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  1. Pinoy Attendance

    Friday December 12 , 2014 1 and only : ASI0NG
  2. Anyone Here Knows a Lot About Making Signatures?

    pagawa ka nlng sa marunong hahaha
  3. Does it need to be the OS is GENUINE!??!

    yep my OS is not genuine :D so you can still play :)

    try to go on Alker channel 5. KFC guild is a pinoy union :D
  5. PVP scoreboard

    this would be a new +1 to this
  6. Best class to go about?

    so you want a high damage and has AOE that has high damage? then go for DESTROYER :D the name of the class says it all. hahaha
  7. Blinkers

    i think the cause of this is a poor or slow connection. players with fast connection to the internet dont suffer this kind of problem
  8. Now Playing???

    psy - gentleman
  9. What was the last Anime/Manga you watched/read?

    Anime : One piece the movie Z Manga : hajime no ippo
  10. Noobie here!

    enjoy staying!
  11. bought costume not found in mall warehouse + faulty pet heal

    well to your problem about the mall warehouse, i dont know what to do about that, but i can help you in your second problem. i know why other players disconnect when you use your pet skill to them, its because you summon your pet before you encounter the other player, sometimes they dont really see the pet that already summon before meeting the summoner of the pet, thats why they got disconnect. but try it when they reconnect and re summon your pet, youll see it will be a different outcome. i hope you understand what i trying to say. sorry for bad english haha
  12. Auto sell in Inventory

    that would be decline, haha thats too much laziness
  13. Pinoy Attendance

    4/22 1. theboxc 2. Rin 3. ASI0NG
  14. GM's (20%scoll 30days)

    well some of my friends have it, they said they got it from PD :) PD means private donation
  15. Post Your In-Game Characters!

    mine is in my signature :D. sorry to lazy to make a new one haha