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  1. Problem Check ID

    IRC nya gak bisa T_T... ok akan aku coba CC Angel... Makasih banyak ya bantuannya...
  2. Problem Check ID

    hmmm IRC nya kok disconnect terus ya?... apa aku salah setting? aku udah coba persis seperti yg d tread cc Fifin... tp tetep gak bisa connect... gmana cara nya bisa nanya selain lewat IRC cc Angel?...
  3. Problem Check ID

    CC angel? kalau minta GM char itu d bersih in gmana?.... bisa kembali kah walau cuma charnya aja?... soalnya d situ ada char GM guild,udah 97k point guildnya,,, 3k lg mw k lvl 4 guildnya... mohon bantuannya ya cc angel... kalau masalah ID bukan masalah buatku,tp guildnya itu GM nya 1 ID soalnya...
  4. Problem Check ID

    cc Angel tolong check ID: destro , dragonfire td pagi jam 1 masih bisa login,trus pagi ini sekitar jam 9 10... gak bisa login,keliatannya banned permanen >_<.... makasih atas bantuannya cc Angel...
  5. I think if the event is held every 1 month, although only 1 time, it would really make the players happy, although a very simple event though it would add to the spirit of the players :) .... I think CL 1 or 2 years ago has always held an event, it's very fun and uplifting to play :D ... sorry if my english bad
  6. lvl 115 armor craft

  7. [MD] Mace Destroyer

    Very Nice... but... Queston: can kill Paladin full tank? or mage full VIT? i think,if attack not critical,can't kill paladin(block)...
  8. New items?

    +1 up up
  9. Luna Meme submission thread

    Thank you very much for your attention and care you all, but there is still time to fix? not later than the 7th of March? and I also have exams at school ... I am very sorry, if I am wrong, because I have never followed the previous forum, so please guidance ...
  10. Luna Meme submission thread

  11. Luna Meme submission thread

    I am so sorry, actually I want to combine in one post, but when I post always fails when it is in one post, what do I do now? sorry i just newbie
  12. Luna Meme submission thread

    can't upload if 1 post :( ...
  13. Luna Meme submission thread

    because,i will upload in 1 post,the post can't to post "Posting Failure"... sorry i can't speak english,i just can little....
  14. Luna Meme submission thread

    IGN : LigerZeroKaiser ART WORK :13 Sorry,because i can't upload the photo 1 time,i can upload 1 by 1....
  15. Luna Meme submission thread

    IGN : LigerZeroKaiser ART WORK :12