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  1. hello orange sorry i interrupt u just now i had been scam by a player name call Kurokichii. he was took my Black Widow Wizard and my glasses ‎time is 1.30 am July ‎25, ‎2017.
    Hope u can give me a reply what should i do for this scammer thanks orange

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    2. Orange


      Unfortunately I can't do anything without proof of the chats you mention, sorry.

    3. illDarklli


      oh i see that's too bad. seem like i can't do anything anymore
      i will be more careful next time thanks btw

    4. Sky_Light12


      hmm i'm not sure this is real kuro or someone disguises as kuro for 2 possible reason : False flag framing OR self-gain by impersonating other player (since disguise as staff no longer work)

      but apparently he did asked me to borrow the BWL and so i told him i literally "don't" have my BWL

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