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  1. Little problem with 2h magnus

    So thats now fixed :( make me sad back in the old days it was fun to be able to use them
  2. Little problem with 2h magnus

    Just wondering I made a 2h magnus recently but there are skills I cannot use. For example swordstorm, double sonic blast, and sonic boom. Is there a reason why i cannot use them?
  3. Help Item Mall

    Self Solved Traded with someone for neck
  4. Help Item Mall

    i didn't know where to put this so i put it in the Help Center. I just bought 2 pieces of Hidden Blade gloves from Item Mall by accident when i meant to buy 1 glove 1 necklace. is there any way to get back the PP and take away the extra glove or change the extra glove to a necklace? SS of the 2 gloves:
  5. Show Yourself!

    ~~Well you are Beautiful! ~~
  6. Donation

    Actually i tried it once every day for the past week and all credit cards have had the same name and address. the mobile payment is not available in the U.S. also i do not see the direct credit card payment option only the three you see here: I have called them before and their assistance is horrible. i always get someone who doesn't even speak English and when i don't get anyone i'm on the line for hours waiting. The bank transfer does not recognize my bank, and pay safe cards are not sold here where i live.
  7. Post Your In-Game Characters!

    just me and my future magnus
  8. Donation

    Its not that it work let me donate to you guys its just that the company's themselves are horrible. they wont accept any of my cards and Click and Buy requires some stupid fee which i'm still waiting for. Even with the Activation fee payed i was not able to donate. And my suggestion is to Add Paypal which makes everything much easier and it also accepts just about any type of cards even gift cards.
  9. Donation

    I have been trying to donate for the past week with all 3 of the donation options that you offer, and no luck. I'm here to suggest adding something like Paypal, since it makes everything so much easier and does not require so many steps like the ones you have now. i'm sure that many people have had trouble donating and just gave up trying. Please look into this since it will help the server gain more money for maybe future updates, etc.
  10. [ASK] About Magnus Weapon ..

    DM isnt untill lvl115 lol u should use dual axe partisan for skills get rune impact, dual sonic boom, sonic boom, heavy armor mastery.... i suggest u don't dual wield until at least lvl111 so that the penalty is not as high and u can do much better damage.