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  1. (Late) Congrats on finally becoming a mod.

  2. KPOP!? :o

    Sorry for my language, I could not contain my envy. :51: Looks like you had a blast, though. :49:
  3. Show Yourself!

    You look like you have a moustach- *banned* Girl-on-girl and a bunny costume. Kinky. But really, you're so adorable.
  4. KPOP!? :o

    The amount of jelly I possess cannot be contained other than the power of a peanut butter sandwich. In other words, I'm jelly.
  5. Dogs

    You can go ahead and lock this since it doesn't seem plausible. I was mainly joking anyway. (ノ´∀`*)
  6. Hello.

    Best of luck to you in finding one.
  7. KPOP!? :o

    What. The. Fuck.
  8. Hello.

    Good guy, Gre- er, Ryan. Anywho, it's always interesting to see new people from such unique backgrounds join this server. Welcome aboard, Meglee.
  9. Imagine...

    No, I'd die of thirst first. If I manage to make it past that, I'd die of obesity. If I'm somehow still alive, I'd die of cuteness, which is not a bad way to go.
  10. Meet Gunner

    Reminds me of my aunt and uncle's dogs. I think both of those puppies are adorbs, 'kay.
  11. Hola Hola

    Hola, yo no hablo espanol. No comprendo. Si, si.
  12. Attract Circle

    :35: :35: :30: :52: :30: :52: :52: :42: :50: :50: :waaat_con: :qq_con: :qq_con: :rawr_con: :sidelook_con:
  13. Post Your In-Game Characters!

    Why you leave me to party alone, Eon? </3
  14. Dogs

    I would like to suggest the ability to interact with the dogs in Alker Harbor so that we may use Attract (Circle) on them and have them follow us around. Tinnia needs to be taken on a walk.