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  1. Forgotten Credentials

    Hi, I would like some help in retrieving my passwords for my main accounts and dummy accounts if possible. What do I need to do if I forgot the username as well? I would appreciate talking to a moderator or gm. Thank you
  2. I Lost My 2Pcs +12Ak

    Like I said they are located inside my storage. How will that be destroyed? They are spares for my BT it makes no sense for me to bring them along 3pcs +!2 ak.
  3. I Lost My 2Pcs +12Ak

    Can a gm help me? I'd like an explanation where my 2pcs +12ak (+12.something eva +5strike; +16strike) It is located in my storage of my account username: fishsell at the 2 bottom right most part, slot 30-31-32 if you may. I'd like an explanation please. I spent 4b on those Aks and got them as dirty and rephiloed them myself. You may check my account for traces of the trade for the 2pcs AK. I'd like to request an immediate response to this since there would be no reason for them to be missing, Thank you.
  4. Vocational Passives

    I see thank you. Then the best I'd get from my chosen path is the increase in HP lol :D Thank you again.
  5. Vocational Passives

    Does it apply here? Even if it is not visible from from the skills tab? Cause Im planning to make vit mage and best vocation I can see is +30vit from full path of support then going necro XD
  6. Question lng mga Idol.. pa help please...

    ugh. ang gulo gulo gulo... eto nalang. Ang 12AM reset with Re-login at 3am no re-login. Magkaibang count? Hindi ung procedure ng pagrereset ang tanong ko. Ang tanong ko kung saan ung Cutoff ng oras sa isang araw para mag 2 counts ang reset. So, 12am at 3am nga ba?
  7. Question lng mga Idol.. pa help please...

    So iba nga ang reset ng 12AM sa 3AM? Kea nagiging dalawa ang reset per day. Yon ba ang sinasabi mo?
  8. Question lng mga Idol.. pa help please...

    12am at 3am ang reset ng dd? yon ang sinasabi mo? dahil ang dating ng sinabi mo pag 12am kelangan mo mag relog. pero pag nag 3am hindi mo na need mag relog magrereset paren. Paki linaw ng paliwanag
  9. Question lng mga Idol.. pa help please...

    so sinasabi mo na once nga lang narereset ang dd per day? dahil once lang naman nag oocur sa isang araw ang 12am ng server time eh. paki klaro nga. Kase maraming player na nag nakakapag DD ng twice per day. ^^ If so, ano ang arguement mo sa sinabi mo at inexplain mo pa ang reset ng dd^^
  10. Question lng mga Idol.. pa help please...

    And no. to correct that. 12am nila = 12pm naten sa +8gmt.
  11. Question lng mga Idol.. pa help please...

    Pag ayaw edi ayaw :D pag meron edi swerte... once lang naman kase talaga ang reset dapat per day. :D wag mo masyadong dibdibin
  12. Question lng mga Idol.. pa help please...

    minsan talaga may mga araw na hindi narereset kada 12hours. medyo tyempuhan lang den kase
  13. Question lng mga Idol.. pa help please...

    4 am :D di nasusunod yung website time actually :D basta umikot ng 12hours reset na yon ate :D post mo ign mo para sa loob nalng usap :D pm me IGN: ChibiTitan
  14. Question lng mga Idol.. pa help please...

    dalawa every 12 hours
  15. Bagong tanong po. +12Kynee +21str +35 dex

    Ayoko magtanong ingame eh.... maraming opurtunista... alam mo na ^^ atleast dito di nila alam kung sino ako at anong gamit kong acount :D