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  1. How do I delete my entire post history..

    1. Orange


      Now why would you do that! So many helpful posts!

    2. Nanaka


      when you have a 5 year old account there's a lot of cringe in the past lmao

  2. -sighs- Back to the grind.

  3. It's been forever since I've posted an update. Oh, wait, nobody f*cking cares.

  4. 132 -> 135 in a week. Worth it.

  5. I leveled more in a few days than in the last four weeks. Wew.

  6. If I come across rude lately I apologize, my father just left the country permanently and I probably won't be able to see him for the next few years. I'll try my best to not say something I'll regret, but please do keep in mind if I do come across rude, I don't mean to.

  7. In and out, leave a message maybe.

  8. See you guys for a while.

  9. Muahahaha, unexpected endings. <3

  10. Meow, hello kitty hello-- NO; *drops the bass* Wubwubwub WHUUUUAAAAA wubwub asdasd <333

    1. Nanaka


      Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty (Barely Alive & Twine Remix)

  11. Vanic: Swiggity swoogity I'm comin' for those gap-complainers' booty.

  12. Stop making fun of my naaaame! ;~;

  13. Love sucks. Fuck love.

    1. - Kira -
    2. Sylphaen


      You suck. Fuck you.


  14. I'm dyiiiiing. ;A;

    1. - Kira -

      - Kira -

      dont die i will come back soon ..

    2. Nanaka
  15. "Waking up to ash and dust"

  16. What ever happened to common sense?

    1. - Kira -

      - Kira -

      sense and common ever happen to what *Drunk* :v anyway

      How Hi are you

    2. Nanaka
  17. Now people are starting to call me edited. I am not edited.

  18. Sometimes you just have to let it go.

  19. I'm so done with this.

  20. Leveling to 130. Damn is it hard.

    1. Nanaka


      Haha, deleted Lee's comment. :P