrown Dices Minnion Vados If you prove yourself through your activity both in-game and in relation to guild members, you can become a VP too! Conclusion To close this topic, I'd like to wish you all good luck! Hopefully we cross paths in-game or even in-guild. Forge on, Skyforge!
  3. Yes we have slots available, we are in war though so be ready!
  4. Head Accessory: Jack'O Lantern/Pumpkin (similar to how a slime sits on your head, but instead a pumpkin.) Black Widow Spider (same as above, but instead a spider) Ghost Lizard (Pale white model of the lizard head accessory) Red Halo (Red version of the in-game halos) Bat (A bat that would simply float above your head) Face: Anonymous Mask (from the famed hacking group, anonymous, it just has a ominous spooky feel to it.) A Bat that covers your characters eyes (simply a bat that would lay over the character models face, spread out with the wings covering the eyes.) Back: Black/White Bat wings Fallen Angel Wings (Black versions of the already implemented Angel Wings.) Giant Lollipop (Similar to the Lollipop that is in-game, except as a back accessory.)
  5. 1. If you don't want to use a rogue for farming, the best classes to use would be a Cardinal or a Magnus, although any class can be used to farm. 2. Voting was removed to prevent people from multi-voting and exploiting the GP system. 3. People do sell Gems in game (the Item Mall currency). Do note that the prices do vary, some people sell them for 70m/gem and some for 85m/gem. 4. This game has a few people who like to scam and set HQ gem prices incorrectly, as if they were HC gems, if you do come across this, take a screenshot and report it. Also, if someone asks you to give them an item before they give you all the gold you're selling it for, it is most likely a scam. Be careful with your items. 5. Solo leveling is possible, you have to get a set of equips for it however, especially at level 125+, the monsters in Sahel and the future maps hit very hard. 6. Paladin: It's a class with very high survivability to the point in which it's the second most popular class in the game. It has the highest achievable block rate and can still dish out damage. SM Elf: Not recommended as Humans have much more damage and are more capable of taking down defensive opponents Magnus: The most popular class in this game, it has a skill that can protect the party for 3 seconds and has a 7 second cooldown (although this is subject to change.) It can achieve the highest physical defense/HP stat in the game and is the most versatile class. TM: Has a skill that makes it perfect for 1v1 situations, however the class has a lower dual wielding passive than the Blade Taker. It has very high critical damage and movement speed, it is mostly used as a hit and run class.
  6. After multiple discussions with players in-game, I've decided to make a small suggestion regarding the time in which Rune Silence's effect lasts. The problem with this skill isn't so much the effect itself, it's the duration of the effect compared to the cooldown. Ordinarily, level 1 Rune Silence has a duration of 30 seconds, and a cool down of 8.2 seconds, and max level Rune Silence lasts for an entire 58 seconds while having a cooldown of only 8.2 seconds. This allows Rune Master's in-game to effectively follow a specific mage around the entire map during a war simply spamming him with silence and keeping him entirely out of the war. This literally allows for an entire class to be rendered useless, and considering the amount of rune masters and how easy it is to simply get one with high movement speed and have them lock a single target, you can completely shut out mages from a battle. Some will say to simply kill the Rune Master, but the issue with this is that they can simply use Holy Barrier to become invulnerable and hawk you down with no chance of evading this skill. What I was going to suggest is two methods of possibly countering this: Shorten the duration of the silence effect (8s-15s) on the target, and give the skill a higher cool down (50s-2m) OR Cause the effect of silence to wear off after taking damage, similar to how sleep works (That way if a target is attacked during this process, the effect will disappear and allow the target to fight back against his attackers, and also cause his opponents to think twice about attacking a silenced target, instead of using silence as a way to victimize and trap mages for easy killing.) I am aware that this skill has a minimal effect on Fighters and Rogues through disabling their ability to buff or use skills such as Rune Impact or Spirit Sword, however, this is nothing compared to the cancellation of all of your skills for an entire minute (with the exception of Necromancer's skill, The Spear.) Video Examples:
  7. Silence’s success rate is 80% across the board. I personally believe having anything above 60% for a skill that completely cancels someone’s ability to function for so long is crazy, but we’ll see what changes are made, if any.
