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  1. Hello Everybody

    Hi, welcome to the server! Join our discord if you want to chat with other players
  2. Respawn de boss

    Cada boss es diferente, puede ser 20 minutos pero tambiƩn puede ser 5 horas.
  3. i forgot password and mail

  4. Login box wont pop

    Please use discord to report such things, it's faster that way. Anyway, there is a temporary service disruption and we're working on fixing it.
  5. About Monster Damage Rate

    What is normal damage? no damage at all? Maybe now you will realize you need a healer if you want to tank 10 monsters at once and the healer class becomes useful. Mage is not a tank class, fighter tank jobs have high block, high hp recovery and high health. Even the toughest mage jobs have hp recovery and health buffs and passives.
  6. Street Fighter Shoes Costumes

    Can you show a screenshot? I don't quite understand.
  7. Swords Storm now One-Handed only?

    It was swords only, now it's 1-hand only but all 1-h weapons. If you disagree with it feel free to post a topic in suggestions with your points on why it should be otherwise.
  8. Hp recovery stat can't go up

    Please provide a screenshot of you wearing the item and your stat window.
  9. Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the server! Feel free to use discord if you have any questions or need help:
  10. hi guys!

    Welcome back!

    If you suck during duels now that just means you always sucked in duels.
  12. Crafting bug

    There is a second list underneath the big list where you select which recipe to use to craft the item.
  13. Nera Harbor Panzer Test [1.7.1]

    Good video, keep it up!
  14. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    Great improvement!
  15. Can they give back my item or nah?

    Hi, items sold to NPCs are gone forever and can't be recovered unfortunately.