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  1. RIP pinoy

  2. Karma (English Union)

    idk where'd you find that, but I'm definitely new :3
  3. Karma (English Union)

    hii ! im new o:
  4. Prodigyx vs L0V3L1NX (1 vs 1)

  5. Plushy Companion Backpack Giveaway!

    IGN: TeiichiKun
  6. Para Sa Pinoy

    andyan pa ba kayo mga pinoys? hahaha
  7. Pinoy Attendance

    orayt..~ :49:
  8. saan?

    good luck sa paghahanap ng pinoy.. yung iba dyan nagtatago hahaha.
  9. Union invitation problem

    xXSaCReDXx :49:
  10. Looking for DD partner. my character is a guy btw.

    wala na yata tambay dun sa alker 5 hahaha. :51: :48: :51:
  11. What's on your mind?? ..Her x)

  12. err.. but he told me that there was a convo about you accusing him of ksing ?? plus you've said it. "all graves are full". Why didnt you try diving on other channels and start a drama on other players as well? and see whats their reaction of you doing it :)
  13. uhuh ok :) umm wheres the whole convo sir?? and he told me you ruined his day xD.
  14. Napapansin Nyo Ba ?

    ^ nyahahaha Biohazard? yong GM? c Damon ba? :49: :49: :49: