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  1. Suggestion For Luna Plus Patch?

    Ok po, Im sorry, suggestion lang po^^,
  2. Suggestion For Luna Plus Patch?

    Ano masasabi niyo? I cannot post a new topic sa suggestions kasi eh, kaya dito ako napapost.
  3. Suggestion For Luna Plus Patch?

    Feeling bored and tired kasi walang bagong nangyayari sa celestia luna? have you ever heard the patch of luna plus? Nakakita na ba ng maijin (dark elf)? try niyong basahin ang features ng luna plus, sana magustuhan niyo^^, Here are some features of luna plus that I want to you guys to know: Luna PlusLevel cap increased from 120 to 200. A new job change quest at level 145. Mounts and rides. Automatic moving by clicking on the Zone Map. A search function for player shops, based on item name. 5 new dance emotes. Overpowered weapons A new race, the Dual Wielding jack of all trades Majin. Mountains dungeons 3 new maps; Sahel Zone, Oasis in the Parisus and Ruins of Ancient Elpis. A new party-based instance dungeon system starting at level 60. Gate of Alker and Alker Harbor were redesigned. A new Housing System. An Auction House. The Note system has been replaced by a Mailbox. A Cooking System. Many new quests added. Date Dungeons for level ranges 80-100, 100-120 and 120-150, and also a new dungeon, Cupcake Land. 60 new Pets. Expanded Farms. New screen resolutions, including widescreen. In-Game recording.