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  1. Perhaps your PC can't run so many clients at once, you can also try disabling all effects and shadows and lower the view distance on your AFK clients.
  2. Skills: Crusaders Aura's were fixed server-side, they do work but you will not see them change your stats on the character info window until the next patch.
  3. Ah you meant the mold itself not the weapons, my bad. Firearms has always had a single mold because they're rare.
  4. There are reasons why a double authentication could be problematic as well. Your e-mail could get hacked, you could have forgotten or lost that e-mail, then you'd be unable to change your e-mail at all.
  5. Sorry I don't understand the question, firearms molds only have 1 option per gun, which was boosted to 75% from 30% in a recent patch. Are you asking why there is no 30% option with half the materials like in other recipes?
  6. It's not hard to contact GMs if you don't message us about unbanning an account or account recovery, that goes to the ticket panel and the auto recovery system. We have forums, facebook and IRC and we respond in all 3. Maybe you're upset because you got hacked and didn't get help with that yet? In our TOS it states that your account is your own responsibility and we don't have the obligation to help you, it's easy to keep your account safe if you don't share your password with anybody and don't use an ID name equal to your character name, these are just some of the most common reasons why an account gets hacked. Your ticket is not the only one awaiting a response either.
  7. There is no public drop list, you can use the guides on our forums to find out where to obtain rare equipment.
  8. Private donations are called private for a reason! It's up to the players to disclose whether they have edited items or not.
  9. pet

    By dead you mean you have to use Pet First Aid from the NPC to revive it? Is there a big X on your pet in your bag when you say it dies?
  10. There are only 60 farms for the entire server, not all families get to have a farm. You can wait for a farm to free up or shout about buying one, good luck!
  11. Check out the latest patch notes regarding Crusader:
  12. Winter Event: Disabled the Winter Event. Regular drops added during this event (White Bone, Old Wood, Enchanted Wood, Animated Core) will remain in the drops. Interface: Fixed tooltip for Royal Mercenaries Gacha. Fixed tooltip for Crusader prayers. Items: Fixed gacha glasses to be tradeable. Fixed Red Dragon Wings to float animation. Changed all other map transfer scrolls to no-battle use only. Skills: Fixed Crusader magical/physical power/defense prayers to correct stat type (percentage). Changed Crusader prayer duration to 2 minutes.
  13. Please list other skills that say % but look like they're not giving a percentage when applied!
  14. Sounds like your game files got corrupt or weren't able to load properly. If this still happens after you close all your open CL windows and run the game again you should try reinstalling. (Close all your CL windows and run the uninstall program in your game folder before running the installer again)