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    Incia sesion en "Celestialuna.com" Y selecciona la opcion "Teleport" selecciona el personaje bugeado y muevelo a Alker
  2. Post Your In-Game Characters!

    Playing with a little friend in Alker :D Another day on AH1
  3. Beta Testing Team Sign-ups

    IRC Name: Nutria Most used character name: Kouseii Spoken Languages: English / Spanish Age: 20 Time playing Luna Online: Started 4 years ago playing here (I havent played on official servers) Time playing Celestia Luna: 4 Years Have you been a beta tester before? Yes Why do you want to join the Beta Testing Team? I'd like to see what's coming and give some feedback about how it's going and i like to be looking for bugs and glitches in games in general.
  4. Hola!

    Hola! Simplemente me queria presentar :D Soy Sergio, de Uruguay. Tengo 20 años y paseo por Celestia luna hace un buen tiempo :D Ahora estoy volviendo desde la magica desaparicion de mis items y personajes u.u Si alguien quiere jugar es libre de agregarme! IGN: Nutria Saludos.- PD: Queria darle algo de vida al foro que tanto costo conseguir (cuando era mas activo no tenia este subforo :DD) ♥
  5. Nothing much to say .3.

  6. ~.:deflected:.~

    Can i Join? x3 I got hacked so i'm starting all over :D
  7. A Little Snail .3.

    I don't know i was bored and i just do this in Pixlr x3 lol Why you don't Try to do something random on it? It's easy .3.
  8. 3D Animation, My Creation....

    I Liked it :D Keep working :D
  9. YEY! I Have D.O. Snowball of Miracles in December! :D

  10. KPOP!? :o

    Shinhwa, Exo, Tvxq!, Super Junior, SHINee an F(x) .3. lel
  11. Show us your desktop. ~

    Let's Revive this Topic .3.
  12. Elder Scrolls Online [Console]

    31gb... 31gb Takes the Pc version of TES: online .3. xD
  13. Lets Play Together

    Me .3. Add me .3. Ryeowookie n_n
  14. Happy New Year! :D

  15. Merry Christmas ♥ Everyone♥