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  1. Guild Storage ~a

    You can take your items out even with the bug, try this way: Do this in Alker Harbor: Open Guild Warehouse, try moving every item until one of the items can be retrieved, each time the item that can be retrieved is random. Once you retrieved 1 slot open your map teleport and select Alker Harbor, that will reload the map for you. Repeat until you retrieved all your items.
  2. game patchs

    Failed patches are not because of downloading problems, it's most likely your antivirus. Disable your AV before patching and see if it helps.
  3. glowing candle

    Some hair type models were set to not show your helmet, some head accessories may still be flagged as helmets. It's not on the priority list but it may get fixed next patch.
  4. Patch Notes [Feb. 12th 2018]

    Hotfix Patch [Feb 18 2018] Skills: Fixed many job passives which now do show on the character info window. Items: Fixed Fruity Lollipop. Misc: Fixed newest character dance emotes.
  5. plis you sell farouk/cival in gems stored ?need buy with gems

  6. Job Passives Preview

    All characters get their job passives, existing already have them and new chars get them when they change jobs.
  7. help choosing a class

    You can't have it all. The point of classes and stats is that each is good at a different thing. The only way to survive with an entrapper against many monsters is to go full dexterity for evasion or get a lot of evasion through equips which is expensive. Nothing comes easily, otherwise where is the challenge?
  8. cant use right click

    As per patch notes: Visual:
  9. Patch Notes [Feb. 12th 2018]

    Skills: Added job passive skills. Check this topic to see which skill each job gets: Passives with % effects may not show on your character stats window but they do work. All players above level 19 were given their job passive skills accordingly. Items: Changed the Wedding Bouquet from Amorous Panda in Nera Harbor to 3 days at the price of 3M gold. Fixed Holy Crusader's Staff enchant bonus. Changed Cloak of the Kingdom Knights to be able to be stored. Changed The Skirts of Feira cloak model. Philosopher stones can now be used with guns. Added new Gem Store items. Crafting: Changed wedding attire crafting recipes: Dyes are derived from gems. White attire now requires black dye. Crimson/Dark attire requires black and red dye to be crafted besides the base (white attire) ingredients. Colorful attire requires cyan and magenta dye to be crafted besides the base (white attire) ingredients. All other color cloth pieces can be crafted into white cloth pieces. Monsters: Changed DD monster drops of wedding attire pieces back to white cloth. Added small % for bosses to drop an ILY Balloon (30 days) (back piece). Interface: Updated character creation screen. Characters now show the costume and accessories you're wearing in character select (must log each char at least once to update the information). Right Click Menu was removed from characters on screen to the Target Interface Window. Map Move window will now close when your character moves. Event: Disabled Winter Tide, until next year!
  10. Game crashing

    Hi, I see that you have Windows Defender open, did you follow all the steps provided here? If so please refer to the last point in technical help here:
  11. Job Passives Preview

    As you see it says Paladin Lv 3 = Patk +3% and not 4% (1% + 3%) Maybe you misunderstood with the total at the bottom, which is the 3%(Paladin) + 1%(SM) + 2%(Magnus).
  12. Job Passives Preview

    It does not stack. The total would be +8% Patk not 11. And 5% crit dmg not 7.
  13. Forgot ID and Email

    i just remember Character NameĀ 

    what should i do?

  14. please check my id

  15. New Game Rules? Terms of Service link very visible on our website and must be accepted to registered new accounts as well. Report players here anonymously here: