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  1. top left hand corner.
  2. Completely possible. It's been done on other luna's.
  3. Currently, people wear the following costumes in war. fighters / rogues P atc bache BWL vip glove panda boots / swim fins Mages Mag atc bache Wiz robe Munchkin glove Panda boots / vip boots There should be different stats that are almost as good as wearing those costumes. It's boring watching a war with everyone wearing the above mentioned costumes. it makes the war look bland, everyone looks the same. if everyone didn't have names you couldn't tell people apart. Argument against this was Eyasoft originally didn't intend to add stats to costumes, it was purely cosmetic. My opinion would be to add decent stats to costumes. Just like Fish / Royal costume from Gpotato had decent stats for noobies (when I was one) You didn't need to be rich to buy it, and gained decent stats + 200++ ms from wearing the full costume. It's funny watching people fight each other in panda,fish,royal,street fighter, etc.
  4. Buying Section DK set +22+ strike or evasion each piece. L armor and L boots +30 dex craft +18+ eva mix strike on each piece. Hathor +18+ eva mix strike Hege +18+ eva mix strike P Atc mirror Selling Section BOW +19.2 ma = BO Int Mirror = 7.5b Reply here or note : InoriHime
  5. Antoni77, The problem isnt their skills now it's the range. Any SM can just walk up and SB them without any reaction time for the sniper. A sniper isn't even a sniper. Even when i had 650 eva / 600 strike on my sniper it was still extremely difficult to kill people (mostly because of gap issues) The damage output is pretty low for any sniper going from 105-130, once you get to lvl 140 (which requires ALOT of work since you only have 1 aoe) you can kill people easy. The problem than isn't killing people, its people killing you. As a sniper your supposed to snipe people, but pretty much any fighter can just walk up to you and sb you (if they can hit you) That's my 2 cents Vincard. Snipers are awesome, if they decide to fix the range problem snipers will be one of the best classes out there. You cant kill what you cant touch!
  6. There's no need to apologize, CL has been on for a very long time. We've been through many server wipes (well, I have) during beta due to the amount of hackers the game had before. They did alot back than. Than the game remained stagnant for a period of years until recently that they updated to the new CL. Now it'll only get more attention / updates than it has received in the many years it's been in service.
  7. It's been on before that.
  8. Have you tried re-installing the game? It worked for me.
  9. Server up
  10. IRC Name: AshKetchum Most used character name: AshKetchum Spoken Languages: English,Spanish Age:22 Time playing Luna Online:8 years Time playing Celestia Luna: Since it's inception. Have you been a beta tester before? (do not include server names) Yes Why do you want to join the Beta Testing Team? There have been many times in the past in which i've helped the administrator test various coding error and help debug problems. I've been helping since the beginning, now there's a chance to help the server directly through beta testing. I've been around since the GM that pretended to be female just to get the position. I've learned alot since going on many different forms of luna since the original came out many years ago. Through that knowledge, you gain insight on various problems that have happened on this server / otherwise and can use that knowledge to better the Celestia Luna experience. My skills will certainly be useful if chosen to become a beta tester. To be able to help improve the only server that's stood the test of time would be an amazing oppurtunity.
  11. Been there, why aren't you there :( making me sad.
  12. When your party is speaking english than begin talking in pinoy and your stuck wondering what they are saying, standing there being ignored like chop liver. "Are these people really my friends?"
  13. To-love ru Rosario + Vampire Girls Bravo Shuffle! Kaze no stigma Baka and test Dragon crisis Astarotte's Toy H20: footprints in the sand Mashiroiro symphony Gosick MM! I can go on......
  14. I like you already. and i dont even know you #if u know wht i mean
  15. Should Could Would. But it isnt. Stay cute forever and post more pics plz.