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  1. Ask why you are banned here!

    <shoutbot> User unmark21 banned for reason 'fraud related'
  2. Ask why you are banned here!

    <shoutbot> User Majisajaaa banned for reason 'bad language'
  3. [Fighter] How to being a Crusader Full Guide

    I don't see any benefit from choosing Swordsman. Once the job passives are fixed, Infantryman will be a lot better than Swordsman. Can't use sword-skills with maces now too.
  4. Necromaner's Corpse Take

    I meant all at once.
  5. Necromaner's Corpse Take

    Corpse Take lasts for 20 minutes. For your question, yes, I only get healed once even though I killed multiple monsters afflicted by Corpse Take. Corpse Explosion (the one with Blazing Body & Fire Blast icon) does work. I tested it on Slimes today. Gather some Slimes, cast Corpse Explosion, and kill just one of them. All of the Slimes around the afflicted one will die. However, there is a bug regarding Corpse Explosion. Monsters killed by Corpse Explosion will not count as a kill. No experience and gold gained, the kill count below the minimap won't increase either. Those numbers that indicate how much damage a monster takes won't appear as well. The damage done, though not indicated, is very small that it is hardly noticeable.
  6. Ask why you are banned here!

    <shoutbot> User kemaladewi banned for reason 'Suspended (contact staff) [Orange]' Not sure what exactly happened here, but it seems the staffs have detected suspicious activity in your account, and thus suspend it. Send a private message to Orange to discuss your ban.
  7. tidak bisa log in

    Diban selama 4 juta jam artinya dibanned permanen. shoutbot> User sigami banned for reason ' hack [sparx]' Akun Game & Akun Forum itu beda, artinya terpisah. Walaupun namanya sama. Kalau salah satu dari keduanya diban bukan berarti dua-duanya diban.
  8. Ask why you are banned here!

    <shoutbot> User jaypee28 banned for reason 'Anti-Celestia [Orange]'
  9. Why I can't Log in ?

    <shoutbot> User duckoidlvx banned for reason 'Botting [Orange]' You were banned for botting. You should be able to log in again within a week.
  10. Ask why you are banned here!

    <shoutbot> User legend897 banned for reason 'RMT [Orange]' I cannot lift the ban as I'm just a player. RMT is a severe violation, unless the staffs made a mistake, they're unlikely to lift the ban.
  11. Job Chage Issue

    Job advancement in this server is done in an instant. There are no quests required to do the job change.
  12. Little problem with 2h magnus

    Those skills now require a sword to be equipped, I assume you use a 2H axe just like many 2H Magnuses in the past. Back then, those skills were bugged as they were usable with any weapon. This bug was fixed with the Nov. 24th 2016 Patch.
  13. login page does not appear

    Well, you can help yourself by trying point 2 in this topic: This is not a bug, by the way.