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  1. Skill Bugs

    Skill: Mental vortex (increase magical attack) Bug: Magical attack does not increase Job: Crusader Race: Both Elf/Human Please Fix it ASAP.. Thanks
  2. Chek my account why dont can log in?

    thanks for help
  3. Chek my account why dont can log in?

    dear mod or admin i don't know where.. i can post it, i hope im not wrong i just wanna help my friends he said"his account can't login" Can you check it please.. (if bann, i want a know the reason too) so I can explain it to him ID: petheparkit thanks before..
  4. Entrapper question ~

    my opinion go human > ruff> archer> assasin> entrapper i guess its better one :)
  5. Post Your In-Game Characters!

    Here I go ^^
  6. Damn!!! Playing Nicely Dude!!

  7. dual dagger

    Still Work.. But I'm sure Penalty will decrease a lot of it
  8. suggestion your honor

    I Don't Need That
  9. Same gender dding

    hmm... just only in game i agree in fact!!! go to hell :angry:
  10. Beta Version

    Hi GMs .. I just wanted to suggest Luna Celestia will More Good if updated in Beta version The problem for a lot of the Alpha version which was done manually such as: adding a friend, Whisper, Party invite, and much more it problems have been summarized in Beta version on the right-click and I think the Beta version more monsters in the appeal on the Alpha version Okay .. I guess it wrote that I wanted to convey. Please Consider ^ ^ Thank You