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  1. Just stick to INT until level 133... Going full VIT is dreadfully slow and you won't feel as good unless you're constantly in a guild war. At the VERY LEAST, restat to full VIT but keep on an INT gear set and wand so that you can instakill everything as you level up. If you ever feel like you have extra SP, just invest in a level 1 Vital Explosion for DD.
  2. Use it to lay down all of your DoT skills at once. Without it, the first damage skill will break the ice from Blizzard or would wake the enemy up. Trying to snare or poison the enemy might fail, making you vulnerable to a stunlock or instant kill combos from the higher paying players. If you use Blizzard>HB>poisons; by the time the HB expires, you can snare them while the poisons are all eating the enemy, leaving them helpless. Any range attacks can be healed easier too since the damage they do wont be as consistent until the snare wears off, but by then, they should be dead if you're at level 130+.
  3. No.
  4. Lol, what? This guide has been here since 2012
  5. Does anyone still play on my account? Just visiting. Or at the very least, has it been active recently? IGNs like Rookie, Likori, Iruki, etc
  6. When I did play this game, my pvp combo was Blizzard from a distance> Holy Barrier the enemy>apply poisons + DoTs> curse weakness> that snare spell, idr what it was called> reapply poisons. Repeat it, but dont use holy barrier on them again. If the snare worked, you just have to keep your distance until they die.
  7. To add on to Fifin: Warlock>necro only works if you're going INT purely or mostly. Pros: locking a target is easier with Lightning Stun, Chill Breeze and Blizzard. Any poisons would not break stuns like it can break ice. More magic attack with passives. Arguably more raw damage. Cons: magic is almost useless to build in this server, unless it was rebalanced. Weak Holy Barrier. No reliable heal outside of your Corpse Take. Hybrid builds are really hard for normal players. Can be expensive for a good one. Squishy in comparison to the other two paths. Trade survivability for raw magic power Lose some crit from the Monk and Inquirer class. Loss a strong Beholder, heals of all varieties aside Corpse Take, Divine Curse, Shrewed Spell, Poem Buff, Mana Regen and Pdef/Mdef Need to invest in INT stats to be useful. Lowest possible critical chance build for Necromancer. Really the only thing you get that Necro doesn't already have from warlock is a stun and a few magic attack passives. This is all from my memory from like 3 years ago, so if MATK was buffed at some point, then you just need to hit first.
  8. Oh wow, they actually did something. That's nice to know.
  9. I'm surprised this post wasn't pinned. Was anything fixed since I last commented?
  10. I'm saddened yet not surprised that this hasn't been fixed yet... Since the release of this game.
  11. I'll be missing sooner or later.

  12. You can just join another server that has Luna Plus avalible. This isn't the only server up and running... I think.
  13. 9,001bids on iStubborn.
  14. That goblin is living above the golem influence. Good job, soldier!
  15. This would be unlikely, but it'd be nice to have a full costume set that goes with the 3 halloween head costumes.