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  1. Hello..

    Hello guys .. i would just like to ask if 100$ would be enough to buy for my destroyer good items or not ?? thanks
  2. Beeeeeed..

    Thanks everyone .. it've been a long tym seraphyre ! <3 I only came back to meet the beautiful seraphyre
  3. Beeeeeed..

    Hello Agaain Everyone :D I just wanted to say that i missed everyone and it has really been a long time <3 Missed U Celestia luna <3
  4. Donating Via Paypal

    I don't think you can donate via PayPal because I can't also find paypal.
  5. Most Annoying Moments of the Day

    When phone or computer or Internet starts to have lags :)
  6. Final Goodbye

    Goodbye ~
  7. Now Playing???

    waka waka - shakira
  8. Most Annoying Moments of the Day

    When you have no enough gold to buy something you wish you could have.
  9. if you had 3 wishes what would they be ?

    To have a good salary Having an amazing car Having a beautiful Gf :P
  10. Now Playing???

    Addicted to you- Shakira
  11. Sa Vs Cardi Vs Gm?

    I prefer Cardi because of the holy taker..
  12. Failed To Enter Celestia Luna

    It has nothing to do with antiv virus just try to hit connect again.. It happened to me
  13. Lower The Voting Level

    Here you go (tm guide)
  14. Most Annoying Moments of the Day

    When I need to make important call and find out that I dun have enough credits.. :x
  15. suggestions for upcoming update

    Adding New Skills to classes D: