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  1. As answered in Discord, skills that give percentages are non-functional at the moment, only recently we've been able to fix crusaders % auras and only server-side (you don't see the numbers in the character window) so the stats they give are raw points.
  2. Account deletion is not possible, this is now answered.
  3. Actually the reason is a bit wrong, it should say "Account Trading" instead of RMT. There are no signs of anybody but the owner logging into that account. It has the same IP and set of computers (looks like the owner plays in an internet cafe) and password as the other account trading bans so there is no evidence if it being anybody else but the same person doing account trading over and over.
  4. Are you still unable to log in? Did you delete/move all your items leaving your bag empty?
  5. That's reinforce hack, not item dupe. All you have to say is the vendor's name, don't need screenshot or anything.
  6. Duped items means created from hacks instead of obtained the regular way, not two items with the same stats. Item duping was fixed years ago and is no longer possible.
  7. Hey um I've been playing Luna for a really long time and kinda stopped for awhile and I'm getting back into it. For some reason I have 2 accounts, and I want to delete my old one but I don't know how. I'm new to the forums and don't know how to make a thread so I thought I should message you seeing that youre an active staff. Also, nice background.:D

  8. That happens when you disconnect while fishing and then log back in, to solve it relaunch the game.
  9. Lucky Hunter only gives drop chances, for EXP you use EXP scrolls and familiar candy.
  10. Lucky Hunter increases drop chance (20% of the actual chance, if the chance to get an item is 1% then it will be 1.2% while using it).
  11. Welcome back! Hope you enjoy your time with us
  12. If you are still having problems the solution is both on our website and on the main page of our forums. Please read point 2 and 2b:
  13. Alker Harbor is fine, are you still having problems with it?
  14. Yes, we might do stat balancing in the future to ensure that all classes have an equal chance and reduce the amount of "1-hits" in the game, mostly in PvP.
  15. Hi, this announcement is the first topic you see on our forums and it explains why gold points were discontinued: There was nor will be any kind of compensation for this free currency.