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  1. Woah you're still stalking these forums? suprising~ rememb me? 

    1. Kyashii


      Hahaha omg yesss of course I remember you :D I only come on occasionally to check messages. Are you back? 

    2. Eduvizm


      Pretty much same for me! just now and then coming back for messages, thought i was the only one :'D but yeah not really back, i wish i had motivation to play some mmorpg and make tons of online friends again, good times! 

  2. ~~ If any old luna friends come across here you can find me from discord : Eduvizm#9756

  3. Spammer's Official Thread

  4. Everything you see from this profile is cringy af, you have been warned.

  5. Spammer's Official Thread

    NYAAAR How are pppl doooing heere?
  6. Spammer's Official Thread

  7. Spammer's Official Thread

    i want sammiches :c
  8. is pretty much dead nowadays

  9. is pretty much dead nowadays

  10. everyone uses it nowadays

  11. should get skype maybe

  12. and i never love u