  8. No, don't take a higher level of it. It does base on your magical attack but you're better off using MP pots as well.
  9. Ever wondered where people are getting Level 8 Bless Vital from? What class has the highest m. crit rate? What Mage has the highest HP passive? Look no further, I give you: Soul Arbiter Probably one of the most versatile, and useful classes in mage second only to Cardinal, Soul Arbiter has the highest M. Critical and HP total of all the mages. A late bloomer, SA requires a high level to be very effective. Patience is key. Path Wizard>Sorcerer>Bishop>Soul Arbiter Job Passives (When Fixed): 10% Cast Speed, 6% M.A. Race: Human or Elf Stat: Vit or Vit Mix Int (Your primary stat should be vit if you want to maximize your survivability, however if you wish to level faster, put stats into INT and change to vit when you feel like it's time to PvP.) I also recommend getting as much MS as you can without ruining your pdef or m.a. completely. Movement Speed is probably one of the most important things in war as it helps with escape and sometimes even casting skills. Q. Why don't you choose human? A. I prefer Elf, because of the buff "Nature's Shield" and the extra INT base stat. (75) Q. Will I have high M.A. if I do go VIT stat? A. Yes, this class has the highest critical rate and damage of all mages and has good passives to go along with it Q. Is this class good for all vit equips? A. No, this path does not have very many DoT skills, so if you do use pure vitality equips, you will not have very much damage. Skills Mage: 1-20 Max Wind Strike Max Intelligence Max Nature Shield Max Robe Expertise (You'll need it for leveling if you will solo to 106.) Wizard: 21-40 Max Wind Strike Max Intelligence Max Wizardry Max Robe Expertise Max Nature Shield Max Spell Craft Sorcerer: 41 - 75 Max Lightning Stun Max Blizzard Max Fire Blast Max Intelligence Max Wizardry Max Robe Expertise Max Spell Craft Bishop: 76 - 106 Max Turn Undead Max Robe Expertise Max Enhanced HP Max Shrewd Spell Max Shield Max Bless Wind Max Wisdom Max Bless Mind Max Bless Heart Max Mind Barrier Level 1 Fast Heal Max Spell Barrier Soul Arbiter: 106-134 (Leveling Build) (Re-Skill here, but make sure it's at 106, because you can get Holy Earthquake at that level.) Max Holy Justice Max Holy Earthquake Max Fire Blast Max Blizzard Max Twinkle Magic Max Fortunate Magic Max Enhanced HP Max Light Armor Expertise Max Witchcraft Max Spell Craft Max Intelligence Max Shield Max Shrewd Spell Max Armor Link Max Bless Vital Max Bless Wind Max Wizardry Max Nature's Shield Equips +7/12/13 Kynee [p] 20+ vit or Int/Mix +7/12/13 Cloud Sailor's Armor [c] 29-30 vit [p] 20+ int/vit +7/12/13 G. Glove [c] 23-24 int or vit [p] 20+ int/vit +7/12/13 Cloud Sailor's Booties [c] 29-30 vit [p] 20+ int/vit +7/12/13 Medusa [p] 20+ int +/7/12/13 Aias Will of Hercules or Hathor [p] 25+ int mix vit Phantasmal Ring or Hathor HC 48+ MS or 19.5+ M.A. Flickering Earring or Gemini HC 19.5+ m.a Flickering Earring or Castor HC 19.5+ m.a Farouk's Crystal Ball HC 19.0+ m.a DS Spell or Belt of Wisdom HC 19.5+ m.a or 48+ ms Costumes (Could be the most expensive part) Bache m.a or VIP Hat Wizard's Robe, BWS Pdef 10% or 15% costume Shinigami Glove or Munchkin Glove (5% cast speed) Panda Boots or VIP Boots (If you wear Bache M.A.) Green Lizard or Healthy Worm L. Cape or Hellen Cloak (4-5% m.a) Soul Arbiter (Final Build) (3 Options) Keep in mind a lot of these builds will require 140++, as SA is an SP eater just like Paladin. Also, every build will feature Holy Justice and Holy Earthquake because: Holy Justice: 1082 Base Damage at Max Level, casting time while unbuffed: 0.8s, with buffs, nearly half a second if not less. Holy Earthquake: 95% Stun Chance at level 10, stuns for 3.3s and does 700++ base damage. Holy Spike: Lowers Attack Speed, will cause your target to use 1 skill per your 4 or 5. (You can use your full combo with this) (Trust me, fighters will be very annoyed by this skill) Level 25 Reduction: -81%. Movement Speed: No matter what build you choose, it's important that you have movement speed. Again I cannot stress this enough. Get as many movement speed nostrums as you possibly can and just have at it. It makes a big difference when fighting those pesky fighters with Sonic Boom and Dual Sonic Blast. You'll thank me later. Build 1: Rune Locker (This build focuses mainly on stuns/sleeping/crowd control) Max Holy Justice Max Holy Earthquake Max Holy Spike Max Tranquility (AOE Sleep, Max level sleeps for 30s) Max Angelic Breath Max Soul Spear Max Twinkle Magic Max Fortunate Magic Max Enhanced