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  1. Player Support

    Not even sure that this is the right place to place this topic but yea, so i stoped playing a few years ago and me and my crew wanted to come back yet after checking with a mod my old acc was blocked because someone may had hacked it and/or sold it and i was told to go to the acc recovery page and submit my request that i would get either a reply in the same day(if same email than the acc) or in 5 to 15 days, the first one i sent was before new year and i sent one in the beggining of february, surprise surprise the replys that i got are around 0 to none so i wanted to know what should i do more, if i need to kill my pets or so as a tribute for the holy reply to arive ^^
  2. Old accounts part 2

    no, i asked before why i couldnt log in my accounts, the answer i got was that some old accounts couldnt log in till the game was patched/updated, i still cant log in on them
  3. Old accounts part 2

    hello there, are we able to go back to our old accounts or still blocked? i really wanted to rejoin the game with my friends but we dont want to start all over again...
  4. Old account

    its possible unless its a new class
  5. Old account

  6. Old account

    i already played all classes i play luna since gold potato version, g pot went down i came to celestia after some time all my friends stoped playing so i got boored of playing alone and moved to [removed], now my friends are back to celestia and i wanted to join them with my old characters but then that happened i know exacly how to counter classes, the paths the items and stuff like that just wanted to re-join my friends
  7. Old account

    so for example on my case i will have to wait as well? i just posted
  8. cant log in?

    hello, after 2 years i decided to get back to this game but, i found a verry sad problem... i had 2 accounts at that time (not gonna say names tho) on one i forgot both my passowrd and my registed email(or at least i think i forgot my passowrd) on my second one i already switched the password to one i wouldnt forget and surprise surprise it isnt logging in just here on the forum, anyone help?