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  1. Back to the game

    My problem is ican't remember my username but i remember the password. I make already the second option and you reply it already. Should i send another ticket or i will just responce to your email? thank you
  2. Back to the game

    Panu po mabalik ung account? I just forgot po the username thanks for the help
  3. Cant play Celestia Luna

    Can anyone help me about this? When i click the start button nothing happen. Can you help me about this thanks
  4. Saying Please.,

    thank you :D
  5. Saying Please.,

    Hello saying can you please go to other channel is that bannable? Because i report one player saying that to me gm did not ban that player....
  6. Hello :D

    mga mamaw na kasi kayo
  7. Help @ 115 Heavy armor

    thanks ;)
  8. Help @ 115 Heavy armor

    Where can i get Saint Warrior Armor and Boots? Please help. Thanks :D
  9. bt weapon

    pwd mo lang gamitin na weapon sa BT dagger...
  10. Server down? Look here

    Im excited for big event. :D
  11. Server down? Look here

    I want to see tarintus xD
  12. Server down? Look here

    Better if they summon Tarintus xD
  13. Server down? Look here

    sounds great :D Gm plssss :D
  14. Server down? Look here

    Why take so long? o.O
  15. Server down? Look here

    Until what time? :/ I want to play