HP Max Light Armor Expertise Max Witchcraft Max Spell Craft Max Intelligence Max Orpheus' Poem Max Shield Max Shrewd Spell Max Armor Link Max Bless Vital Max Bless Wind Max Wizardry Max Nature's Shield Level 11 Fast Heal Level 16 Great Heal Level 1 Bloodstream Max Holy Barrier Max Beholder After this, whatever you want to do with the remaining SP is up to you, however you won't have very much leftover. Build 2: The Versatile Warrior Max Holy Justice Max Holy Earthquake Max Lightning Stun Max Holy Spike Max Angelic Breath Max Tranquility Max Twinkle Magic Max Fortunate Magic Max Enhanced HP Max Light Armor Expertise Max Witchcraft Max Spell Craft Max Intelligence Max Orpheus' Poem Max Shield Max Shrewd Spell Max Armor Link Max Bless Vital Max Bless Wind Max Wizardry Max Nature's Shield Max Nature's Mind Level 16 Fast Heal (For Spam Heal, comes in handy) Max Holy Barrier Max Beholder Level 1 Bloodstream (If you don't use MP Pots) Max Intensive Mana Build 3: The Battlemage Max Holy Justice Max Holy Earthquake Level 20 Holy Uppercut Level 20 Holy Swing Level 20 Holy Spike Max Angelic Breath Max Twinkle Magic Max Fortunate Magic Max Enhanced HP Max Light Armor Expertise Max Witchcraft Max Spell Craft Max Intelligence Max Orpheus' Poem Max Shield Max Shrewd Spell Max Armor Link Max Bless Vital Max Bless Wind Max Wizardry Max Nature's Shield Level 11 Fast Heal Max Beholder Leveling Spots Gate of Alker 1-20 Moon Blind Forest 21-40 The Way to Howling Ravine 41-55 Howling Ravine 55-63 Howling Caves 1/2F 64-83 (can go to Valley of Fairy around 78) The Valley of Fairy 78-90 Ghost Tree Swamp/Great Garden 91-100 Nera Harbor 100-105 Great Garden 105-115 The Graveyard of Nera Knights 115-130 and you can DD the rest of the way~ *Remember you can DD at any time if you feel uncomfortable with leveling Thank you for following my guide! And leave plenty of feedback~
  10. null and void

  11. You'll want to get mostly DEX if you're using a Destroyer, if you get your equips done right 350 strike should be easy for you to manage, most people don't have anything above 400 evasion, though there are a few who do.
  12. Your best bet for a Destroyer build is to get a mix of DEX and STR on your equips. Philos, reinforcements and all, and it's also nice to incorporate a little vit into the mix, and you always want to have a movement speed reinforcement on your boot. Many of the destroyers in game with balanced builds use lots of DEX mix STR philos.
  13. Well the problem with a build like this is the amount of damage it does compared to a destroyer. Most sword masters find it way more convenient to use a 1H weapon and shield as their secondary style because using a shield has benefits like block (Especially block), and physical defense. While it may be fun, 2H SM has much less potential than a destoyer/dual SM has, and ultimately defeats the purpose of going SM.
  14. Updated: Added two examples of "Silence-Trapping" during a war.
  15. Please do not spam/double-post. We will see your replies and answer accordingly. Furthermore, if you have anything else to say, simply edit it into your post. If you need further assistance, send me a PM, I am willing to assist you further.
  16. Yes the game is still quite active, there's plenty of active players and room for plenty more.
  17. This error also may pop up due to your Anti-Aliasing settings. If your Anti-Aliasing is set to 2, 4 or 8 set it down to 0, then try to run the game. It should work.
  18. Ranking up..

  19. Ah I see. I didn't think of the boss hunting thing as I haven't really heard of people using silence to farm bosses and keep them from attacking. This post strictly had in mind the effect it has on war and shutting down mages.
  20. As far as I know, this all depends on your base magical attack or the amount of INT you already have. However the common thought is that 1 m.a = 1.5 int for humans and 1.8 for elves. So based on that, for Humans that would be 23.95 INT. For Elves it would be 27.04
  21. Guild topic updated: Guild Level is now 8. New VPs added. New war enemies listed.
  22. Buying V. Neck 18+ evasion V. Glove 18+ evasion 135 L. Armor [p] 18+ evasion mix strike 135 L. Shoe [p] 18+ evasion mix strike Note @ Goku or inbox me here~
  23. Nice guide. This is the same path as my old Crusader. Good work!
  24. I'm afraid since you don't have your account ID, we can't check your account. You will have to submit a ticket via Please note: Do not post questions asking about tickets on the forums. These posts will be overlooked and taken down, your tickets will be looked at in due time.