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  1. ke IRC tnya sm Reid <Ascension> .whyban Nonarastrafara <shoutbot> User Nonarastrafara is not banned
  2. klo yg namanya slh y slh, apapun alsnnya. klo pngen bales, laporin ja
  3. <Ascension> .whyban n0madhier <shoutbot> User n0madhier is not banned
  4. If you using IE, i recommended to use Firefox or Chrome
  5. You can just ignore it right? Its patcher bugs, it wont affecting your client. Its happened to me many times
  6. <Ascension> .whyban bannedl7 <shoutbot> User bannedl7 banned for reason 'Suspended (related to ID bannedm3)[Reid]' <Ascension> .whyban bannedm3 <shoutbot> User bannedm3 banned for reason 'Selling account [Reid]' Tnya sm Reid <Ascension> .whyban kalianda <shoutbot> User kalianda banned for reason 'RMT (VinaaJr) [biohazard] <Ascension> .whyban dab0el <shoutbot> User dab0el banned for reason 'Selling account [Reid]'
  7. <Ascension> .whyban riidwhand <shoutbot> User riidwhand banned for reason 'account trading (stella48) [biohazard]'
  8. Kurang tw mslh itu, g pnh tnya Sekali udh di tauin GM, smua akun lngsng ke catet. mw gnti IP atw pke proxy g ngaruh
  9. kurang tau jg
  10. Ban perma <Ascension> .whyban erlanggaoren <shoutbot> User erlanggaoren banned for reason 'banned
  11. itu sih gamenya crash buka banned ~.~ Ini di foto yah? ._.
  12. lol, wrong section. but nice one
  13. upload ke <Ascension> .whyban jembute91 <shoutbot> User jembute91 banned for reason 'Selling account [Reid]'
  14. GM nge track dr IP, Computer ID, Password
  15. ._. mana?