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  1. That's a stuck ban reason, the account was automatically unbanned and has not been banned since.
  2. Try running the patcher as administrator and see if it helps.
  3. Does it still happen after you reload your game? (all open clients) just looks like your game was unable to load any other faces so it loaded the same one for all elf females.
  4. Hi Orange , Please check ID: Tuak66 

    and why I can not get in? I started playing 2011 - 2015 .. please help so that I can play again like before. Thanks and sorry if it is not polite :)

  5. A new fully patched installer was released!
  6. Those aren't that new, they've were added in previous patches. We add files for future patches as well.
  7. One of the reasons could be an antivirus or anything that can interrupt a download. If you have an antivirus, even windows security (default antivirus that comes with the newest windows operating systems) you should try repatching or reinstalling and then repatching while the antivirus is disabled, you can temporarily disable an antivirus without too much hassle. As somebody said, they don't think they have an antivirus because they're in an internet cafe, that's not entirely true, they could have some security as well, you may not see it if you are not on a privileged user. This error always happens to some users when we update our game client, which is detected as a false positive by a couple of antiviruses out of dozens. We will release a fully patched installer soon, which will solve the problem.
  8. Is this screenshot from now or 9 hours ago when you posted it last?
  9. We didn't change old items, otherwise it would be on the patch notes, are you sure it's not something else? Afterall a tiny bit of INT can't give you 2k Matk.
  10. What was the message on the patcher? Is it still happening?
  11. My Char's Stuck in Mont Blanc Port Black 

  12. My Char's Stuck in Mont Blanc Port Black Screen What Do I Do?

    My Char ( Tander )

  13. What is the bug with holy spike?
  14. Game Client: Fixed many client crashes. Maps: Added new date dungeon map. Added new date dungeon level. To celebrate the new date dungeon map, Candy Garden will be the only available map for a week. After that period all 4 maps will be in the challenge pool. Monsters: Added new date dungeon level monsters. Increased rare boss (Evil Golem, etc) drop rates for rare/unique items. Interface: Added new date dungeon level to date dungeon menu. Changed gacha capsule icons. Items: Added new Love Inc. items. (Found in Nera Castle) Removed old recipe and items for crimson wedding sets. Added new wedding set colors. Added new wedding ring (equipment). Added new wedding item recipes. Changed white and crimson wedding costume set recipes. Added new item mall items.
  15. I believe you contacted us through facebook about this matter as well, can you please provide a screenshot?