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  1. We'll really miss you sis :(

  2. NoMercy

    mmmmmm silent as usual
  3. NoMercy

    hmm..for now i just ask amin to manage it 1st...and kriss... u shud take care of it too Akuzo do not just reading!!!
  4. NoMercy

    yea maybe sumday :)
  5. NoMercy

    yea..i wish all our friend wont forgot this guild and i wish they all still in CL
  6. NoMercy

    i wish too D:
  7. NoMercy

    i wish too D:
  8. NoMercy

    yea it is no one can denial that truth all my friend are legend NoMercy Rulez!
  9. NoMercy

    sorry guys...i cant bring NM back on the line im soo sorry...i have a reason why i cant revive it...n i will keep remember all the sweet memory with u all all the best is NoMercy
  10. CelestiaLuna RecordBook

    godlike imba strike o:!!
  11. CelestiaLuna RecordBook

    imba destro enzeer :o