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  1. hi, i will be fill some of Celestia luna wiki with some basic data, hope you don't mind, my wikia id is faustwither.

  2. thank you, knowing that it's only the latest addition to the DD brackets helps a lot, we will investigate further!
  3. Wowzers! That cake looks mighty good. I'm gunna go eat now. Just stopping in to say hi to our famous Admn. XD

  4. This is an idea for a topic that you can start yourself, there were already story topics where players contribute a few words or a paragraph to a story together, it's not something the staff have to get involved in, we're here to take care of the game and keep the rules in check. The best place for this would be general off-topic, just make sure to explain how to participate clearly, good luck! PS: it's Blue Land, not Land of Blue!
  5. GM why my account ID: quovadis nick: Quovadis, banned when I did not cheat at all ... please check ID: quovadis
    If my account does not matter why please return my account.
    Umar Faqih
  6. Go to your profile and check your personal info.
  7. Hi, welcome to the server! Hope you have a good time
  8. Hi, you cannot request the trade logs of a character in our public forum. If you were hacked you can submit a ticket here: if your items are still there they can be recovered. Any other information regarding your account can be asked there.
  9. You say you played yesterday but the last time this account was played, and also the time it was banned, was 2015. Were you playing a different ID or are you lying?
  10. It's alright, you're learning. I see you still haven't joined discord, it's not just voice (for what its known most) it's an instant chat messenger
  11. Please do not triple post even in off-topic. To quote multiple people click the + button and if you need to add something or change your reply from earlier click the edit link to change your previous reply.
  12. To join discord click here
  13. Hi and welcome to the server! Here are some useful links if you ever feel lost: Our main website with all our news and info: Our Terms of Service, breaking these rules leads to suspensions and bans! Report somebody who has broken the rules (take screenshots!): Gem Store where you can buy costumes, pets and etc: The panel to buy Gems to spend at the Gem Store: Useful newcomer guides: How to keep your account safe Where to change jobs How to: Reinforcement Lucky box contents Rare items and where to find them Oh and the map where all players set up shops is Nera Castle, good luck!
  14. That assumption is incorrect, we're not going to remove weapon requirements from all weapon-locked skills. There are currently no other specifics I can give, you'll just have to wait for patch day.
  15. Este problem ya fue arreglado, intenta entrar en el juego de nuevo