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  1. Pinoy Attendance

    SUP! Wala na rin mga kasabayan ko dati. :/ IGN : ToruAcura / MangPakundo
  2. Skill Calculator?

    Uhm, i installed the newest version of firefox and it still won't let me use the calculator. (i have an updated silver light)
  3. Necromancer skills

    I see. Thanks for the quick reply.
  4. Necromancer skills

    are they fixed already? :v i.e Devil's Armor
  5. Where's the Crusader 2.0 Introduction?

    Sorry, i only look at Guides. :mellow: Requesting for closure of this topic.
  6. Where's the Crusader 2.0 Introduction?

    As the title says, i've been waiting for it for about a month now. I'm dying to make a crusader because of the update to it but i don't know what path i'll take because i don't know what's new in crusader. :wacko:
  7. Pet Bug

    I see. So, is there anyway to set it to Helpful but it won't attack first? I'm a Rogue so i either use Shield Boomerang or Hunter Blast 1st but before i can cast it, my pet already attacks the monster :v
  8. Pet Bug

    Everytime i try to set my Pet AI to Passive, it auto-seal itself within 3-4mins even though it has 'bout 90-95 Friendship/Hunger in the status and then my client will not respond then crash. It always happen and i can't really farm continuously because of it. Any help? EDIT: Also, why i can't save the AI to Passive, when i reconnect it always go back to Helpful? Pet always attack 1st whenever i try to set it to Helpful and i always get stunned by the monsters so i'm always setting it to Passive.
  9. New Year's Eve Giveaway

    IGN : PierceDheart
  10. Attendance ( New Generation of Pinoys sa CL

    -PierceDheart Temper Master Elf level 120
  11. Pa Help Po

    Pwede pag Gap ka sa kalaban mo or "EDITED" yung kinalaban mo.
  12. Stealth Bug

    So i can maxed it out again if i re-skill without worrying that it will go back to level 2 again?
  13. Stealth Bug

    The Stealth Skill for TM is bugged and needs to be fixed. I tried on maxing it out twice but when i reconnect the skill goes back to level 2 and the SP doesn't return back. I even tried learning it out several times but when i recon it still goes back to level 2. Please Fix this ASAP cuz the Stealth skill is a essential for Rogues especially for me :)
  14. Hindi Makalaro

    Pag "LAG", sa PC may problema. Pag "DELAY/Slow Response" sa Internet Connection problema.
  15. Missing Items

    Ha, imposible naman po yun, kasi sa bahay lng naman ako naglalaro.. kaya nga po ako nagtataka eh.. ksi sa bahay lng ako naglalaro tapos nawala pa mga items ko? :( yun na nga lng magagandang items ko eh..