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  1. Well, masih survive di 'Real Game of Life' hehehe ... Banyak yang baru ya di Mall? Masih suka online?
  2. YES MAM!!!! Garee is here, Mam!! Miss you a lot, Ms Serafina Ayu. Apa kabar?
  3. Wooooow. Masih adaaaaaa ... cuma udah ganti kulit. Wew, berasa jadi orang tua banget nih di forum ini ,,,
  4. I'm Stuck!

    Oh? Should I? B) Games only for youngsters? hahaha ... I'm sure I mentioned that: This is part of my life that won't grow up :D :D :D
  5. Now Playing???

    For Boys: For Girls:
  6. I'm Stuck!

    I wonder why... since 2011 i played here i can't leave this server yes I played on other servers more features .. but no future on and off and on and off and character stuck at 120+ in the end too lazy to level up or following events prices sucks whole way you can imagine people suggest i should retire throwing all costumes into fire play other games sounds a bit merrier but thinking of it makes me fattier stress at work make me come back here wife's curse monthly make me come back here parents demand grandchildrens make me come back here sad part is .. nothing to do also make me come back here well damn you long gone friends for letting me played Luna and be a Celestian No more Aalsdehoc nor Fifin nor Akcent and yes .. this suck verse is coming to an end note: now you know how lame I am but it's not about you, it's me I will admit something I don't think I grow up in this part of life
  7. Most Annoying Moments of the Day

    had an argue with someone i love the most she did something 'good' in the 'wrong' time showed her my way to settle it she lost it, then start crying, then blamed me ended up thinking, why me? why me? what just the evil thing did i do?
  8. Guide Section?

    better in guides section.. But I think, you're gonna need an area skill soon ... tired of one-to-one close combat, i presume.. Just kidding and good luck chalenging yourself with a straight class mage ;)
  9. Server down? Look here

    Well, i can login at no problem at all. Are you sure it's not your net? My char DC-ed a while ago but it's ok now. Try again, will you?
  10. Hack Item?

    Lemme try: 1. Hacked Items: when you found additional stat(s) on 'not - enhanceable' items. For me, it's like this: Costumes only has green stats, so when you found other 'stats' colour, it's hacked. Weapons: has 4 colours. Green - its game origin. Light-Blue (or greyish blue .. whatever that is) is from philosopher stone (which has nothing to do with Harry Potter whatsoever) - and Purple is the result of enhancement with jewels (ruby, aquamarine, etc) - and Yellow: you got this colored additional stat when you produce an item e.g. gears .. All enhancement have rules: certain jewels for certain items, and that's the point. when you found an interesting stat on an item, don't rush in like a fool - take a breath and checked. Ask your guild mates, or Luna Veterans (which only online to hang out with their folks) .. Remember, there's no easy way than .. ;) memorize them - the rules of enhancement - all. Well ... a week of playing will do. ^_^ 2. Medusa better than Athena? Well, that depends on your playing style. Medusa is a one-handed wand level 104 which has greater power from Athena, a level 82 (correct me if I'm wrong) - i would say - a 'magical' one-handed mace. 4% versus 5% Magical attack power indeed, but it's not a simple multiplication there :). I say when you have a chance to one-hit-kill an enemy, always choose a greater power to do it - though, you'll sacrifice your HP amount there, or defense. But for those who play with poisons, DoT, - and have upper limit of patience :) - you'll think of every bit of your defense than your fire power. Once i played a defense type of Cardinal, i did this: freeze - poison - burn - legs chain - poison - stun - burn .. and so on .. I didn't use Medusa which take 700 of HP, but using Glory of Diren, which give my char 5% more Defense (Phys). So, your style that matters when using Medusa, Athena or other wand .. I'll put some pics whenever i found Them on this forum :) Edit: +12 Medusa has 240 Magical Attack Power, while +12 Athena only 215 + additional +19 INT.
  11. ding dong ding dong!!

  12. Seribu makasih ... :) buat infonya. bye for now.
  13. Attract Circle

    Well ... PK THEM!! PK THEM!! Kill them with all your might. Bring da gurl back. Stun the father, stun the mother, stun the siblings ... that's what what i play in mind. Hey Darx ... while the truth is i sit in a corner and cry a river ... poor me.
  14. Guys, Dulu (bangeeeeet) ada yang posting isi-nya Golden Carp, dan 2 benda lagi (yang di klik 2 kali itu). Sekarang ada di mana, ya? Atau ada yang tau nggak apaan isinya hasil mancing tu? Lagi berburu kostum JP/VIP nih :) . Udah punya Pirate Hat + Bajunya. Lagi nyari boot + glove-nya. Tolong infonya ya? Salam Jitak
  15. can't get you outta my head!