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  1. New Year's Eve Giveaway

    happy new year to all celestian and staff :D
  2. Server down? Look here

    what happen?server delay n mass DC 4 times got dc n still delay
  3. Server down? Look here

    it is up
  4. Banned

    u got banned for 2 weeks?then just wait till the banned timer far i know this kind of case will result u get banned for 5 days cmiiw n u did that more than 1 time. dont do that again as orange already give u warning will banned all ur accounts if u do that again. it is hurt to get banned?what about those ppl u were scammed? Think!!
  5. ban time

    5 days for KS if im not mistaken
  6. Banned ID

    GM can banned anytime either u r online or offline.depends on type of case u get banned if u r RMT,scamming,hacking,anti celestia u will be banned permanently but if u just KS,spot claiming,non english shout u will banned temporary
  7. Giveaway event by Maureen Sangga

    can we use nostrom, candy, etc?
  8. Vote tolong gan

    as puffy said Orange already give an ok for that as long as u dont vote more than 1 account at the same time. i didnt answer that question without knowing the rule.i know someone already make a question about that, im just lazy to search that topic n thx to puffy i found it.
  9. Vote tolong gan

    baca deh aturannya 1 pc cuman bisa 1 id vote..kecuali saya ambil contoh lu jam 12 siang vote id A nah tar jam 12 malem kan reset lu vote id B itu baru bisa.klo lu jam 12 siang vote id A trus pake proxy biar ganti ip trus vote id B itu namanya multivote dan bakalan di banned permanen.
  10. Vote tolong gan

    itu artinya multivote bang bisa di banned perma.. 1 pc 1x vote
  11. the Ultimate guide for newbie (who have no golds, no friend, no help)

    its worth to go dd, do it with random ppl just hope ur partner is strong so when DD lvl 61++ wont be too hard, as u will get candy pocket n mean pocket from DD that can be sold for decent prize..yesterday i was vending 10 slot candy pocket afk a while n ta daa all candy pocket sold i got 1.3b 1 slot i sell for 130m.n if u lucky enough when opening mean pocket u will get familiar candy(10% xp,can stack with 10% xp from fishing)worth 250-300m,lucky hunter 20%(increase drop rate) worth 300-400m,and xp 30% worth 400-450m.mean pocket also worth 20m-40m each. Nah i thought candy drop from DD is permanen update sorry
  12. Meta~

    no.palad is the only fighter lvl 105 job that i know have lvl 20 all weapon training.magnus from knight got lvl 20 sword,15 axe n mace,magnus from phalank got lvl 15 sword,10 axe n mace,SM elf from RK its like magnus from knight however SM human from gladi got 20 all weapon.sorry dunno about panzer but i bet panzer is mean to be a musket user so its weapon training same with magnus,sm elf,or sm human,same with crusader as mean to be a magic fighter.CMIIW
  13. Meta~

    elf paladin..paladin have potential to be a good hitter as well as good tanking use axe as weapon it will rocks. Paladin is in the second place if we talk about weapon training(sword,axe,mace lvl 20), the first place is destro(lvl 25) means paladin is born to be a good hitter,combine with its def skill it will become a tank lvl 124 paladin have 7.5k p.a def 6.1 n hp 19k(enchant hp lvl 1 lol).max all aoe skill until lvl 125 for faster lvling.n reskill if u reach lvl 125.
  14. Disconnection Problems

    hmm im encounter same problem but only on char selection..when on char selection if im afk like 1-2 minuntes it will DC
  15. Guild War feature

    yes of course if u surrender mean u r losing n other guild win..if war ended(1 guild send 'end the war' n other guild accepted) that count as tie.