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  1. Wager Matches (Pvp, 1V1)

    like.... some sort of arena thing? then there will be rankings. just like in other games.
  2. New Version Of Scamming

    Actually.... that's an old trick.
  3. pang human lang ang inquirer, pag may elemental master job ka ibig sabihin elf ka, kaya di ka pwedeng maging inquirer.
  4. Most Annoying Moments of the Day

    gold beggars
  5. Most Annoying Moments of the Day

    flying mosquitoes
  6. This Is A Belt?

  7. What is your favorite manga???

    i like this one too. too bad they didn't continue this.
  8. Balance Pvp

    The thing I find imbalance in pvp is some of the skills with too long freeze and sleep effects.
  9. suggestions for upcoming update

    The game is just too easy... I wonder if this will be more challenging after that update is done. <_< :lol:
  10. What is your favorite manga???

    Liar Game and Death Note. I like psychological themed manga.
  11. Crash agad?

    Ang lag ng luna ngayon.