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  1. IGN And Level: Jacob - 146 Job: Destroyer Highest Critical Rate: 2776 [No Guild Buffs sadlyfe] Thanks to Evangelique and thedeadone for helping out :s
  2. Event Rudolph items have incorrect images (Horns and Nose replaced with Blue Chi Pao pieces)
  3. Played the class for a bit last night just messing around, having Blunt Shield and Rune Impact (Elf) makes it very strong for 1v1 PvP. PvE was quite nice as well, being able to clear Nera Harbor groups in around 1-3 uses of Holy Avenger. But as Jonah said, the range on the prayers feels a little low and when leveling in parties in maps like Nera Harbor where you are constantly moving around to group mobs, it can be a little challenging to get everyone within range of the buff. All in all the class is very fun and I'm looking forward to trying to class in higher level PVE and PVP.
  4. Don't think you're supposed to use candies for records but anyway its still impressive
  5. IGN and Level: Zydeth - 138 Job: Destroyer Highest Critical Rate: 2571 (No guild buffs :()
  6. <Reptopry>.whyban questiondead <shoutbot> User questiondead banned for reason 'Hacked [Orange]'
  7. thespawns spotted
  8. When you leave the heater on in your room and wake up because it's too hot. zz
  9. Welcome back.
  10. When everything comes rushing back to you.
  11. It may be an item from a previous event where they give out fishing rewards for permanent. I know of a few different people that own a variety of the Fish Masks for perm.
  12. Go Rocky! Nice Guide, +1
  13. IGN: Zydeth Level: 134 Job: Destroyer Highest Critical Rate: 2477
  14. Stone curse is supposed to work as a sort of stun, disabling your opponent from moving and casting skills for a set time period, however item skills are not working at the moment.