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  1. [Fighter] A Guide to being a Sword Master

    Sir what woild u prefer. If i fully offensive and can 1 hit player. Elf or human.? What class that close to do that.?
  2. Bio's magical critical tank

    when reach lvl 135. what would u prefer for the stat? is it keep on vit?
  3. [Fighter] Paladin Guide

    hallo im starting with this build. and start again since my char are banned . anyway , sir, can u prefer. what would be a good choises. between Mace and Sword...? ok Sword have fast skill, i love that. if i use mace, can it kill player in PvP..? im still confusing,!! cuz mace passiv skill give u more pdef. im afraid i just be tanker. and cannot kill. especially on PVP..? hope u answer this
  4. hello sir. how r u. so u've played luna again. what lvl r u now?
  5. Skill Temper Master Finally revealed

    is it good for war? if yes. what type of combo skill to kill opponent?
  6. how much cost gold to get same equip like u?
  7. guys nubie need a little help here. can u guys explain. what is "18p.a[HC]" if i philo an item to built psical attack, is it same with STR and Strike? i still confused
  8. Bio's magical critical tank

    hey. im playing luna again. my char was banned . so i built new char again. never give up. i wanna ask. why have to learn light armor experts than robe expertse? when i learn lvl 1 light armor experts. and using light armor. its said not on ur position . even when i've learned light armor experts.? tq very much .
  9. Ask why you are banned here!

    admin . orange, good morning. i already send email about my account that cannot login..i have 2 account. blackpaper said my account "baratliar2" was hack . but i promise u thats my account and i have email. no phone and evrything complete. and my last char. that i love so much is "ishidakougyo" can u recovery my 2 account . especially "ishidakougyo" tq very much..
  10. Ask why you are banned here!

    Admin plis thats may account . And i have email complete. And im sorry typo . I mean my correct accaount not ishidakouhyou but "ishidakougyo" plis Baratliar2 please recovery admin plis and ishidakougyo too . If it banned
  11. Problem Check ID

    Tmen2 staff luna please id saya kok ga bs masuk. Tolong 1. Baratliar2 2. Ishidakougyo Tlong orange .angel please . Ak sayang bnget tu am char ko g bisa login. Ap diban.??
  12. Ask why you are banned here!

    Please check my id 1. Ishidakouhyo 2. Baratliar2 Why cant login. Please