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  1. help login problem

    What antivirus are you running?
  2. Please let us know what you would like the pirates and the pirate boss to drop this summer. Think of the unique drops from the winter monsters "Ice Golem Leg", "Frost Bite Teeth", "Ice Queen's Staff". The event monsters will still drop event tokens to be exchanged for costumes. The level of the items would be 105-120. Feel free to share ideas on type of item, appearance, stats, etc!
  3. Crimea Sell

    Click "Edit" under your message and then remove or change the color to red.
  4. Login Page! Having Problems with it!

    If you followed the windows defender guide and installed the VC redist everything should work fine, our game works from minute 1 on a fresh windows 10 installation. Please make sure all your drivers are up to date and that you followed the windows defender guide correctly. You can also try installing in a different location but make sure to add the new location to exceptions in windows defender before doing that just to be sure.
  5. Post Your In-Game Characters!

    I love seeing all the different hair colours, I think it makes CL screenshots stand out from the crowd, you know no other server has this
  6. Login Page! Having Problems with it!

    Doesn't let you log in or crashes? Different things Please list what antivirus and/or antimalware you have installed
  7. Login Page! Having Problems with it!

    Try disabling your antivirus and see if that helps, if you are using more than one antivirus/antimalware disable them all. If it works with your antivirus/antimalware disabled then follow these steps (or google the same steps for your specific antivirus)
  8. Login Page! Having Problems with it!

    You could have continued talking in Discord, did you also do the antivirus steps?
  9. Alker Harbor

    We did that for a while, Alker Harbor had 5 channels for some time, but then during a patch it was reverted to 10 channels by mistake and the moment the server came back online people were already shouting "RMG Malaysia guild Alker 9", seeing how much players liked having those channels we left it at 10 channels again.
  10. Stuck at dd

    Hi, the unstick on our website doesn't work because we have an automatic unstick feature, unfortunately it didn't start up properly but it has been fixed now. Your character is already accessible.
  11. how to get Lapis Scale Leather Vest / globs & boots??

    As I replied in Discord that is level 75 armor that can be bought at the armor vendor in Nera Castle.
  12. Panzer and Sniper

    The only reason crusader got a free reskill was because of the heavy rework removing skills, soon it will be removed and any remaining crusaders with old skills will be reset by the server.
  13. Hotkey Menu ingame

    Thank you for your report, we will look into it.
  14. got kicked out and banned from the discord channel

    Yes the ban will be removed then
  15. got kicked out and banned from the discord channel

    It should say in the note why it was, it was for spamming about your HQ business on most channels when I told you you can only post such stuff in the market channel yet I found repeated spams on the language and social channels, the duration is 4 days now.