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  1. Summer fun is almost here~


    1. Sky_Light12


      the hype is real


  2. :cake_emote: mmmm cake

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    2. Orange


      No, but it's going to be Celestia's Birthday soon~

    3. iLoonie


      hmm, i feel the grand Anniversary update/s! XD

    4. Sky_Light12


      that cake was going to be consumable or part of equip ?

  3. In the character report section.
  4. There will be 2 color options, but that only changes the top of the windows and the corners, the colors are blue or red. The other options will be for a "compact" HUB or "widescreen" HUB.
  5. An outdated design of the UI that has been the same for 8 years, I think the game could use a breeze of fresh air.
  6. You must create a party before inviting anybody, go to your skills, 3rd tab called Actions and click Create Party, then you can set the party settings and start inviting people.
  7. The Tak Tak and the Blackhorn monsters are group fight monsters, they require more damage/defense than the other monsters on the map and it is recommended to have a tank or a healer for them.
  8. A lot more
  9. Actually it's the opposite. Because physical attack from strength comes from total strength, not per point, the more STR you have the more P.A. you will get from STR. So if your STR is low take pure P.A. and if your STR is high then take STR.
  10. Date dungeon monsters are weaker than regular monsters and because each date range is 20 levels there is no eva or pdef number for you to reach.
  11. Most plots are currently empty so now would be the perfect time to buy a farm.
  12. I think we have enough votes with the overwhelming majority voting for it
  13. I understand your concern, but the difficulty for crafting perfect stat max level equipment remains. We only looked at level 120 which is the lowest level you can make with Blazing Alloy. This is the recipe (not yet finalized) for the level 135 sword: Cost: 38,000,000 gold Success Rate: 68% 73 Blazing Alloy Ingot 13 Moonlight Abrasive 9 Magical Flame 15 Holy Water (monster drop) 23 HQ Aquamarine 12 Sharp Stone (monster drop)
  14. No it just means since you will need less materials (and less materials will drop) you will no longer need to fill your inventory with stacks of items to craft a single weapon. But as you can see in the picture of the new interface there will be 10 more slots in each tab.
  15. Same items, higher level of items will come when higher level maps are available.