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  1. Ask why you are banned here!

    Banned for impersonating a member of our staff on another Luna server.
  2. Job Passives Preview

    Each job has a different base HP and a different HP for each VIT formula.
  3. New Player-Fresh Eyes

    Let me address the different points so I don't lose thoughts: Monster spawns; a map is a whole region, it can't all be super aggressive and easy to farm at. Have you gone up the hill in Fairy Valley? Those monsters are all aggressive and for party or high grind play. While the monsters below are less aggressive and some even neutral, not all monsters are going to be aggressive, that wouldn't make sense, there must be some variety. Elite monsters; there already are elite monsters (see treants in Fairy Valley) the indication of difficulty is usually their size and health, currently there is no indication of monster difficulty through the interface but that will be added in the future. Forum activity; many of our players don't speak English very well so they stay away from the forums, some can't create an account for that same reason (they don't understand the anti-bot question). It's something that can be improved but I don't think we have that very little activity, looking at the recent posts box and recent activity page it looks much more lively than the previous servers you've been at for sure. We also have a discord server with the link on the main page where if you go through channels you'll even see a live feed of the megaphone shouts in game. We have seasonal static events (summer, winter, halloween) that last 20~30 days and we plan on adding smaller automated events during the week. Skill bugs; if you happen upon a bug skill simply drop by our bug report section and do your best to explain the bug (if necessary) and provide screenshots, etc. Lastly I'm unsure about what you mean by exp reward in PvP enabled maps? All maps above level 40 with the exception of the 2 cities allow PK, so there's always a risk. We are considering disabling PK in 5 of the 10 channels in field maps as per player request for safe PvE. Welcome to the server and I'm glad you're having a good time!
  4. Error starting Luna

    Make sure all your drivers are up to date, install (if you haven't before) the right VC Redist (link is in my first reply), in the launcher options set AA (Anti-Aliasing) to 0, fullscreen disabled and then try to launch. If you can't then maybe your machine doesn't have enough memory.
  5. Error starting Luna

    All windows has windows defender, open your windows start menu and search defender.
  6. Error starting Luna

    Try these guides: My game crashes or nothing happens when I select server: Some antivirus programs flag our game client as a false positive because of our anti-cheat and block or quarantine it. You can play with your antivirus disabled or allow the game client to its exceptions list, which is a safer option. If you don't see "LUNAClient.exe" in your game folder that means your antivirus quarantined it and you must restore it before adding it to exceptions. If this is still happening after adding the game to your antivirus' exceptions you are missing a VC Redist installation. Download and install it directly from Microsoft: VC Redist x86 | VC Redist x64
  7. problema al loguear

  8. How to make color pigment and color dye

    Hint: water is the cheapest drink you can buy.
  9. Celestia Luna Stoped Working in NH

    just wait for the ticket to be replied, tickets are delayed until the new patch is out.
  10. Celestia Luna Stoped Working in NH

    Try playing without your pet, your pet is probably getting sealed because you're too far away or it died and that's why you crash.
  11. Forgot my password

    You can PM me the ID and I'll check if everything is right.
  12. Forgot my password

    Try requesting a new link after the cooldown and using a different browser or device.
  13. Celestia Luna Stoped Working in NH

    Can you be more specific about when exactly it happens? Do you have your pet with you when you farm in Nera Harbor? Is it always with the same kind of monsters? For example other monsters on the map that are not pirates don't make you crash, etc.