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    I play soccer most of the time when i don't have class.

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  1. ~.:deflected:.~

    Sounds fun, good luck!
  2. What's Are Your Plans For This Summer?

    I'll go with this guy :36:
  3. Hello Friends ^_^

    Hello there, welcome- Enjoy your stay, i'm sure you will. Glad to know that there are people coming, still.
  4. suggestions for upcoming update

    Anyhow, i hope any of these happens soon~
  5. Happy Birthday, Present!

    Happy birthday to both of you! Be thankful to God that he has taken another year of your youth :P And for Present, i found a pic of when your mommy just gave birth to you..
  6. I play guitar but shes into drummers-

  7. Now Playing???

    And YES, obviously he's a DJ..
  8. #Breakdown Chat Channel. Party time ALL the time!

    Can i join and be quiet all day listening to you guys while eating nutella?
  9. Best Moments Of The Day

    Today mom bought home a box of nutella tomorrow i died of diabetes
  10. Yeah, Had Enough

    I've had enough with this game for quite some time(s) now, but i don't know why i always come back for some reason. You simply just can't hate the game, too much nostalgia. and enjoy your leave, i'm sure you'll be back soon-
  11. I'm the loser of the year!