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  1. Sky's Arc Ranger Guide :)

    yes sir it works just fine .
  2. Sky's Arc Ranger Guide :)

    agree job passive doesent work here. >.<
  3. Sky's Arc Ranger Guide :)

    hmm well i prefer 115 boots and and armor but i use G.armor and cause it has a high philo on it :) its optional hihi ..
  4. Sky's Arc Ranger Guide :)

    and yea i VIP gloves for end game item :)
  5. Sky's Arc Ranger Guide :)

    I prefer str cause if you go dex all of your attack to a shield user will be blocked ...
  6. Sky's Arc Ranger Guide :)

    hmmm it doesent have a non miss skill :(
  7. Sky's Arc Ranger Guide :)

    hmm well pirate gloves is too OP and bache patk doesent add much cause AR doesent have much patk
  8. Sky's Arc Ranger Guide :)

    haha just trying to help ppl ...
  9. Sky's Arc Ranger Guide :)

    Updated yay ...
  10. Sky's Arc Ranger Guide :)

    hmm oke fine ill edit it thank you btw :3
  11. Sky's Arc Ranger Guide :)

    im giving free 1m to all newbie :) jk ...
  12. Sky's Arc Ranger Guide :)

    SkyRazor's Arch Ranger (Wonderrer) guide Introduction: First of all I would like to thank my friend's for convincing me to make this guide , And I hope this guide will be usefull for you guys :) .... This guide is only for ELF class ... What path and stat's should I take? rogue - Ruffian - Scout - Rune Walker - Arch ranger (wonderrer) I prefer str for your stats (adds patk) but if you like go dex for (crit chance/ Crit damage / Eva / Strike) Why Rune Walker Instead of TH / assasin or ranger? Because Rune Walker have whispering wind / whipering fire / whispering stream which really help you gain more crit and crit damage Well if you take Assasin you will have a buff called predator it adds crit damage but takes your pdef and it has a long cooldown and it requires to use dagger before you use that skill . Ranger ? ranger is just like wonderrer if you take ranger in your lvl 75 job your like reapeating your skills and thats no fun .. Why not Treasure hunter ? why would you throw a bomb if you want to be a archer or something ? better chose dagger type rouge if you like bombs ... Which skill should I learn ? lvl (1-19) rogue Power Shot (lvl 1 or more , this will be your attack skill ) Zephyr (max) Blindside (max) Deathsign (max) Bow training (max) you can max all of this at lvl 15 :) lvl (21-40) Voyager Power Shot (optional) Zephyr (max) Blindside (max) Deathsign (max) Detect Hole (max) Long Shot (optional) Light Evasion (optional) Light Armor Expertise (optional) Bow training (max) you can max all of this at lvl 30 :) lvl (41-74) Scout Double Shot {lvl 10+ power shot} (optional) Zephyr (max) Blindside (max) Deathsign (max) Detect Hole (max) Long Shot (max) Light Evasion (max) Light Armor Expertise (optional) Piercing Arrow (optional) Ice Rain (optional) Fatal touch (max) Bow training (max) Piercing arrow is your AOE(area of effect) u can max all of this at lvl 65 lvl (75-104) Rune Walker Tip:This is a hardest I Suggest you go DD everyday and invite your friend or maybe a guild mate to hunt cause Rune Walker is hard to level up Speically when your a newbie :) ... Double Shot {lvl 10+ power shot} (optional) Fire arrow (max) Ice Rain (optional) Piercing Arrow (optional) Zephyr (max) Deathsign (max) Detect Hole (max) Long Shot (optional) Light Evasion (optional) Light Armor Expertise (optional) Bow training (max) Fatal touch (max) Whispering Wind (max) Whispering Fire (max) Whispering stream (max) Side Step (optional) Blindside (max) You can learn all of these at lvl 90 :) Finally lvl 105+ Arch ranger / Wonderrer You Need to reskill when you reach lvl 105 to avoid waste of SP :) Here are the skill you should learn after reskilling ... Attack skills : Fire arrow (max) (there are two fire arrows in your skill learn the red one :3 ) Magic Arrow (max) Smoldering Shot(max) Buffs : Zephyr (max) Detect Hole (max) Fatal touch (max) Side Step (max) Fast realod (max) Elastic Bow (max) Whispering stream (max) Whispering Fire (max) Whispering Wind (max) Passives : Bow training (max) Light Evasion (max) Long Shot (max) Deathsign (max) Blindside (max) Light Armor Expertise (optional) You can learn all of these skill at lvl 113 :) Tip: In order to lvl up this char u need eva equips Hathor/gemini/vestige/G.set etc ... you can lure mobs at NH if your eva reach 270 Including wookis For your weapon I recommend craft a lvl 105 bow because E.bow takes 11eva Recommended item's Hathor 13+evasion or 17+strike 2pcs gemini 8+ evasion 2pcs vestige set 13+evasion each part 13+evasion or 17+strike G.armor 13+evasion or 17+strike Kynee 13+evasion or 17+strike DS weapon / DS log 15+ patk If you are rich try to buy higher eva or higher strike items :) Costumes: You can use BWL / Panda boots / Shini gloves / Pirate hat / Pirate eye / and Crit slime / or if you are a newbie better use pajamas because pajama's are cute :3 (no homo) For capes I Prefer KOD with str or crit chance ... If you have questions or i have mistakes just post it here :) Ok that would be all thank you for reading and Enjoy :) more power guys ....
  13. Luna Meme submission thread

    IGN : SkyRazor Artwork :