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  1. <shoutbot> User kemaladewi banned for reason 'Suspended (contact staff) [Orange]' Not sure what exactly happened here, but it seems the staffs have detected suspicious activity in your account, and thus suspend it. Send a private message to Orange to discuss your ban.
  2. problem with login

    <shoutbot> User VanHellend banned for reason 'Hacked [Orange]' Your account is banned due to it getting hacked in the past. If you can prove the account ownership, I'm sure you can retrieve it.
  3. Diban selama 4 juta jam artinya dibanned permanen. shoutbot> User sigami banned for reason ' hack [sparx]' Akun Game & Akun Forum itu beda, artinya terpisah. Walaupun namanya sama. Kalau salah satu dari keduanya diban bukan berarti dua-duanya diban.
  4. <shoutbot> User jaypee28 banned for reason 'Anti-Celestia [Orange]'
  5. <shoutbot> User duckoidlvx banned for reason 'Botting [Orange]' You were banned for botting. You should be able to log in again within a week.
  6. <shoutbot> User legend897 banned for reason 'RMT [Orange]' I cannot lift the ban as I'm just a player. RMT is a severe violation, unless the staffs made a mistake, they're unlikely to lift the ban.
  7. Job advancement in this server is done in an instant. There are no quests required to do the job change.
  8. Those skills now require a sword to be equipped, I assume you use a 2H axe just like many 2H Magnuses in the past. Back then, those skills were bugged as they were usable with any weapon. This bug was fixed with the Nov. 24th 2016 Patch.
  9. Well, you can help yourself by trying point 2 in this topic: This is not a bug, by the way.
  10. Your account is not banned: <shoutbot> User ascorbic is not banned
  11. It is. However some parts of this guide are outdated. Shield-only skills like Blunt Shield now requires an actual shield to be equipped, so no, it does not work when dual wielding. 1-handed skills are now usable when dual wielding, so I assume One Handed Training works. Double Sonic Blast & Sonic Boom are now fixed, and also requires a sword to be equipped. Previously they were bugged in a way that they are usable with any weapon.
  12. That is because of your low critical rate and the penalty of Dual Wield Expertise. Dual Wield Expertise reduces your critical rate (by a flat 450 at level 1 if I recall correctly). If your critical rate is lower than how much critical rate Dual Wield Expertise reduces, then the critical rate displayed in the character information page will bug out. To fix this, Dual Wield Expertise's critical rate penalty must be lower than your character's critical rate. Simply put, you need to increase your critical rate.
  13. <shoutbot> User Quake55 is not banned The account of your friend is not banned. Perhaps, he has a different issue and mistook it.
  14. Tolong jangan post lebih dari satu kali, edit aja post kamu yang pertama kalau kamu ingin menambahkan sesuatu. Kecuali kalau di thread jual/beli barang milikmu. Tentang ID kamu ... <shoutbot> User Yusuffaizal banned for reason 'RMT' <shoutbot> User domi199 banned for reason 'RMT' ID kamu tidak bisa dikembalikan kecuali GM melakukan kesalahan.
  15. Akun kamu diban permanen, kalau kamu ingin tahu kenapa kamu alasannya, tulis nama akun kamu, nanti saya periksa di IRC :).