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  1. Restoration Gold

    Hi, unfortunately we do not restore gold for wrong purchases. It is the player's responsibility to ensure that what they're buying and what they're paying for it is indeed what they want it to be. There is a confirmation window when you buy something from a vending booth with the gold amount properly separated by commas as well. Because of this we do not provide support for wrong purchases. Item descriptions and 95% of item icons are unique to ensure that scamming cannot occur if a player pays attention to what they're buying.
  2. My question is about the PD weapons in 100?

    You can PM me on discord and I'll let you know. You can't exchange 2x old weapons for a new one, only upgrade.
  3. My question is about the PD weapons in 100?

    You can't exchange anything you buy either from the Gem Store or through PD, why would we allow to exchange these weapons? They were the top weapons for many years, so it's like you want to exchange something you bought a long time ago and had used for years. That is not fair. It's still the best weapon from Lv100 to Lv135. You can upgrade the weapon through PD to the Lv135 version for a fee that is cheaper than buying a new Lv135 HC weapon, but you will lose reinforce/philo.
  4. it's not duped it's just bugged, when you see items like that contact me through discord and it will be replaced.
  5. Is the game still have people playing?

    Use discord better, right now the forum is under maintenance.
  6. Lunar New Year 2019

    They're regular monsters.
  7. Lunar New Year 2019

    ~Lunar New Year~ Good luck and Happy Lunar New Year!
    for admin, can you fix my id = pentuloe, because when logging in to alker farm it's always a black screen
  9. Whats the advantage of axe user in destroyer?

    Rage Burst doesn't have a weapon requirement, nor does it say anywhere that it's weapon locked. Without Rage Burst with level 5 axe With Rage Burst with level 5 axe
  10. Eye's Color?

    Eye color was already a planned feature that will be added soon.
  11. Winter Tide 2018

    We hope you're having a great holiday! Winter Tide is here and Winter's Edge needs your help once again. Visit Emmy and Jackson in Alker Harbor and help them retrieve Crystallized Snowflakes and fight the Ice Queen's army in Nera Harbor. This year the Ice Queen and Winter's Edge come with new and unique items: (All crystallized snowflake costmes/wings are accont bound) Good luck!
  12. Sword Storm Back

    Wheel wind is physical attack and does more damage than sword storm. (Lv20 Sword Storm 272% damage vs Lv20 Wheel Wind 287% damage) Blazing Body is a DoT not a damage skill, it applies burning damage over time.
  13. Fishing

    Yes, that is okay. The only restriction is on not having more than 5 fishers.
  14. A new version of the Enchanted Kingdom Gacha is here! ~Head Items~ ~Pets~ ~Wings~ ~Costumes~ Good luck and have fun!
  15. A new version of the Royal Mercenaries Gacha is here! ~Head Items~ ~Face Items~ ~Pets~ ~Wings~ ~Costumes~ Good luck and have fun!