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  1. question bout glitched jobs

    ok thanks!
  2. question bout glitched jobs

    Does anyone know ALL the glitched jobs/classes in the game? just to see what char i want to use next MmkThx
  3. GuildWar messages

    i like this suggestion. +1
  4. Is pendulum still up?

    he's not comin back o-o; he was just making a cover for pendulum
  5. Hello people of Celestia~

    hai hai hai~!
  6. Is pendulum still up?

    i'll union with u ouo?
  7. price questions

    MkThx c:
  8. price questions

    How much are flame of hells each and +7 Ak worth? im a noob at prices soo ya..
  9. question on bt

    There are only like 3-4 skills that work for dual wield. Hunter blast, hunter smoke (or whatever) blow dagger (I'm not officially sure, kinda forgot.. And Boomerang shield... depends if you went, Ruff>Archer>TH>BT... if you go that path you'll end up only having these skills that work on dual wield... trust me... i went through that road xD it'd be best to go 1h BT
  10. Spammer's Official Thread

    i never recieved a notification about this message THANKS SISSY xD.
  11. New items?

    stop bumping .______. they'll get to this thread when they're good and ready.
  12. New items?

    candy doll ;________;
  13. hi..

    helloooo ~ welcome to celsetia forums! have a nice time
  14. Spammer's Official Thread

    why thank you c:
  15. Spammer's Official Thread

    Grabs* and leave my sister alone or you will have my fist down you're throat.