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  1. No, we've been removing all active skills on equipment and replacing them with useful stats related to the item or those skills instead. There might be some left over items with skills right now but eventually all of them will be replaced.
  2. We don't set dates for patches because there might be delays due to bugs or other things.
  3. That means you are failing to fill in the captcha, if you don't see the captcha try using a different browser.
  4. We have a help page where this is covered:
  5. All of the stat changes were reverted.
  6. The dexterity patch was reverted until further notice.
  7. March 18 hotfix patch Interface: Fixed tooltip of old rune-carving materials and new materials Items: Fixed the stats of new PD items. Fixed the enchant effect on new weapons. Monsters: Lowered the accuracy of Soldier Ants, Tak Tak Warriors and Hyenas. Fixed the magical attack of Blackhorn Broodmother. Increased the agro range tak tak villagers and blackhorn skeletons. Adjusted new materials drop amount to balance the increased crafting chance of equipment. Adjusted Tak Tak Shield Frame drop. Maps: Fixed the portal from Nera Harbor to Sahel and back. Fixed the walking constraints of monsters in Candy Garden and Sahel.
  8. We have not had problems with Windows Defender, what OS are you using?
  9. You can simply play any of the BGM with your music player. The towns' BGM changes with the seasons, so it matches the visuals and the feel of the season. Winter was cold and melancholic, fall/spring are uplifting and summer is cheerful and fun.
  10. Well you see graduation is a different date in each continent and country, it's mostly all at the end of spring however, yours seems a bit too early. In April there is Easter which will have a static event in game.
  11. I feel like the treasure hunter/entrapper tree is a lot of fun, the main skills not needing any specific weapon are already an open door for an early gun job, it would be like a medium range "grenadier" in my opinion, and since muskets do more damage than bows it could potentially be a good DPS class. You could go assassin -> entrapper and get a good skill combination going on as well.
  12. Well next patch, the one that will open up Oasis of Parasus we will try to make both Sniper and Panzer better, change some skills around so they're more useful and compete with other classes and maybe even add musket skills to the Treasure Hunter job path, we did add level 75 muskets for it after all~
  13. You admitted to buying the shield, the player who sold it to you was banned as well, using it and as for selling it there is a reason a player took a screenshot of your item and reported you. You were banned for a week on a single account, with 2 days left, and instead of accepting that you broke the rules and wait out two days you blame us for your own mistakes.
  14. You were banned for having a reinforce hacked aias shield and trying to sell it. The account was active in March which is when it was reported.
  15. Well we are now adding party leveling spots, like in Sahel, where monsters will be a bit tougher but more rewarding, so hopefully players see it as worth it. Currently Sahel has 2 solo leveling spots; ants & hyenas (we will be lowering ants and hyenas accuracy), and two group spots; tak tak and blackhorn.