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  1. black screen

    El mapa estaba offline, intenta otra vez.
  2. Orange when I log into a map the screen turns black why.... is there matinence rn?

  3. Ya puedes entrar a tu personaje. No le quites todos los items a ningún personaje si no quieres que pase otra vez.
  4. Este bug aparece cuando le quitas todos los items a tus personajes. Lo podremos arreglar en unos cuantos días.
  5. Wild Mantis is not enabled in The Great Garden. You can get the same items it would drop (Heart Stone of Evil, Medusa's Wand) from Fighter in the Wind and Huge Mummy in Nera's Graveyard.
  6. Hello admin Orange can  look my message conversation :(

  7. Please help ka
    Please open it jgn banned id ganteng04

    1. BlackPaPer


      <huaqng313> .whyban ganteng04
      <shoutbot> User ganteng04 banned for reason 'Impersonation, scamming [Orange]'

  8. ORANGE <3 Remember meeeeeee?

  9. I will update the main post when more items are created
  10. If this is still happening follow the instructions on hour help page:
  11. One coffin coming up, with its own runic seal:
  12. When downloads are stuck it could be either your network or your antivirus blocking it. Try turning your antivirus off while you patch.
  13. Your character was fixed
  14. Your character was fixed.