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  1. [Rant] Yuk Curhat Disini :D

    gw ga begitu ngerti sih server luna..cuma pernah utak atik dikit doang..tapi bisa dipelajarin.. kalo server seal ga usa ditanya dah :D
  2. [Rant] Yuk Curhat Disini :D

    gw vote kok ga dapet GP ya :unsure: mau?? gw bisa pelajarin server luna kalo minat bikin PS..asal niat aja..
  3. Show Yourself!

    high school face :) college face :lol:
  4. To GM

    coz its happened before right??
  5. GM Akcent or Gary...

    say goodbye to your account..
  6. of course..BT is a pure path from assassin..
  7. Why perma banned?

    Scamming Scamming is misleading other players for any purpose. Trading in Fake or "Hacked" items (Blessed Pukerian Scroll, Rough Diamond, Rein Hacked items, etc) counts as scamming. Permanent Ban in every case. Note: If you find or accidentally buy a Rein-Hacked item, please report it immediately to a GM.
  8. What Are Your Top 3 Animes

    K-On Maid Sama Black Butler thats my top 3
  9. did i break the rule????

    hahaha.. ;)
  10. did i break the rule????

    not BAND dude..but BANN..
  11. its ok if you want assassin..but you better pick archer than thief.. Rouge --> Ruffian --> Archer --> Assassin --> BladeTaker
  12. DESTROYER guide

    yes yes i know..what you mean is you using/folowing that guide in your character.. but why when you remake that guide in here u didnt put the credit??
  13. What do to make money when get high lvl with entraper?

    until 115 u still can farm in NH..
  14. Ban KSer's without needing a Warning.

    what if not in purpose