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  1. Ask why you are banned here!

    Help i cant log on to my main account i tried to change my password but when i click the email confirmation it says server error dont know what to do ign: MissyMae
  2. Link Confirmation Reset Password cant be opened

    im having the same issue please help my account is scottyskilz
  3. Ask why you are banned here!

    please check ID : iPWNnoobs
  4. Donating Issue

    Everytime I donate it holds the pp....why??? I use the same 2 cards like 4 times each. But yet it still holds the pp yet it says within minutes to get pp when donating and using paypal paywall. They are both debit cards and are in my name. WHY HOLD EVERYTIME?!?!?! Thanks
  5. What Skills to Take TM Fresh Reskill Used

    thx every1 will test it out
  6. Fully Dex TM need help choosing Skills Level:105 Weapon: +12 AK (eva [p]) Armor: +12 G.Set || +12 Aias Everything else is average (rings\earring and neck) Need to know what skills to take or you recommend to solo in NH and later.... thanks
  7. Cant log in

    it just says fatal error and yes im logged in on website
  8. Cant log in

    My son cant log onto his char IGN:o0BullSyee0o keeps saying server is offline but all other char is ok to log into game Also says location is Date Dungeon 1 please fix gm thanks
  9. Cant make account

    never mind all i had to do is use compatiblity view to get it 2 work...... thanks every1 for any help SEE YOU IN GAME
  10. Cant make account

    LOL obviously i made a forum account as i am on here trying to get help!! i can not make an in game acount ive tried like 10 straight times....all it does is take me back 2 the website register page with my info still in the register info boxes (except password of course) and yes i used more the 4 and less then 12 characters for my password and id. i am using IE9 on windows 7 32-bit thanks for help
  11. Cant make account

    i looked in my email and nothing not in inbox or spam
  12. Cant make account

    Hi, i can make a forum account but not one on main website.....please help i go to register on main webpage enter a user name: scottyskilz password: xxxx confirm pw: xxxx email: [email protected] sex: male is selected box thingie: entered click register and nothing thx email is [email protected]