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  1. sir please unbanned my account: jenardyawa and dranej1990 please sir :(

  2. moon blind swamp, mont blanc port, the dark portal (black screen) moon blind swamp, mont blanc port, the dark portal (black screen)

  3. black screen in the dark portal

  4. Post Your In-Game Characters!

  5. I Got Banned For Ksing?

    Just because you were there first doesn't mean the place belongs to you. Secondly, next time try ss'ing it too, in case something like this happens again.
  6. Happy Birthday, Present!

    omg I woke up with full of cats ;heppe LOL THANK YOU AND HAPPY BDAY JONAH LOL @ same bday
  7. Dont Receive Any Reply

    Problem solved, locked.
  8. Item Legal Or Ilegal?

    Locking this until further notice by Master Orenji!!!
  9. [Help] -- My Character Stuck And Can't Log In (Crasing)

    puffy basically answered it. Locked.
  10. Forgot User Account Details

    puffy basically answered it. Locked.
  11. You are now known as Gifts. Gifts for everyone!

    1. Present


      LOL <3 I just read this

  12. Banned Permanen.. But Same Ip :(

    You were probably banned long time ago. Hence there's no description of why you were banned.
  13. Can Not Log In For 2 Days

    You've been banned for account trading.
  14. Oh what's the ID for it PM the ID. I'm going to lock this.