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  1. Kamusta kayo? :P

    Hello..iilan nlg ata pinoy na naglalaru. . Kakabalik q lng din
  2. Server down? Look here

    server down? no log in buttons
  3. About Patcher

    hi , can i post here too since ive got problem also with my luna patcher.. its always stucked at saving resource when im downloading the patch..
  4. Server down? Look here

    Is Other map down? Moon blind maps, im getting black screen there
  5. Ask why you are banned here!

    someone i meet in game wanna check his account, ID: mputnum2 thnx
  6. Pinoy Attendance

  7. Napapansin Nyo Ba ?

    tama.. tulad nung sinalihan kong guild na pinoy.. my nagppanggap na babae tpos nanghihinge at nanghihiram ng items.. nung mkahiram bglang umalis.. ayun limas gamit nila..kawawa naman bago pa lng ung guild n un..
  8. How To Dual Client [Windows 7 Starter]

    these guys are right ..always happens when i use windows 7 os..i always run 2 launcher at the same time, if i dont have access in the admin
  9. Faithfully's INT/VIT Crardinal Path

    ohh ok thanks for the confirmation jonah
  10. Faithfully's INT/VIT Crardinal Path

    hi can i just ask . does bless wind lvl 6+ is bug? thats why in you guide its only lvl 5? or someone can answer this.. thanks alot
  11. Best Elf Job Out There?

    go for RM its the best + useful elf job =))
  12. Question About Job

    cant wait to make panzer =))
  13. Austere

    i tried to hunt austere too for 2 weeks 10hrs per day with my human ar but i only got e. bow..L cape has very very low drop rate i think. now im building a human entrapper bow type.. i hope i get it this time.
  14. Server down? Look here

    tnx sir orange
  15. Server down? Look here

    hi , is server down? i cant log in just now .