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  1. Minor Bug, again

    Thank you for your report but you ought to use another image upload service, there are tons of free ones that don't limit views like photobucket. Try prtscr, imgur, gyazo, etc.
  2. [Facebook] Easter Giveaway! (Concluded)

    Update! Everybody who participated received a 30% EXP (5h) scroll!
  3. [Facebook] Easter Giveaway! (Concluded)

    📣Congratulations to our winners! 🎉〰️🐰 Plushy Bunny costume winners 〰️🔹 Ansheliu🔹 BTxBMTH 🔹 RichGo 〰️🐇 Shy Bunny backpack winners 〰️ 🔹 Zatulinii 🔹 anilaa 🔹 Granisum 🔹 iMahdi 🔹 Vinoue 〰️🥕 Cynical Rabbit costume winners 〰️ 🔹 CMTxNaomi 🔹 Dices 🔹 Evangelique 🔹 Fingka 🔹 HauntedDevour ⛔ Players banned from entering the next giveaway for using more than one account: 🔸 iiBeautiful 🔸 iiPapa 🔸 DearHumaira 🔸 NengAuliya 🔸 ForukJR 🔸 Kurokichi 🔸 BobbyUrie 🔸 IMMORTALPALADIN 🔸 ITEMS4SALE
  4. Request

    Feel free to post suggestions, even from other games, as long as it's cropped to only show the mask.
  5. [Facebook] Easter Giveaway! (Concluded)

    Yes to all, it can be an album as well.
  6. [Facebook] Easter Giveaway! (Concluded)

    No, it can be a screenshot of anything in game.
  7. facebook How to enter: Take a screenshot in game (screenshot rules below) Post it on your feed and tag @clunaonline Comment on the main notice on our facebook page with your character name You can only enter once Screenshot rules: No inappropriate or offensive content. Can be older screenshot. No rule breaking or bug abusing must be present in the screenshot. Can hide interface with CTRL+Z (preferred). Screenshot must be of Celestia Luna Online. Must post and reply to facebook post before April 16th 12AM UTC Winners will be selected at random from all valid entries and announced on April 16th, good luck!
  8. Can't log in?

    Forum accounts and game accounts are separate. To play in game you must register an account on our website. If you have an old account you can recover it here: if you don't remember your email then use
  9. Tarintus

    That's a good idea, some sort of indication that Tarintus is up, we'll think about it.
  10. Question on PK-Delevel

    The reason players get banned with relation to PK is because they do something that does not happen normally in game, they abuse a bug, to abuse that bug you must go out of your way to make it happen. Simply playing the game in PK mode, or using your other character to kill your main one is not against the rules. Go PK mode, kill your character, close reward window on killer, select any revive point on dead character, repeat a few times. Or go PK mode in a populated area and players will swarm to kill you themselves, try Nera Harbor, which will be faster. As long as you don't close your game while in PK mode to forcefully end it you will not loose items or gold.
  11. Level 66 - 75 Guide

    It's nice to see somebody in those maps, they're for solo players or those without equipment good enough for the harder dungeon monsters. Your way of swapping shield and 2h weapon is also very tricky, smart, but in future updates we will be disabling the ability to equip items in combat so use it while you can!
  12. Portal

    When reporting a bug especially if it's one that's rare you need to explain everything in detail and if possible take screenshots or quote the error message the game says, otherwise it won't be easy or possible for us to pinpoint the bug. I'm not saying this is the case right now but in the future keep that in mind Those portals will be fixed next patch, thank you for reporting!
  13. Cant use 2 handed skills with muskets

    You got that from Luna+, originally 2-handed skills are for melee weapons only. Muskets can use gun skills and no weapon skills only.