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  1. Sword Storm Back

    Wheel wind is physical attack and does more damage than sword storm. (Lv20 Sword Storm 272% damage vs Lv20 Wheel Wind 287% damage) Blazing Body is a DoT not a damage skill, it applies burning damage over time.
  2. Fishing

    Yes, that is okay. The only restriction is on not having more than 5 fishers.
  3. A new version of the Enchanted Kingdom Gacha is here! ~Head Items~ ~Pets~ ~Wings~ ~Costumes~ Good luck and have fun!
  4. A new version of the Royal Mercenaries Gacha is here! ~Head Items~ ~Face Items~ ~Pets~ ~Wings~ ~Costumes~ Good luck and have fun!
  5. Hallow's Eve 2018

    Hallow's Eve is upon us! Head to Ghost Tree Swamp to help with the zombie invasion and loot Voodoo Dolls used to craft spooky items! All items are account bound. 250 Pump Up Pumpkin 250 Mummy Head 500 Mummy Body 250 Mummy Hands 250 Mummy Feet 500 Skull Mask 300 Skull Pin 350 Witch's Hat 600 Witchy Outfit 350 Witchy Gloves 350 Witchy Boots 350 Magic Broom Visit Alker Harbor and Nera Castle and join the hunt for Hallow's Eve Pumpkins filled with delicious candy when you're too tired of dealing with zombies!
  6. Patch Notes [Oct. 28th 2018]

    Skills: Fixed [Musket Training]. Items: Fixed a bug that crashed the game when salvaging certain accessories. Changed set effect [Movement Speed] of [Blessed Conjurer], [Blue Spell Illusion], [Green Spell Illusion] from 35% to 30%. Changed set effect of secondary stat (INT, STR or DEX) of [Blessed Conjurer], [Blue Spell Illusion], [Green Spell Illusion], [Spellmaster's Channel], [Elementalist's Channel] from 10 to 5. Changed set effect [Physical Defense] of [Bird of Paradise] from 1% to 2%. Changed set effect [Physical Attack] of [Bird of Desire] from 1% to 2%. Changed set effect [Magical Attack] of [Bird of Passion] from 1% to 2%. Changed set effect [Magical Attack] of [Royal Fey Wings] from 1% to 2%. Changed set effect [Physical Attack] of [Red Dragon Wings] from 1% to 2%. Changed set effect [Health] of [Ram Horns] from 700 to 10%. Changed set effect [Movement Speed] of [Sealed Coffin] from 32% to 30%. Changed set effect [Movement Speed] of [Fallen Angel Wings], [Wings of Alkarus] from 30% to 32%. Added new gacha items. Changed gachas to new version. Hallow's Eve: Changed main map location from [Alker Harbor] to [Ghost Tree Swamp]. (Bottom half of map) Changed all event monsters to static spawn. Changed [Voodoo Doll] amounts for all event items to balance static spawn. Added new account bound costume obtainable with [Voodoo Doll]. Changed the health of [Hallow's Eve Pumpkin] from 1 to 100 and set them on static spawn in [Alker Harbor] and [Nera Castle].
  7. As you know everybody uses those items just fine so it's clearly a problem on your character or with your connection. Have you tried to see if you have the same problem on all your characters/accounts? If it does happen on all then your connection is unstable and the game is kicking you because of it. If it doesn't then you should provide us with your character name.

    If you submit that many requests for the same account chances are you'll be flagged as a spammer and suspended from accessing the help desk with that email address.
  9. Hello Everybody

    Hi, welcome to the server! Join our discord if you want to chat with other players
  10. Respawn de boss

    Cada boss es diferente, puede ser 20 minutos pero tambiƩn puede ser 5 horas.
  11. i forgot password and mail

  12. Login box wont pop

    Please use discord to report such things, it's faster that way. Anyway, there is a temporary service disruption and we're working on fixing it.
  13. About Monster Damage Rate

    What is normal damage? no damage at all? Maybe now you will realize you need a healer if you want to tank 10 monsters at once and the healer class becomes useful. Mage is not a tank class, fighter tank jobs have high block, high hp recovery and high health. Even the toughest mage jobs have hp recovery and health buffs and passives.
  14. Street Fighter Shoes Costumes

    Can you show a screenshot? I don't quite understand.
  15. Swords Storm now One-Handed only?

    It was swords only, now it's 1-hand only but all 1-h weapons. If you disagree with it feel free to post a topic in suggestions with your points on why it should be otherwise.