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  1. up
  2. B>Holy Crusader Great Sword / Holy Crusader Sword / Holy Crusader Dagger HB set high strike Heavy Armor & Boots 50str(C)25+strike(P) Hator 20str mix 10dex mix strike
  3. hi bro, i got 2 cb neck

    [p]Str22 Vit10 = 12b

    [p]Str29.8 = 15b

  4. +1 nice guide pingas
  5. present
  6. tnx a lot sir
  7. can anyone here answer me pls...what is the MAX craft for lvl 110 weapons????tnx in advance
  8. same here
  9. can anyone hep me here how make my own signature..i mean how to post a jpeg file to make a signature.. i appreciate your comments tnx in advance
  10. what lvl can i max all the skills??