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  1. Any Suggestion?

    Which do you prefer, Elf Entrapper using Daggers, or Elf ArchRanger using Bows. Which is better in your opinion?>.<
  2. I really prefer Warrior-Swordman-Phalanx-Magnus for dual wield. 2h/1h before 105, then reskill. why phalanx instead of knight? knight only gives solid weapon which gives little amount of add in p atk. phalanx has lvl 20 hae, enhanced hp. you just add str philo/reinforce to replace the needed p atk from solid weapon, trust me, i tried this before and it beats even those so called cardi who think their strong because of holy taker.
  3. Need Help in A.R. Build

    K, Thanks :D
  4. Need Help in A.R. Build

    Im making an A.R. in this kind of path: Rogue-Ruffian-Archer-TreasureHunter-Arch Ranger. My path is Elf. Is this kind of path any good? i hear that hunter blast is kind of useful if you need a high dmg against mobs/players, but there is only 1 stun of this path, pounding shot. any ideas on another nice path?
  5. Need help from mage experts >.<

    thx for the help :D
  6. What should a soularbiter wear as an armor? Robe? or Light armor thx in advance :D Going in this path mage-wiz-priest-warlock-SA, Elf