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  1. Reinforcing..

    Can HQ Ori/Moonstone reinforce an epic/red weapons such as kimball axe, grim reaper, athena , etc... Or only HC's can reinforce them? I don't want to try cause i don't want to waste money if it's not possible. :))
  2. Price

    Hey Guys! I've been wondering about how much is a clean TCS(Tiny Crystal Stone)? Others might be overpricing Or they might be really selling it at a right price? What is the most common price used for selling a clean TCS? :unsure:
  3. Not Sure About My Swordmaster

    Ohh! Alright then! Thank you. :)
  4. Not Sure About My Swordmaster

    Oh wait. What about going dex? Guess that's not an option based on most of the guides. Hehe
  5. Not Sure About My Swordmaster

    Ohh. Thank's for your help guys! I appreciate it! :D
  6. Not Sure About My Swordmaster

    Hey guys! I don't know which is the best path/stat/race about my swordmaster. But I want a swordmaster which has a high damage output and at the same time has a high crit rate. Which path/stat/race should i choose? :unsure: *I'm a noob sorry*